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Facts of Cerys Morgan

Full NameCerys Morgan
First NameCerys
Last NameMorgan
ProfessionCelebrity Wife
Birth CountryUnited Kingdom
Gender IdentityFemale
Sexual Orientationstraight
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseRussell Howard
Twitter Profile
Married DateJune,2019

Cerys Morgan is the beautiful spouse of an English-born Comedian, Television presenter, and actor, Russell Howard, who is best recognized for his television shows Russell Howard's Good News and The Russell Howard Hour

Cerys is a geriatric doctor. She works for NHS.

She dated Howard for 15 years before walking down the aisle in a private ceremony 

Cerys was 17 when she started dating her brother's friend Howard in 2001 who was 21 at the time. 

They dated for 15 years before walking down the aisle in June 2019 in a private ceremony. Howard confirmed his marriage to Cerys on Alan Carr's Christmas Cracker in 2018

At their private ceremony, English actress and comedian Roshan Conaty and British comedian and actor Greg Davies were the celebrity guests. 

Howard shared the funny incident about his wedding where he said that his uncle asked Greg what he does for a living, and Greg replied saying he was a performer, to which his uncle asked if it was a circus or any other kind of stuff.

Howard managed to keep Cerys away from the spotlight for years

Though Cerys and Howard had been dating since 2004, Howard, a public figure, managed to keep Cerys out of the spotlight for years. 

The reason he gave at the time for keeping his relationship relatively low-key was that Cerys had a proper job, and he was a clown.

After she said yes to Howard's proposal, Howard went to have a fight 

During The Jonathan Ross Show, Howard confessed to going on to a fight after Cerys said yes to his proposal. 

According to him, he was in Japan when he popped the question to Cerys, to which she said yes, and after three hours, he went to fight along with his mom.

When he was asked if he was not happy with her answer, then in his reply, he said he had a sumo fight to do. 

He also talked about his wedding day, saying that there were a lot of hecklings while giving the speech. 

His dad heckled when his brother, who was his best man at the wedding, was giving the speech. 

When his brother started talking about their fairly unusual childhood, his father went to say because we didn't like you. 

Similarly, their dog, who was the ring bearer, also heckled as the dog almost puked when they pronounced husband and wife.

She was actively involved in helping fight the Coronavirus on the frontline 

Cerys was actively involved in helping fight the virus during the first Coronavirus pandemic in 2020

She was on a six-month sabbatical to help on the frontline though she was later cut short. During the time, she and her husband lived apart from each other. 

Howard kept him isolated at his childhood home in Bath with his parents so that Cerys could be safer in their London home with other doctors. 

Howard, in an interview, said it was kind of weird at the beginning where on the one hand, there was unbelievable pride feeling and on the other hand fear as well seeing the nurses and doctors in a full PPE gear and among them was also his wife.

Cerys Morgan and team helped fight the virus working on the front line during the COVID pandemic in 2020.
Cerys Morgan and team helped fight the virus working on the front line during the COVID pandemic in 2020. Source: Twitter

She is a dog mom

Cerys, to date, does not share any kids with her long-term partner turned husband, Russell Howard. But she is a dog mom. 

They have a Jack Russell Terrier whom they have named Archie. The family of three have been residing in Camden, London

In 2018, Howard revealed he was going to be a terrible dad, having said that he was going to marry the following year, and the children were going to change his life. 

He also went on to say that he feels lucky to have a clever and brilliant girlfriend who is now his wife can do the raising, and all the hopes lie on her.

Cerys Morgan is a dog mom.
Cerys Morgan is a dog mom. Source: Twitter
Cerys Morgan and Russell Howard dog Archie was a ring bearer at their wedding.
Cerys Morgan and Russell Howard dog Archie was a ring bearer at their wedding. Source: YouTube

That Russell we have never seen before

We have always seen Russell in media as a fun-loving personality who makes other people laugh, but in a podcast, “The Diary of a Ceo,” another personality was also seen, including him as an inspiring, valuable, and vulnerable Russell Howard

Russell says that he is funny because of his mom and is determined because of his dad. 

Russell explains that his mom is a warm, tinkling eyes little lady who is very funny all the time and has no idea of power and is naturally bright and joyful. 

Russell shares how taking his mom to a hotel room reflects us when we were a kid as she becomes excited and happy about the world, whereas his dad is a quiet but unbelievably determined man. 

Russell explains that he is surrounded by two different kinds of dominant personalities who raised him. 

Besides that, Russell also says that when you find that you can make people laugh, it becomes so addictive. 

He claims to do stand-up comedy is so much fun and also points it out as a wild drug. 

He also shared that he has been doing stand-up since he was 18, which let him discover the mechanism through which you can do life and that everything like sad, happy, good, weird, etc. 

Also, Russell reveals that the funny thing about all comics is guaranteed that if one finds themselves in a strange or heartbreaking situation in life, there is always a little part of the brain, which thinks there could be a little bit in this. 

He describes that they kind of has that horrible sort of disease which led them not truly be there where they are. 

Russell also shared that every comic he knows always has that thing where reality is always auditioning to find its way on the set. 

Russell says that he kind of operates things by watching all those small things which he makes a note on his phone, and all those points gradually make their way. 

Well, we can say connecting dots from society. 

Net Worth 

The exact net worth of Cerys is not disclosed, but she earns an impressive amount as a frontline doctor. 

As of now, we have the net worth of her spouse, Rusell Howard, which is given below:

Net Worth Source
$4 million Comedian, Television Personality, Screenwriter


  1. Cerys is 37 years old.

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