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Facts of Carlos Oher

Full NameCarlos Oher
First NameCarlos
Last NameOher
ProfessionCelebrity Brother
Birth CityTennessee
Birth CountryUnited States
Father NameMichael Jerome Williams
Mother NameDenise Oher
Gender IdentityMale
Sexual OrientationStraight
SibilingsTara Oher, Andre Oher, Michael Oher, Marcus Oher, John Oher, Rico Oher, Delijuan Oher, Denise Oher

Carlos Oher is famous as the brother of former American football offensive tackle Michael Oher

In his eight seasons in the NFL, he played for Tennessee Titans, Carolina Panthers, and mostly Baltimore Ravens

He won a Super Bowl when he was with Baltimore Ravens.

Carlos Oher brother Michael Oher won a Super Bowl with Baltimore Ravens in 2012
Carlos Oher brother Michael Oher won a Super Bowl with Baltimore Ravens in 2012. Source: Instagram

A tough childhood 

Carlos and his 11 siblings had a tough childhood growing up. 

They grew up in a neighborhood surrounded by violence and gangs, plus their mother, Denise Oher, suffered from alcoholism and crack addiction. 

Their father, Michael Jerome Williams, was frequently in prison and was later murdered when they were young. 

In an interview, Michael said he never really had a father figure in his life. They were always by themselves, and their mother, most of the time, wasn’t around.

Michael changed 11 schools in nine years and was frequently absent. 

He was absent for 51 days when he was studying at West Wood High, and at one point, his grade was 0.06. 

Because of his mother’s addiction to crack cocaine, Michael was always moving from one foster home to the other.

Carlos Oher brother Michael Oher was adopted by the Tuohy family
Carlos Oher brother Michael Oher was adopted by the Tuohy family. Source: YouTube

Michael luckily met Tony Henderson, an auto mechanic who took him in and later enrolled him in Briarcrest Christian along with his son.

Since he didn’t have a place to live, he was staying with several families at the school, including Leigh Anne, an American businessman, and Sean Tuohy, a former college basketball star, sports commentator, and businessman whose two kids also attended Briarcrest

The couple eventually adopted him. 

In an interview, Leigh said it was evident that Michael needed somebody, and knowing he has nobody in his life broke her heart. 

Michael was not happy with the movie The Blind Side 

The 2009 movie Blind Side based on his story about how he overcame difficulties and achieved success, became a massive hit, with Sandra Bullock winning Oscar and Golden Globe awards for her performance in the movie. 

Still, Michael didn’t like the story because he says it’s not the true depiction of his life. 

During a podcast, he said after all the hard work he did having to deal with the struggles that he went through and to get out of the situation he was in at 17 or 18 years old and then to have the credit go to somebody else, it sort of rubbed him in a wrong way. 

“It rules me in the wrong way, but it is still changing my life, still shaping me into who I am. 

That’s only my main problem about the entire situation, where I struggled and battled from day in and day out. 

At the time, I was 11 or 12 years old, getting up on my own and going to school. 

I could have dropped out at sixth or seventh grade, and when somebody else got that credit, it pissed me off, he added.

His mother said she was portrayed as the worst mother in The Blindside, but that isn’t the true

His mother shared her side of the story after the movie came out. 

She said she hadn’t seen the movie because she was deeply embarrassed by her addiction to crack cocaine. 

She also expressed her gratitude to the Tuohy family for helping her son become the man he is today.

Similarly, in 2017, talking to Local 24’s Jeni Diprizio shared her side of the story. 

In the movie Blind Side, she is portrayed as a mother with a drug addiction living in poverty. 

She said she was portrayed as the worst mother in the world, but that isn’t true, explaining that it was tough with eleven children. 

With drugs bringing up her children, they were here and there, but they were all together. 

She has been through a lot of struggles and a lot of her children coming up, so she had to pray, and God brought her through that, she said. 

She also said that she has been clean since the movie came out and is on the right path, and there is no turning back.

She further said she hasn’t talked to Michael in quite some time and doesn’t know if he is dead or alive, which according to her, is sad but true. 

“Hopefully, God will slap him in the back, and he does what he is supposed to be doing as a family, with his family,” she added.

Net Worth

Carlos lives a very private life, so we could not extract information related to him and his net worth. 

As of now, we have the net worth of his brother Michael. Michael has a fortune of $16 million.


  1. His age is under review.
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