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Facts of Christmas Abbott

Christmas Abbott is a talented woman, and she is a successful motivational speaker and branding advisor

She is much more as she is a transformation expert and professional athlete

She is a TV personality as well and has appeared in mega TV series till date such as Big Brother.

Her appearance in Big Brother took her fame to a whole new level. She has been part of controversies as well. 

She once got arrested for attacking a woman. 

The main reason was that a woman was in a relationship with the father of her baby.  
Not only that, she has once hit Samantha Jane Morse car at the parking lot as well. 

Her biography has everything so get in.  

 Baby, Married 

She has had ups and downs in her life, and she has been engaged twice. Her first engagement was with ex-fiance Josh Holmes

The couple was going well, but after there engagement, they started to have some serious issues. 

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They decided to call it a quit, and it was good for both of them. 
She then moved on with her life and started dating boyfriend Geoff Kercher

She was about to get married, and the wedding was already planned on 3rd of September, but destiny again was not with her or her partner. 

The couple was supposed to be married on that date, but she was busy on the set of Big Brother 19. It was the time of the season finale.  

The couple called it a quit, and she moved on again. 

She was dating boyfriend, Benjamin Bunn. Benjamin is a Crossfit enthusiast.  The couple has a cute baby named Loyal Atticus. 

The pictures of Loyal can melt anyone's heart.  

Christmas Abbott Baby
Christmas Abbott Baby Source: Instagram

This relationship of hers was also not meant to be. 

She rammed her car into a woman who was alleged to be dating her then-boyfriend and partner. 

The woman was pregnant at that time, and the scenes were horrific. The couple separated. What she did was wrong, and it had dreadful consequence too.  

 Net Worth 

She has a fantastic net worth of 1.5 million dollars

Her income sources are diverse, and she earns from TV shows and clients as well. She is a famous fitness trainer, and her clients pay her heavy buck. 

Her salary must be minimum of 60 k per year. 

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She is an athlete too, and her athletic achievements add more money to her pocket. She also enjoyed great source of earnings from Big Brother. 

She was paid 750 K per week for her appearance, and this boosted her earnings to million dollars.  

She is an entrepreneur and owns a gym too. 

Her income from gym must be around 150,000 dollars per year. Adding all these sources makes her rich and have riches.   

Big Brother cast has a fantastic net worth, and the show has made many celebrity rich. 

Julie Chen has a net worth of 16 million dollars, and Big Brother has a part to play in it. Likewise, Rachel Reilly has a net worth of 500,000 dollars too. 

Here is a list of other celebrities who has impressive net worth and are associated with Big Brother.  

Big Brother CastNet Worth
Julie Chen16 million dollars
Tommy Bracco1 million dollar
Jessica Graf700 thousand dollars
Nicole Franzel300,000 dollars
Dick Donato300,000 dollars
Cody Nickson5 million dollars
Frankie Grande1.5 million dollars
Rachel Reilly500,000 dollars
Jordan Lloyd300,000 dollars
Dan Gheesling600,000 dollars

She loves relaxing at the beach, and her tattoos are too good. She has her maximum part of the body covered with tattoos. 

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She has posted this picture on her Instagram account, and she has captioned this one as, 

"Thank you 

Christmas Abbott Tattoos and Lifestyle
Christmas Abbott Tattoos and Lifestyle Source: Instagram

 Info and Highlights 

1. She was born in the year 1981, and this makes her age 37 in 2019. 
2. She celebrates her birthday on the 20th of December.  
3. The names of her parents are Ed Abbott (father) and Barbara Abbott (mother).
4. She has a sister Kole Abbott.  
5. She is a hero and a fighter. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2014, but she went through several chemotherapy session and beat cancer. She is a motivation and inspiration to many out there.   
6. Her sister had a horrific injury, and she went to coma. This was devastating for Christmas, and she went for drugs, smoking, and drinking to get out of the pain.  

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