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Cassie Perez


Facts of Cassie Perez

Full NameCassie Perez
First NameCassie
Last NamePerez
ProfessionCelebrity Kid
Birth CityTexas
Birth CountryUnited States
Father NameChris Perez
Father ProfessionAmerican guitarist, songwriter and author
Mother NameVenessa Villanueva
Mother ProfessionActress
Gender IdentityFemale
SibilingsNoah Perez

Cassie Perez is known for being the daughter of Chris Perez.

Meet Cassie Perez's Parents

Cassie was born to parents Chris Perez and Venessa Villanueva

Chris is a well-known American guitarist, songwriter, and author

He is famous as lead guitarist for the Tejano band Selena y Los Dinos.

Cassie Perez with father Chris Perez.
Cassie Perez with father Chris Perez (Photo Source: Pinterest)

Venessa Villanueva is an actress as well as a performer

She is known for her work in Forgotten Memories and Memphis Rising: Elvis Returns.

How Cassie Perez Parent's Chris Perez And Venessa Villanueva Met?

From his house in Corpus Christi, Texas, Chris relocated to San Antonio with his father

It was then he met his then-girlfriend Venessa in the year 1998 through his friend John Garza

They began dating in the same year. 

Cassie Perez with her parents, Chris Perez and Venessa Villanueva.
Cassie Perez with her parents, Chris Perez and Venessa Villanueva (Photo Source: Naibuzz)

After dating for almost three years, the couple decided to get married

Their wedding took place on 26th October 2001 in an intimate ceremony.

The couple has two kids together. Their other child's name is Noah Perez, who is Cassie Perez's sibling.

Cassie Perez with her parents Chris Perez and Venessa Villanueva and sibling Noah Perez.
Cassie Perez with her parents Chris Perez and Venessa Villanueva and sibling Noah Perez (Photo Source:

Chris, with his wife and two kids, lived happily back then, but their happiness could not last long.

In 2008, the couple separated. It was Vanessa who filed for the divorce

There were rumors that Chris's involvement with drugs and alcohol bothered Venessa

He was always busy partying outside and never made time for his family. 

Venessa tried to search alternative ways and sort the things with Chris, but nothing worked. 

And finally, the couple decided to get divorced and separated.

Chris Perez Previous Marriage With Selena Quintanilla

Before Venessa, Chris was married to Selena, who was the lead singer in the band Selena y Los Dinos on 2nd April 1992

Their relationship started after Chris joined the band.

Cassie Perez’s father, Chris Perez with his ex-wife Selena Quintanilla.
Cassie Perez’s father, Chris Perez with his ex-wife Selena Quintanilla (Photo Source:

But Selena's father, Abraham Quintanilla, was against their relationship and forced them to end. 

He felt that Chris's image might hamper Selena's career and even threatened to disband the group

But the love birds ignored it and continued their affair.

Chris was eventually fired from the band, and Selena's father also forbidden her to see him again. 

But the duo eloped, which lead her father to accept their relationship. 

Later Abraham started loving his son-in-law Chris.

They were married until Selena was shot dead by her friend and former manager of her Selena Etc. Boutiques, Yolanda Saldívar, on 31st March 1995

Yolanda was a trained nurse by profession. She was also the president of the Selena Fan Club.

In 1995, Yolanda was discovered embezzling money from both fan club and boutique by the Selena family, due to which she was fired on March the first week. 

On the morning of 31st March, to retrieve the financial records, Selena agreed to meet Yolanda at a Days Inn motel in Corpus Christi.

To delay the handover, Yolanda said that she was raped in Mexica to that Selena immediately drove her to a local hospital where no evidence of rape was found.

They drove back again to the motel, and Selena again asked for the record. Then Yolanda from her purse took out .38 caliber Taurus Model 85 revolver and pointed it towards Selena. 

Seeing that Selena tried to run but Yolanda shot her in the back, which severed the artery.

Selena ran for help towards the lobby, being critically wounded. Yolanda chased her, calling her a "b***h." 

But Selena collapsed as the clerk called 911. Selena died at 1:05 pm in the hospital due to blood loss.

Yolanda was charged with first-degree murder and is sentenced to life imprisonment with the possibility of parole in 30 years.

Selena's death left Chris heart-broken, which led him to abuse drugs and alcohol.

Chris praised Selena by calling her an amazing actress

As we are aware that Chris’s former wife Selena was killed. However, after 25 years of her death, Chris still have not stop praising her talent. 

In one of his interviews, the host recalled his days having a fun interview with her, along with praising her performances, referring Selena to be a well-rounded artist. 

Joining the conversation, Chris also pointed her to be a great actress. Also stating that back then, she had always been able to interpret songs whether it was original or the cover. 

Not only in her voice, but her body language spoke too, Chris added. Moreover, he shared how Selena would let the audience feel what she was singing, confronting it to be her art and beauty. 

Chris didn’t only stop here, but he told despite there being a lot of great singers who are technically on point, Selena had that special thing on her. To listen to other things Chris said, visit the link below.

Cassie’s father in Controversies

Besides Chris’s love life and career, he has also been involved in controversies. Well, back in the year 1992, Chris was arrested by police for driving at speed. 

He was with his friends and cousins. It’s been stated that there was a verbal argument between his cousin and police where the artist came to his aid. 

Nevertheless, both he and his cousin were handcuffed. Later, the police set them free as there was no evidence of them being involved in a high-speed chase. 

After some months, the artist booked a hotel room with his two band members. It was referred that they became intoxicated and began wrestling in the room. 

Nevertheless, Chris came out of the room being in a disheveled state. Sadly, after that incident, all three of them were fired from the respective band Selena y Los Dinos

This incident lets Quintanilla forbid Selena from meeting Chris too. 

Other than that, after Selena’s demise, Chris and Selena’s family were engaged in a legal dispute where Chris wanted to create a miniseries related to his 2012 memoir named ‘To Selena, With Love.’

Net Worth

Cassie is too young, and she enjoys her parent's earnings.

Below you can see the net worth of Cassie's parents and Chris ex-wife net worth

NameNet Worth
Chris Pérez$6 million
Venessa Villanueva$100,000
Selena Quintanilla$10 million


  1. Cassie was born and raised in Texas, United States.

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