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Carla Felix


Facts of Carla Felix

Full NameCarla Felix
First NameCarla
Last NameFelix
ProfessionCelebrity Mother
Gender IdentityFemale
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusMarried
No Of Children2

Carla Felix is famous for being the mother of Athletico Madrid and Portugal young superstar footballer Joao Felix.

She is a teacher by profession. 

Married Life and Children

She married her husband Carlos Felix and started a new journey of her life. She has two sons, Joao and Hugo

Her young son Hugo plays for Benfica Youth Ranks, and it won't be long enough. He finds a big club.

She, alongside her husband, raised her kids in a humble background. Both of them are teachers and they worked hard. 

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However, they were mature enough to support their kid's dreams.

Their hard work has always paid off. Here is a picture that will bring a smile to your face.

She, alongside her husband, is celebrating the success of her elder son's success. 

Carla Felix With Her Husband And Son
Carla Felix With Her Husband And Son Source: Sputnik News

About Her Husband And Son's Dream

Her husband Carlos, has also made a lot of sacrifices raising their kids. 

He is also a school teacher and is enjoying his son's success now. 

Her sons were crazy about football from a very early age. 

When they were very small, they converted their parents' living room to a football pitch. Both of them used to play indoor. 

The parents were always worried about them breaking things of the living room. 

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Always Supporting Son

She has always been there for her son, and she is one of the main reasons behind his success. 

Here is a picture of her and her whole family enjoying the success of Joao. 

She is holding a number 7 jersey of her son and this is when Joao Felix joined Athletico Madrid

This was the big break her son was looking for, and there has been no looking back for the outstanding talent. 

The picture has her younger son Hugo and her husband Carlos as well. This is a happy family picture, and they have worked hard for Joao. 

Family Source: Vidas

Her Son's Girlfriend

Her son is dating his gorgeous girlfriend, Margarida Corceiro

The couple love to spend quality time together. 

He has uploaded this picture on his Instagram account and he has captioned this one as, 

"I love you…."

They are a match made in heaven. She has blonde hair, and Joao is looking very cute with his glasses in this one. 

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This picture was uploaded on Instagram on Valentine's Day 2020

Her Son's Girlfriend
Her Son's Girlfriend Source: Instagram

Net Worth

She has a decent net worth, but it is nothing jaw-dropping. She is a teacher by profession and has always enjoyed a milled class life. 

However, her son earns jaw-dropping figures. 

Her son has a sensational net worth of 105 million Euros already, and this is around 93 million pounds. 

This figure is about 120 million dollars and to have this fortune at the age of 20 is outrageous. 

His current market value is a staggering 100 million dollars, and this is around 88.2 million pounds. 

Her Salary and Her Son's Wages

Her primary source and her husband's major source of income is from salary

An elementary school teacher earns around 1.6 K Euros to 5.2 K Euros in Portugal. 

A high school teacher earns about 13 K euros per year and a preschool teacher earns about 9.7 K Euros to 15 K Euros

Her salary might not be fascinating, but her sons are.

Her sons has a jaw-dropping salary of 14,500,000 Euros per year and this figure amounts to 12,847,254 pounds

He earns about 1,208,333 Euros per year and 294,715 Euros per week.

His wage is 0.83 Euros per second and 49.92 Euros per minute.

Time FrameWage

Son's Lifestyle

Her son is living big, and he deserves it all. He loves his fast cars and luxurious vacations.

He has uploaded this one of his Mercedes and he has captioned this one as a lightening sign. 

He uploaded this picture on 8th February, and he is looking cute in this one too.

Son's Lifestyle
Son's Lifestyle Source; Instagram


  1. The age of her son Joao Felix is 20. Her age is under review but she is in her 50s.

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