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Facts of Cassandra Wain

Full NameCassandra Wain
First NameCassandra
Last NameWain
Other NameCassandra White
ProfessionCelebrity Ex-Wife
Birth CityMichigan
Birth CountryUnited States
Father NameRichard Clayton Wain
Mother NameDeborah Sue Bordine
Gender IdentityFemale
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseTroy White
No Of Children1
Height179.83 cm
Facebook Profile
Date of BirthAugust 5,1986
Age37 years
Married DateOctober 28,2018

Cassandra Wain is famous as a celebrity ex-wife. She is the ex-wife of a former United States Marine, Dakota Meyer

Wain was born in Michigan to her parents, Deborah Sue Bordine and Richard Clayton Wain

She is currently working as an administrative assistant at the University of Michigan School of Dentistry.

She was 21 when she married Meyer

Wain was 21 when she married Meyer in 2008, while Meyer was just 19

Her marriage to Meyer was kept secret until the news of their marriage emerged in 2015 after Radar Online first shared the document. 

The marriage certificate showed she and Meyer married on the 17th of May, 2008, in Meyer’s home state of Kentucky

They legally got divorced on the 3rd of March, 2010, just after two years of their marriage. 

At the time, Meyer was soon to get married to his fiancée, American public speaker, reality television personality, and real estate agent, Bristol Palin

Meyer and Palin first met in 2014 while filming Amazing America with her mother, Sarah Palin, in Alaska. The couple got married in June 2016

But unfortunately, their marriage could not last long, as they announced their separation in February 2018. Their divorce was finalized in August 2018.

Cassandra Wain with her mom Deborah Sue Bordine
Cassandra Wain with her mom Deborah Sue Bordine. Source: Facebook

Do not share any kids with Meyer

Wain’s marriage to Meyer was short-lived. The ex-couple does not share any kids. 

Her ex-husband is the father of two daughters, Sailor Grace Meyer and Atlee Bay, whom he shares with his ex-wife Bristol

Meyer recently got engaged to his fiancée Lauren Fordyce.


Wain found love once again. She dated Troy White for years before getting married on the 28th of October, 2018. The couple shares a son.

Cassandra Wain married Troy White in 2018 after dating for several years
Cassandra Wain married Troy White in 2018 after dating for several years. Source: Facebook
Cassandra Wain with her husband Troy White and son
Cassandra Wain with her husband Troy White and son. Source: Facebook

The story of how her ex-husband received the nation’s highest military award, medal of honor

Born and raised in a small town in Columbia, Kentucky, her ex-husband Dakota Meyer lived on a farm with his father and graduated from Green County High School

Meyer never thought about going to Marine Corps. He took the military as a consideration. 

But when the marine recruiter while in high school told him he would not make it to the Marine Corps, the very same day, he signed up. 

He said it was a challenge for him. Once he signed up, he went to Paris Island and went to Camp Geiger, North Carolina, to do military training. 

After the training, he was stationed in Hawaii for the next four years. 

His first deployment was in July 2007 in Iraq for 45 to 60 days, but he was sent home early after he got bit by a spider and lost a lot of nerves. 

He also had two surgeries in Iraq. He came back to Germany for a while and then went home to rehab his hand. 

He trained for another couple of years, took over a sniper team, and became a sniper team leader. 

In 2009, the gunnery sergeant said they needed five volunteers to go to Afghanistan, so he raised his hand and got selected. 

He left for Afghanistan in July. At the time, he was with the fourth Marine division. They were in Kunar province, a place in Northern Afghanistan. 

They lived on a base of four U.S. and 80 Afghans in their small little base, and their job was to advise and help train and transition them to be able to take over their country.

According to Meyer, everything started getting bad from the 6th of September. They took 12 to 14 107 rockets directly to their base. 

One of the guys he had with him had his leg cut off from the rocket hit. Everything just went downhill. 

After the fight that lasted for a while was over, they went back and discussed it. They were told that they were going to run a mission. 

At first, they were told they were going to run on Monday but later changed the plan. 

They were told they were going to run on Tuesday, 8th September, so they went down the next day and got briefed at night on what the mission was. 

He said he was not happy and wasn’t comfortable with it because he saw flaws. When he brought the topic up, it wasn’t heard. 

They left for a mission at 3 or 3:30 in the morning and started patrolling the village. 

He could see the people going up in the mountains through the thermals and called it out over the radio. He was again told to get off the radio. 

They were thrown a whole Kabang that kept coming continuously, so he requested permission to go in, and each time they were forbidden. 

They finally said they were going, which took three to four trips to get in. When they got in, there were people everywhere, all wounded. 

Then for four to six hours, he kept on searching for his teammates but couldn’t find them. They were all set up. 

It was an ambush with an estimated 100 to 150 enemy fighters right above them. 

One of the four Marines, Lieutenant Michael Johnson, who was trapped inside the village, came over the radio calling in a support artillery mission. 

Still, the commanders in operations denied saying its’ too close to the village. 

The last word he heard from him was he was going to die if not given those rounds. Meyer knew the severity of the situation at that point in time. 

For the next six hours, they were pulling out bodies, trying to save them. 

He and Rodriguez Chavez would drive the dead and wounded out of the valley and come back, come and run the gauntlet of fire again and again. 

The only objective he had during his several trips was to find his teammates and get them alive. 

On their first trip, he was able to pull out the bunch of Afghans and take them out. 

He was still getting shoot at as he was leaving with his teammates' bodies out of that valley. The table never turned.

There was too much gunfire, so he took off running. As he was running, he jumped into the trench and landed on Gunnery Sergeant Johnson

He was dead. In fact, all were dead. 

At first, lieutenant Michael Johnson then Sergeant Edwin Johnson, Sergeant Aaron Kenefick, and corpsman James doc Layton, respectively.

During an interview, Meyer said he didn’t kill enough and didn’t save enough because if he had killed enough, the war would have been over, and if he had saved enough, then none of his teammates would have died. 

He added that if they had bought them alive, then it would have been extraordinary.

Meyer received the nation’s highest military award, the Medal of Honor, on the 15th of September, 2011

Former president Barack Obama awarded him the medal of honor. 

Cassandra Wain ex-husband Dakota Meyer received the medal of honor for his extraordinary bravery in 2011
Cassandra Wain ex-husband Dakota Meyer received the medal of honor for his extraordinary bravery in 2011. Source: Pinterest

Net Worth 

Her net worth is under review. As of now, we have the net worth of her ex-husband, for which she is famous. 

The estimated net worth of Dakota Meyer is $500 thousand.


  1. She was born on the 5th of August, 1986. She is currently 36 years old.

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