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Facts of Caspian Feild

Full NameCaspian Feild
First NameCaspian
Last NameFeild
ProfessionCelebrity Child
Father NameJJ Feild
Father ProfessionActor
Mother NameNeve Campbell
Mother ProfessionCanadian actress, producer, and Tv personality
Gender IdentityMale
SibilingsRaynor Feild
Date of Birth2012

Caspian Feild is a celebrity kid. He is the son of Canadian actress, producer, and Tv personality Neve Campbell.

Caspian Feild with his mother, Neve Campbell.
Caspian Feild with his mother, Neve Campbell. Source: 

Born into a wealthy family

Caspian was born to his parents, Neve Campbell and JJ Feild, in the year 2012

Both his parents belong to the entertainment industry. His father, too, is an Actor

He is best known for his work in movies like Not Safe for Work, Blood: The Last Vampire, Centurion, and Wonder Women

Reportedly, both his mom and dad are not married yet. They have been in a long-term relationship since the year 2012. 

They are in a live-in relationship together

In March 2012, the couple announced their news of expecting their first child together

And in August 2012, Neve Campbell delivered a handsome baby boy named 'Caspian Feild.' 

His mom and dad are very successful actors and have earned enormous money from being in this field.

He will never have to face any financial problems in his life. 

Caspian Feild's mother, Neve Campbell, and dad, JJ Feild.
Caspian Feild's mother, Neve Campbell, and dad, JJ Feild. Source: Instagram


He has one sibling who is adopted by his parents.

He has one brother who was brought into his family on June 29, 2018

His name is Raynor Feild. His parents shared this news with their admirers and fans on the Instagram handle.

But his mom rarely posts a picture of them on her Instagram. She even hides their faces in the picture. 

Caspian Feild with his brother.
Caspian Feild with his brother. Source: Instagram

Mother had two divorces

When his mother was first married to Jeff Colt on April 3, 1995, she was only 22 years old at that time.

Jeff Colt was a bartender at Toronto's Pantages Theatre, and she was there to perform. 

That's how they met each other for the first time. They were married for three years

But unfortunately, the couple gave up and divorced each other in May 1998.

After that relationship, she began to date John Light, an actor and theatre artist by profession. 

They both made their relationship public in 2005

It has been said that they came to know each other at the set of Investigating Sex.

And in December 2005, the pair got engaged with the presence of family members. 

Following two years later, they exchanged wedding vows in Malibu, California

After marriage, the couple shifted together to Islington, London, where they lived for five years

But suddenly, on June 30, 2010, she filed for divorce in court in Los Angeles. The reason remained unknown

Later the couple separated, and that chapter of her life closed there only. 

Caspian Feild's Mother, Neve Campbell, with her ex-husband, John Light.
Caspian Feild's Mother, Neve Campbell, with her ex-husband, John Light. Source:

Hides him from the media spotlight

Both his parents hide him from all the media attention.

It is because his mom was exposed to the industry when she was nine years old

She knows all the pros and cons of the unnecessary attention given to the celebrity child.

It will also hamper him to live a normal life like other kids. 

So, his parents always kept him away from the limelight, a paparazzi.

The reason behind his name Caspian

His mom back in 2012 revealed the reason behind naming him Caspian. According to Neve, she loved having a unique name. 

She got her name from her mother’s maiden name, so she wanted to keep his son’s name something different and special. 

Initially, she and her partner JJ Feild came up with five names to choose from and then decided to wait and see until they met him.

They were at the hospital when he was born, and the only name they could remember among the five names was Caspian, so they ended up keeping the name.

He learned lately of his mom’s popularity 

Caspian got to know about his mom’s popularity lately. According to Neve, Caspian then 7 ½ came home back from school and asked her if she was Neve Campbell

She at the time added by saying that Caspian has not seen her work besides the previews for the Skyscraper

Caspian has not seen most of her hit movies since it is not kid-friendly, and she, as a mom, also did not tell him for a long time until one of the parents in Caspian’s school told him about her popularity. 

She admitted having a strange conversation when he asked, “Mommy, Are you Neve Campbell?” and she was like, Ok, let’s talk. She didn’t want it to influence Caspian in any way, she added.

He loves being a big brother

Caspian is a big brother to Raynor, whom his parents adopted in 2018. During an interview with Access, his mom revealed how he loves being a big brother. 

She said that she always wanted to adopt right from a very young age and knew that she was going to. 

She was never as clear about having her own as she was about adoption. She admitted Caspian was flourishing as a big brother. 

She also shared on her Instagram, writing Caspian was over the moon to hold his new brother the moment they adopted him as he kept on asking if he could hold his baby? 

If he could feed his baby? If he could play with his baby?

The reason Neve Campbell decided to tell her son about his adoption

Neve appearing on The Kelly Clarkson Show, revealed the reason behind telling her son Raynor about his adoption from the very beginning while talking about her two sons. 

She said Caspian is very sporty and physical and is currently on the soccer team. He is also teaching himself trampoline flips, while Raynor, she said, is obsessed with mermaids and has wished to have a mermaid party on his birthday. 

Neve also revealed that she had not hidden Raynor from the very beginning that he was adopted. 

She said she read a lot about it that back in the days, we used to think, keep it from them and throw it at them, so their entire reality falls apart, which makes so much sense. 

The guidance that she had was even before they understood language to talk about their birth mother, their story, tell them who they are. 

She says it’s no surprise for Raynor in any sense whatsoever. Raynor knows he was in Cynthia’s tummy, and she made him and all. 

She also revealed asking Cynthia if she could share photos or something or even a letter before Raynor was born. 

Cynthia made the entire album for him that included things about her life and her likes and dislikes. 

Knowing his mother’s interest, Raynor establishes a connection with her and feels a relationship with her, which Neve thinks is important.

His mom had to undergo spinal surgery after the action-packed movie Skyscraper. 

In 2018 while promoting her action-packed movie Skyscraper on LiveKellyandRyan, Neve revealed that she had a back injury that led to spinal surgery while filming the movie. 

During the interview, she said having undergone a spinal injury and had a cage in her spine at the time. 

Since she was a dancer, her back was already a little compromised, but having to carry cute little boy Noah in the movie, who weighed about 65 pounds for two days straight, was the straw that broke Camel’s back.

Net Worth 

Year Net Worth Annual Salary 
2020$10 Million Not Known

Caspian is too young to have his net worth. However, his mom is estimated to have a net worth of $10 Million

His annual salary is under review. His dad also has a net worth of $7 Million. Together it will be $17 Million.

Source of his mother's income 

Her primary source of income is a versatile actress. She has done numerous movies, which are appreciated worldwide. 

She has also done many ads and endorsements for brands like Coca-Cola.


  1. He is eight years old.

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