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Chris Frangipane


Facts of Chris Frangipane

Full NameChris Frangipane
First NameChris
Last NameFrangipane
ProfessionCelebrity Father
Gender IdentityMale
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseNicole Frangipane
No Of Children3

Chris Frangipane is known for being the father of American singer, songwriter, and activist Halsey

Who Is Chris Frangipane Married To?

Chris Frangipane married Nicole Frangipane, who is also the mother of Halsey.

Chris Frangipane with wife Nicole Frangipane.
Chris Frangipane with wife Nicole Frangipane (Photo Source: Lipstick Alley)

How Did Chris Frangipane And Nicole Frangipane Meet?

Chris and Nicole met when they were both in college and were very young. 

They both dropped out of college when they found out that Nicole was pregnant with their first child.

Their first child Ashley Nicolette Frangipane professionally known as Halsey, was born on 29th September 1994

Chris and his wife have two other sons named Sevian Frangipane (born in 1998) and Dante Frangipane (born in 2005).

Chris Frangipane with his wife, daughter Halsey and two sons.
Chris Frangipane with his wife, daughter Halsey and two sons (Photo Source: Twitter)

When Halsey was young, her parents used to move frequently as they worked many jobs to meet the ends. 

Halsey had already enrolled in six different schools by the time she reached her teen years.

Halsey became a victim of her bullies when she was in high school. 

She was bullied so badly that lead her to attempt suicide when she was only 17 by over-dosing drugs

She was hospitalized for 17 days and was diagnosed as bipolar, which her mother also suffered.

Chris Frangipane With His Daughter Halsey

Chris is very close to his daughter. 

At the beginning of the Halsey's career, she used to joke with her father about if she ever got invited into the Grammys in the future she would take her father as her date. 

And it appeared to be true when Chris accompanied her daughter to the Grammy in 2017.

Chris Frangipane with his daughter Halsey at Grammy 2017.
Chris Frangipane with his daughter Halsey at Grammy 2017 (Photo Source: Pinterest)

Halsey had mentioned how her dad provided her with everything she ever asked for, and Chris would seek better jobs to fulfill his kid's demands. 

Halsey had also shared that whenever she feels scared, she thinks about her father, which she mentioned in one of her social media posts.

Interesting Interview Of Star Daughter Halsey

Singer Halsey shared her new goals of writing an album and learning to do a tattoo to host JoJo Wright. 

When the host asked her either she is taking some break, she said she was thinking of doing so before she writes her new songs.

 For now, she is busy making the world listens to her new authentic and precious songs. The host found her a free person, detached from everything, and praised her for that. 

She mentioned that her album ‘Without me’ made her nostalgic at first and later empowered her.

 The dynamic nature of songs made different people decipher different meaning and reaction. 

This made the singer question herself. Either the song is a ballad, pop, sad or happy. 

But whatever it is, the songs are dearest to her as it reflects who she is in reality rather than what others perceive her. 

She even makes a revelation of cutting many people from her life who are not worthy of attention.

Host endorsed her artistic work of making music about her breakup story with G-Easy and let the music speak. Instead, she speaks herself. 

She opened up about her upcoming Halloween plans, where she is hosting a party and inviting people to enjoy and to make a donation to her friend’s LA-based charity organization

The organization is working for Homo youth who are deprived of access to health services, jobs, legal services. 

The singer is also helping children there to give a platform to enhance their creativity.

For detailed information, please watch the video.

 Chris Frangipane's Daughter Halsey's Love Affairs

When Halsey was 17, she was in a relationship with a guy who was 24 years. 

She started living with him on Halsey Street in Brooklyn. It was when she started writing music. 

She felt like she was part of something bigger than her home town in the middle of nowhere, New Jersey.

She had also mentioned that Halsey was kind of a manifestation of all exaggerated parts of her, and it was like her alter ego

That's where she got her stage name, Halsey.

Halsey had openly talked about her being bisexual

She dated Norwegian producer Lido from 2015 to 2016, but they broke up.

In 2017, she met American rapper G-Eazy at a party and had been involved in a romantic relationship with him. 

They even collaborated for the song "Him & I," which talked about their love and lifestyle.

Chris Frangipane's daughter, Halsey with her ex-boyfriend G-Eazy.
Chris Frangipane's daughter, Halsey with her ex-boyfriend G-Eazy. (Photo Source: YouTube)

But they ended their relationship on July 2018, but their love affair went off and on again until September in the same year when it finally ended. 

Halsey even confirmed in an interview that her single "Without Me" is somewhat about their relationship.

In November 2018, she met American rapper Yungblud G-Eazy at a bar in Los Angeles where they ended up discussing many things and came up with a collaboration on "11 Minutes". 

Halsey confirmed their relationship on March in an interview. 

They celebrated together Yungblud G-Eazy's birthday on August and split on September.

Her affair with actor Evan Peters started on September 2019

In April 2020, Halsey removed all her Instagram post with the actor and the rumors about their break up spread. 

In June, Halsey also liked a tweet that mentioned their breakup, which confirmed that the duo was not together anymore.

Chris Frangipane's daughter, Halsey with her then-boyfriend Evan Peters enjoying their date on a beach.
Chris Frangipane's daughter, Halsey with her then-boyfriend Evan Peters enjoying their date on a beach. (Photo Source: Pinterest)

Net Worth

The details about Chris's net worth is not available. He worked as an automobile sales manager in the past. 

But her daughter has accumulated massive wealth through her career in singing.

Her net worth is mentioned below.

S.N.NameNet Worth
1Halsey$12 million


  1. Birth details about Chris are not available.
  2. He is of African-American with some Irish ancestry.

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