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Cara Mia Wayans


Facts of Cara Mia Wayans

Full NameCara Mia Wayans
First NameCara
Middle NameMia
Last NameWayans
Birth CityLos Angeles County, California
Birth CountryUnited States
Father NameDamon Wayans
Father Professionproducer, comedian, screenwriter, and actor
Mother NameLisa Thorner
Mother Professionformer actress and model
Gender IdentityFemale
Sexual Orientationstraight
Marital StatusSingle
No Of Children1
SibilingsDamon Wayans Jr., Kyla Wayans, and Michael Wayans
Networth$1.5 M
Twitter Profile
Insta Profile
Date of BirthApril 18,1987
Age36 years

Cara Mia Wayans professionally serves as an actress recognized for her roles in movies like Dance Flick, Blankman, and My Wife and Kids

Originally, the lady belonged to Los Angeles County, California, USA. She was born to parents Damon Wayans and Lisa Thorner and is surrounded by three siblings. 

Cara's parents have already divorced

Young Cara Mia Wayans with her father.
Young Cara Mia Wayans with her father. Source: Instagram

Cara's dad Damon Wayans Sr. serves as a producer, comedian, screenwriter, and actor, whereas her mom was a former actress and a model. 

Cara's mom and dad took the wedding vows on 24th April 1984. The event of theirs was said to be organized quite secretly in the US

They became parents to four kids in total. Despite 16 years of togetherness, the pair decided to part ways. 

They got divorced in the year 2000. At that time, Cara was 13 years old. Through separation, the individuals have always been there to accompany Cara

They even sent Cara to attend California University to have a better education. 

Who are Cara's siblings?

As mentioned earlier, Cara has three siblings in total named Damon Wayans Jr., Kyla Wayans, and Michael Wayans

They all are involved in the entertainment field. Her oldest brother is Damon, who took birth on 18th November 1982 in Huntington, Vermont, United States

Professionally, he is also an actor known for his work in Dance Flick, Someone Marry Berry and Let's Be Cops

Second comes Michael Wayans, born on 28th March 1985. He also made his professional career in the acting field and was spotted in two films and one TV series named My Wife and Kids, Dance Flick, and BlankMan

Lastly, Mia is younger than Cara, born in the year 1991. Mia also appeared in TV series named My Wife and Kids.

Is Cara dating anyone?

As of the current scenario, Cara has not been involved in any affairs nor dated anybody. 

Since there is a lack of information regarding her relationship status, we assume the artist to be single. 

Or maybe she wanted to keep her personal life private from everybody. She might be too focused on building her career as well and takes her career as her love at the moment.

Cara, with her boyfriend, became mom dad?

Cara Mia Wayans with her boyfriend and newborn baby.
Cara Mia Wayans with her boyfriend and newborn baby. Source: Instagram

As we know, Cara hasn't shared anything about her love life. She has not even revealed whether she has a boyfriend or not. 

Nevertheless, on her Instagram, which is by the name @caramiawayans, Cara has uploaded a picture of a newborn kid and her lying beside the child. 

There was also a man who was captured kissing the baby on the forehead. However, we couldn't find his name. 

They looked like a small happy family. The lady even captioned the picture, saying it had been the best month of her life with their little heart, Damon Ivory

There was a picture of Damon after being just born, his little tiny feet and the one of recent in which Damon looks a bit grown with his curly hair.

In September 2021, she also uploaded a picture where she mentioned her best friend's demise. The lady included that it's painful that Fuquan (best friend) couldn't meet her son. 

Also, the recent video Cara uploaded was her son playing with his granddad on his laps which is quite adorable. Cara captioned it, stating those moments gives her all the feels.

Cara Mia Wayans son and father.
Cara Mia Wayans son and father. Source: Instagram

Her dad was born with a club foot

Her dad is the fourth oldest of 10 children of his parents. He was born with a club foot and had to go through corrective surgery. 

During the conversation with Good Day New York, he revealed being born with a club foot. 

He said since having been born with a club foot, he was able to get much love and affection and more time from his mother than any other siblings, and his brothers Keenen and Dwayne used to hate him for that. 

His oldest brother Dwayne is who his mother used to babysit Damon, would beat him up and hang him on the door hook.

He also talked about his plan for the Carolines to speak about his life and being a grandfather. 

Speaking in the context, he said he wishes he was a grandfather before a father because, as per him, it's the perfect way to love a child and that it's all the love without responsibility. 

He added he gets a chance to spoil them. He bought his granddaughter an electric drum set with 25,000 different sounds, filled it up with the candy, took her home, and told her it plays up for her mom. 

Damon also said he thinks he is a great father because he taught his kids how to be funny and if they were funny at school, they wouldn't get into trouble.

What holidays and get-togethers are like in the huge extended Wayans family

Wayans family is a huge extended family with more than 60 members. 

Damon Wayan Jr., while appearing on Ellen's show, talked about his huge family and what the holidays and get-togethers are like in their family. 

He said all his family members get together for special occasions like Christmas and Thanksgiving and humorously added, 

"You gotta get there early because there will be no food left." 

When Ellen asked if they all get along or if there are arguments on such days with so many people altogether, Damon said, "not really." 

Explaining that, he added, on the average thanksgiving day, Keenen would find the room to sit in and holds a court where everybody sits around him and listens to his old Hollywood days and funny stuff.

Damon Wayans Sr, “Comedy should always have its place”

Professionally, as mentioned, Damon serves as an actor and a comedian. The artist claimed that Comedy should always have its place as it totally breaks tensions. 

And that’s the thing every human needs right now. During the conversation, Damon also mentioned his family. 

He shared that the place of his family was like being always surrounded by laughs and jokes. He shared how they used to live in a small apartment back then. 

Also joking and laughing all the time loud, his parents never stopped them to lower their voices or just ordered him to keep quiet as they were instantly having fun, Damon added. 

When asked Damon, when did he realize or be aware that his comedy could be his career? Damon quickly responds after being thrown out by a high school thrice. 

Also, another thing is that he used to hang out with Keenen, and at that time, Keenen was doing stand-up. 

He shared that he would watch Keenen and also provide him with his jokes to try too. Damon replied his jokes worked. 

Doing so, Damon felt like, why doesn’t he also do it? Damon recalls his conversation with his wife where one day, he constantly praised Keenen for how good he was at his comedy. 

Damon shared that his spouse told him to step up into the comedy field, and if he didn’t, she would go sleep with Keenen

Other than that, Damon claimed that having kids is a thankless job, but the grandchildren are the maker. 

Continuing, he also shared his wish that he wanted to go live with his son Damon Wayans Jr.

As he specified that he wanted to grow so old that Damon Jr. would change his diaper someday. 

Damon also praised Damon Jr., claiming him to be a good dude. Also, Damon added that every person claims his son as pancakes as everyone loves pancakes. 

And jokingly, Damon Sr. claimed himself as a Waffle. Damon also revealed that at the start of his career, he never thought he would be on Television. 

Damon also shared his experience of doing comedy and the movie. 

The artist said that while you are doing comedy, the audience is present there and can directly see their expression, whereas while shooting a film, you have just to wait until it releases to get the actual reaction of the audience. 

Net worth

Cara is categorized as one of the richest actresses. As of now, the lady has a total estimated net worth of $1.5 million approx. 

She got the first role at the young age of seven that too in her dad's movie named Blankman.

Net worth$1.5 million
Income sourceMovie Actress


  1. She is 34 years old.

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