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Carmen Carrasco


Facts of Carmen Carrasco

Full NameCarmen Carrasco
First NameCarmen
Last NameCarrasco
ProfessionCelebrity Mother
Birth CityAndalusia
Birth CountrySpain
Gender IdentityFemale
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusDating
Relation WithEddy
No Of Children4

Carmen Carrasco is the mother of Belgian footballer Yannick Carrasco

He is a 23 years old boy who plays for Spanish club Atletico Madrid and the national team as winger and wingback. 

Yannick has a younger brother named Mylan Carrasco and two half-siblings, Hugo and Celia.  Carmen's second son is also trying his luck on the football.

Carmen Carrasco with her son Yannick Carrasco.
Carmen Carrasco with her son Yannick Carrasco. Source: YouTube

Mother-son duo

Mother-son duo have a strong relationship and are pretty close with each other. 

For Yannick, his mother is the most important person, and he has not met his father for 15 years.

Yannick said in an interview that he had a hard time when he went to live with a family in Genk, being very young, and his mother encouraged him. 

Then he realized that he wanted to stop studying because he wanted to be a professional footballer. 

It was tough for Carmen, being a single mother who had to raise four children, but Yannick got all the opportunities to be a footballer.

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Hardships of a single mother

Though Carmen was actually from Andalusia, later, she emigrated in search of a better future for her and her children.   

Carmen works as a switchboard operator. She raised her kids in the Vilvoorde district of Brussels. It is also a place where one of the largest Andalusian communities in Belgium lives. 

Despite being a single mom of 4 kids, she was always a big supporter of her son and his passion for football. 

So, Yannick has decided to keep the maternal surname instead of Ferreira Carrasco on his athletic shirt to tribute to all the hardships and struggles of his mother.

Carmen's past

When Carmen was a child, she moved with her father to Belgium, who was trying to make his future secure in the Wallonia mining industry. 

When Carmen was 22, she met the father of Yannick and Mylan. She fell in love with him and had two boys with him. 

However, after the birth of their children, her boyfriend left her, leaving her in charge of the little boys. 

Again, from another relationship, Carmen had her other two kids Hugo and Celia

Carmen raised all of them in Cockerill-Sambre, an unmanaged and ugly neighborhood on the outskirts of Brussels.

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Carmen Carrasco sons Yannick Carrasco and Mylan Carrasco.
Carmen Carrasco sons Yannick Carrasco and Mylan Carrasco. Source: YouTube

Most desired mother of the league

As Carmen was a single mother and it was her responsibility to look after her children, she learned communication techniques and real estate. 

As a result, Carmen has all the qualities to be the most desired mother in the league. Even president Enrique Cerezo once said, 

"She is a very pretty woman and very young and very nice. She is very well".

Yannick's journey

Signing with Atletico cost 20 million euros which was a big amount for Carmen Carrasco but rather, she was happy for her son's future. 

She posted on the Facebook profile even before the club or the footballer himself had announced. 

The special signing of her kid wasn't the only blocking hurdle for Carmen, who posted multiple photos of herself wearing a Real Madrid shirt on social media, which was her son's greatest rival. 

Then she offered an amendment proposal in the newspaper Het Belang Van Limburg  

"I have been to the Bernabeu several times, everyone knows it. It will be strange to sit in the stands of Vicente Calderon soon. But I am a supporter, first of all, of my son. So now I will cheer Atletico to death".

Carmen's love life

Recently, Carmen is dating Eddy for a few couple of months. When both of them were guests as jurors during an event in Brussels, they met each other. 

Though there is a six-year difference between them, something clicked that evening, and they fell in love with each other.

Her son Yannick had a troubled relationship with his former wife Noemie Happart. They were married for three years from 2017 to 2020 until their divorce. 

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Net worth

The income of Carmen Carrasco is not made public. However, the following is the net worth of her son Yannick Carrasco.

Net worthSource
$40 millionFootball Player


  1. Her son is 27 years old.

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