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Chimene Diaz


Facts of Chimene Diaz

Full NameChimene Diaz
First NameChimene
Last NameDiaz
ProfessionCelebrity Sister
Birth CityCalifornia
Birth CountryUnited States
Father NameBillie Early
Mother NameEmilio Diaz
Gender IdentityFemale
Sexual Orientationstraight
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseRobby Armstrong
No Of Children1
SibilingsCameron Diaz and Michael Diaz
Networth$200 k
Date of BirthJune 5,1970
Age52 years

Chimene Diaz is the sister of Cameron Diaz. Chimene is recognized being the elder sister to Cameron

She was born to Mom Emilio Diaz and Dad Billie Early. Professionally, she is popular in music, modeling, and writing. 

Currently, she is residing with her family in the United States. Chimene's ethnicity is white,and she holds American citizenship.

Who are Chimene's parents?

Chimene's father, Billie, served as a foreman in a California-based oil company named Unocal

On another side, her mother Emilio worked as an agent who dealt with the import and export of the country. 

Elaborating, Chimene's mom holds a mixed ethnicity of German, Cherokee, and English. Unfortunately, her dad died in 2008 while he was just 59 years of age. 

It's been said that the reason behind Billie's demise was due to viral flu and pneumonia. 

Her famous sibling Cameron

Chimene Diaz with her sister Cameron Diaz.
Chimene Diaz with her sister Cameron Diaz. Source: Pinterest

Who doesn't know about her famous sister Cameron, the actress? Chimene's sister had achieved three Screen Actors Guild nominations, a Golden Globe Award nomination, and the New York Film Critics award

Not only this, the Hollywood actress Cameron's Box office review is monumental. Cameron started her movie journey with a debut film, "THE MASK," which undoubtedly was a blockbuster. 

She is listed as the Fifth-Highest Domestic Grosser Actress, crossing over three billion US dollars

Both Cameron and Chimene share a strong connection. They are often captured having family times. 

Moreover, after the birth of Chimene's daughter Chloe Armstrong, Cameron was so joyful that she treated her like her own child. 

Know about Chimene's husband

Her husband's name is Robby Armstrong. Even though she is married, the lady hasn't shared a single piece of information regarding their first meeting or the dating history. 

They together are blessed with a kid born on March 29, 2008.

It's been stated that the pair have officially been together for more than ten years, and we assume they are living happily as there are no rumors of their divorce to date. 

Whom did Cameron marry?

Actress Cameron married Benji Madden in the year 2015. In her presence at Anna Faris is Unqualified podcast, Cameron revealed her story of how she met her husband through his twin brother Joel and spouse Nicole Richie

She clarified that Joel and Nicole didn't set up them, but the individuals were present in the same room indeed. 

Furthermore, her reaction after seeing Benji was unique as she thought how she didn't notice him before? 

Cameron even says that Benji and his brother, despite being twin, look different. The actress kept on adding that while he was walking toward her, she felt he was totally hot. 

Also, she had the realization that he is special and is the guy who is the hidden gem in her life. 

Nevertheless, the lady claims that she and her hubby are two different people with the same values and refer to themselves as two peas in a pod. Even praised Benji that her man supports her ambition equally. 

Chimene Diaz sister Cameron Diaz with her husband.
Chimene Diaz sister Cameron Diaz with her husband. Source: Pinterest

Cameron Diaz is a natural performer.

The popular artist Cameron has been stated as a natural performer since the very beginning as young Cameron began to give a performance while in high school. 

Cameron was actively involved in Polyettes. It is a dance drill team spotted mostly at sporting events. 

Later, this experience made it even easier for her on set as she was considered a natural athlete who could easily copy complex choreography. 

The real reason her sister Cameron gave behind quitting the acting world

Cameron revealed the real reason for quitting her acting career during an interview with Kevin Hart on his Peacock talk show “Hart to Heart.” 

She explained how she reached the point of realization at the age of 40 where she felt that after doing something at a high level for a long period where you are the sort of person that is sort of delivering on one thing like being on the screen, being the talent and every part of you that isn’t that has to be sort of handed off to other people. 

Having said that, Cameron Diaz is a machine and loves to act and go forever, and she went on to explain that for her spiritual self, that one part of her that functioned at a high level was so not enough. 

When she turned around, she realized that so many parts of life were left untouched and unmanaged, and she couldn’t manage because it was just too massive at the time that she couldn’t manage. 

She wanted to make her life manageable by herself. Her routine in a day what she can manage to do by herself provides her the best feeling ever, and she feels whole, she added. 

She concluded by saying that after she met her now-husband and started a family, all those things she didn’t have time for before and the space to make the right decisions for her at times to bring that in, she quit her acting.

Cameron ditched beauty standards and admitted to never washing her face

While talking to Michelle Visage on her podcast “Rule Breakers,” Cameron revealed ditching beauty standards where she said she is like a wild animal, a wild beast. 

She went on to say that she even doesn’t wash her face and even doesn’t care about her appearance and what she looks like is the last thing she thinks about daily and maybe not during the daytime. 

When Visage asked how people get there, she replied by saying, 

“you stop looking in the mirror, you stop taking pictures and selfies of yourself.” 

Despite having a billion products, she confessed to using them twice a month only if she was lucky.

Cameron Diaz opens up about what she has been up to since quitting acting.

While appearing on The Kelly Clarkson Show, Cameron opened up about what she has been up to since quitting acting, motherhood, and her wine venture. 

The mother of her two-year-old daughter Raddix, Cameron, cherishes every minute of her life as a mom, which she says is the best thing she ever has done. 

She says that the kids are always trying to express their feelings, so she is always doing mom's checklist, like what did she eat? Is she tired? When was the last time she ate? When is nap time? and so on.

Diaz called motherhood to be challenging, and because she is an older parent and had tried hard to get a child, she thinks what's imperative is to repair when the situation gets frustrated.

And to repair that, "If you do blow up, say, Oh my God, Mommy lost her s**t, and I didn't mean to say that to you if I hurt you or upset you. I want you to know that Mommy's human, too", she added.

As a parent, she feels her job is to help her two-year-old daughter find the words to her emotions and her experience of what she is going through and be able to help her identify that and move through it. 

Besides that, she also shared how she came up with the idea for her wine venture, "Avaline Wine." 

According to Diaz, she and her girlfriend, Catherine Power, didn't know what was in their wine because it was not disclosed, and there was no labeling on it.

So they decided to sort of take a deep dive into winemaking. 

They discovered that there are a plethora of additives that can be utilized in the winemaking process for different reasons. 

The reason behind doing cans is they advocate moderation at Avaline.

Talking about her decision to quit her acting career, she said it was her sole decision which nobody asked or wanted her to do. 

She knew she needed it because she was so consumed by work that she lost touch with big pieces of her life like doing things for herself like she had a house, but she didn't take care of it, had dogs but didn't take care of them and had family who came to her just because she was working every time. 

So it was sort of reclaiming for herself and nobody else.

Her sister on adding years to your life with only a step

Chimene’s sister Cameron spoke out about adding years to our life when we start getting older. 

The actress stated that just because we as human beings get old doesn’t have to mean that we are not valuable anymore. 

She gave the example of herself that even though she is being told that she is no longer valuable or viable or she is just going to be discarded, and also nobody is ever going to care, Cameron mentioned in that type of scenario, there is mainly two kinds of things that will happen, one is writing a book or, she goes like that hurts claiming it as a mean comment. 

Cameron mentioned it as being the scariest part but also said that she has at least more than forty years to live.

Why would she be afraid to live the rest of her life? Just because she is not 25 anymore. 

Cameron clarified that it’s all up to her to embrace that and say to other people that you don’t have the right to say that to her. 

She also stated that there are more than 30 million women in the United States between the ages of 35 to 50, which she pointed out as having a lot of opinions and power. 

It is all upon them to change the conversation and to change the thoughts of society that this phase of life is awesome here, and we are all going to take it and move forward and live the rest of their forty years like this. 

Cameron also added that in the coming years, she is going to do the best work she has ever done and live better than she had ever lived, and she is going to love more than she ever had. 

All people out there talking would value her more than they have ever done in 25, and the actress mentioned that this should be the perspective we all need to have when we start getting older. 

Lastly, Cameron also revealed that there is the presence of data which is scientific research which goes like for people who accept aging and accept the fact that you can age well, actually live longer with seven and a half years longer no doubt which she points as a significant amount of time.  

Net worth

Chimene has a total income of $200k, whereas Cameron has a whopping net worth of $140 million.

Net worth$140 million
Income sourceProducer, author, former actress, and model, entrepreneur


  1. Chimene is 51 years old.

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