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Cherry Kingston


Facts of Cherry Kingston

Full NameCherry Kingston
First NameCherry
Last NameKingston
Gender IdentityFemale
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusMarried

Cherry Kingston is a dancer by profession and also the first wife to Len Goodman.

Marriage And Husband

Cherry and Len both met each other in one of the dance programs in the year 1970

That’s how they got to know each other and also became dance partners

After two years of dating, Cherry and Len tied the knot together on April 27, 1972

The decision to get married was taken rapidly. 

Her ex-husband Len is a professional ballroom dancer, coach, and judge.

There so many incidents that happened before the wedding day, which creates problems in their marriage functions as well. 

Just before the two weeks of their marriage, Len’s father got admitted to the hospital due to a massive heart attack

Everything has planned earlier so the wedding could not get canceled.

Cherry Kingston with her ex-husband, Len
Cherry Kingston with her ex-husband, Len. Image Source:

Also, the hotel where the receptions were held got fire in the kitchen, so they had to transfer the venue ten miles away, which was another problem for them. 

But since everybody told a nice thing about the venue named as ‘Bickley Manor’ in Bromley, so they agreed.  

Len had to spent so many hours on the phone to handle all the things related to marriage functions. 

He was exhausted and tried at the same time. Even his dad was not sure about the marriage. 

His father even asked him, 

Are you sure you are making the right decision getting married' 

when he visited the hospital on the wedding day before going to church. 

But Len then said that ‘yes.’ So, after all the chaos, the couple got married and was happy being together.

They were doing so well professionally, and together, the couple also opened a dance studio

The couple was also winning big competitions and also paid nicely.


The couple has this tradition to visit Monte Carlo with their friends to spend a holiday. 

Also, in the year 1977, the couple went for the holiday there, in one fine evening, they met wealthy French man named ‘Michael’ in Casino while having Drink. 

Soon he became part of their group, and he also offered them two tickets to visit Manhattan Transfer, and they accept it. 

All of them had dinner and had a wonderful time. 

After that, Len did not go out and stayed in the apartment while his wife cherry went for shopping and all. 

Usually, on holidays cherry and Len sit together and get sunbath or chat, but this time she was different. 

She goes with other friends and enjoys it.

After that, they were about to go home, but Cherry got a call from the owner of the dance studio in Paris, and he offered them a dance show together, but the date clashed with his trip to Johannesburg, so she went Paris with her mom too.

After a few days, one of his friends told him that Cherry had gone them to meet Michael and also to introduce him to her mother too. 

He was shattered to know this from his friends.

So, he changed all the locks of the house and put a note in the door that ‘don’t come back, I know everything.’ 

When she returned from there, Cherry starts the proceedings of divorce, and they got separated from each other.

Cherry is married to Michael and also had two kids. Many years later, when she met Len, they had coffee together. 

After three days, Cherry also sent an apology letter to him. And since then, everything was fine between them.

Another Relationship

After getting divorced, Len was in a relationship with Lesley, and they had a son named James William Goodman together. 

The couple broke up because he was not giving proper time to his family.

Cherry Kingston’s ex-husband, Len Goodman with his son, James William Goodman.
Cherry Kingston’s ex-husband, Len Goodman with his son, James William Goodman. Image Source: Gravesend Reporter

Currently, he was happily married to a dance teacher Sue Goodman

They got married in surprise planned by Len at dining club Mosimann’s. They got married on December 30, 2012.

Cherry Kingston’s ex-husband, Len Goodman, with his current wife, Sue Goodman
Cherry Kingston’s ex-husband, Len Goodman, with his current wife, Sue Goodman. Image source:

Net Worth

YearNet worthAnnual salary
2020$12 MillionNot known

The net worth of Cherry is not available in the media, but her ex-husband Len is estimated to have a net worth of $12 Million, and salary is not known yet. 

He earns money and acquainted his wealth from his dancing school, judging programs, and also performing as well.


  1. In the year 2009, her Ex-husband took part in the Celebrity Ashes cricket game as he was a keen cricket fan.

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