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Christopher Carlton Cumberbatch


Facts of Christopher Carlton Cumberbatch

Full NameChristopher Carlton Cumberbatch
First NameChristopher
Middle NameCarlton
Last NameCumberbatch
Professioncelebrity child
Father NameBenedict Cumberbatch
Father ProfessionActor
Mother NameSophie Hunter
Mother ProfessionActress and director
Gender IdentityMale
SibilingsHal Auden Cumberbatch
Date of BirthJune 1,2015
Age9 years

Christopher Carlton Cumberbatch is the son of famous actor Benedict Cumberbatch, well-known for his roles in Sherlock Holmes, The Imitation Game, Black Mass, Atonement, etc., and actress and director Sophie Hunter.

5. Christopher Was Born Three Months After Their Parents Wedding

Christopher was born three months after their parent's wedding

His parents used to be best friends and started dating in 2014

Two months after their engagement in November 2014, the couple announced that they were going to be parents

After that, the couples have their marriage ceremony in a very secretive way in Isle of Wright on valentine's day.

4. After Benedict Cumberbatch Experience Fatherhood, His Perspective Towards His Parents Changed

When Christopher was born, he started understanding his parent's love deeply

He began looking toward his parents in a new way and started understanding their struggles to give him the best life. 

All these, in return, helped him to become closer to his parents.  

Thus, after Benedict experience fatherhood, his perspectives towards his parents changed, making him more affectionate and grateful towards them.

3. Benedict And His Wife Named Their Son Christopher After A Character Of Series Parade's End

Benedict and his wife named their son Christopher after a character in the series Parade's End

Benedict himself has played the character, Christopher, in the BBC adaptation

The couple has picked this name three months after Christopher was born

The remaining Carlton Cumberbatch was the family name of actor Benedict which he and his father Timothy are also sharing.

2. Christopher Was In New Zealand In His 5th Birthday

As per ES Insider magazine, Christopher was spotted with his parents and brother in New Zealand during the coronavirus pandemic period near the end of May

Christopher was in New Zealand on his 5th birthday, spending his isolation days in a luxurious hotel in Hawke's Bay

His father, Benedict, was there to shoot a movie, directed by Jane Campion, which got canceled due to a pandemic breakout. 

Since they were stocked up together for at least a month, Christopher likely celebrated his birthday in New Zealand.

Christopher Carlton with his father, Benedict Cumberbatch
Christopher Carlton with his father, Benedict Cumberbatch. Source:

1. Christopher's Sibling Name Was Shakespeare's Nickname

He got his little brother on March 3, 2017. His name is Hal Auden Cumberbatch

Hal is a shortcut form of Henry, chosen from Shakespeare's written play, King Henry IV, as the name of the king's son and future king

Thus, Christopher's sibling name was Shakespeare's nickname.

Christopher got to spend more quality time with his father in Lockdown

Christopher got to spend more time with his father Benedict out of his busy schedule when the Covid-19 virus restrictions enforced lockdown in New Zealand to stop spreading the virus. 

His father at the time was filming for his latest movie, "The Power Of the Dog," in New Zealand when the filming came to a halt following the Covid restrictions. 

The Cumberbatch family was isolated at the luxurious New Zealand lodge

According to Benedict, he loved being in lockdown with his wife and children, and also, his parents had come over to have a three-week experience with them and see their boy riding a horse and steering cattle. 

Sources also revealed that Benedict initially considered returning to the U.K. when the lockdown started to be enforced but then opted to stay in New Zealand, where they found an idyllic home.

His father was once abducted.

His father was abducted back in 2005 while filming the BBC miniseries in South Africa

According to Benedict, he was part of the group of three when they went on to the off N2 of the national road in KwaZulu-Natal when all of a sudden, their front tire burst. 

As they were trying to fix it, they were surrounded by a group of men and pushed back into the car, driven off-road tied up. 

He was put in the boot of the car at gunpoint. For the next two hours, the scary ordeal continued. 

The men wanted their money, but they didn't have cash as they had just paid for what they had been doing. 

There was no ATM nearby, and because of that, the terrifying experience was prolonged. 

Luckily, they were set free after two hours, and they were rescued by a few women at the roadside cafe who happened to be part of the Zulu co-operative

When the women heard their story, they felt ashamed and cried for them, saying that such incidents usually take place. 

They women apologized for the incident that happened in their country. Benedict felt he got lucky enough to survive in such a big country where life is cheap. 

He said that the incident made him impatient to live a life less ordinary.

Net Worth

There is not any information regarding his net wealth. 

However, his father estimated net worth is around 40 million dollars, which was earned from his acting career, and his mother's is about 1.3 million dollars.


  1. He was born on June 1, 2015, making him six years old.
  2. After his birth, his father brought a new lavish house in Los Angeles to provide him with a comfortable life.
  3. His parents want to take him away from his public lifestyle, hiding from unnecessary publicity.
  4. His father has a half-sister, and her name is Tracy Peacock.

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