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Brenda Harvey Richie


Facts of Brenda Harvey Richie

Full NameBrenda Harvey Richie
First NameBrenda
Middle NameHarvey
Last NameRichie
Gender IdentityFemale
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusDivorced
SpouseLionel Richie (Former)
Date of BirthSeptember 2,1952
Age69 years

Brenda Harvey Richie is an American music composer and entrepreneur from Alabama. 

She is best known as the ex-wife of a famous singer/songwriter, Lionel Richie.

Married, Husband

She was married to a famous singer, Lionel Richie. Their love story began in the college days at Tuskegee University

They met while studying and singing with the musical group Commodores

After dating for a few years, the couple got married on October 18, 1975

They both informally adopted Nicole Camille Escovedo, the two-year-old daughter of one of the members of Lionel’s band, in the year 1983. 

They raised Nicole, niece of drummer Shiela E, as their daughter. She was legally adopted when she was nine years old.

Here is a picture of her with ex-husband and adopted daughter. 

The caption says, 

‘#TBT @lionelrichie 

Brenda Harvey Richie Ex-Husband And Adopted Daughter
Brenda Harvey Richie Ex-Husband And Adopted Daughter Source: Instagram

Her husband was having an affair with a dancer, Diane Alexander, while he was still married to Brenda. 

When she found out about the extramarital affair, she suddenly showed up at her husband’s mistresses Beverly Hills home where the two were caught red-handed.

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According to reports, Harvey drop kicked Richie in the stomach area. Right after he flew the home, he called the police who arrived just on time to save Diane from Harvey

Her action led to her arrest for various domestic crimes such as corporal injury to a spouse, resisting arrest, trespassing, vandalism, battery, and disturbing the peace

Next morning she was released after posting a bail of $5000.

Their marriage lasted for almost 18 years, and they divorced on August 9, 1993

At the time of divorce, Lionel accused Brenda of beating him up when she learned about his affair.

After divorce, Lionel moved on and married Diane Alexander on December 21, 1995

The couple was blessed with a son, Miles Brockman, and daughter, Sofia Richie

The two were born on May 27, 1994, and August 24, 1998, respectively. 

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 Both the children are now in the modeling industry. Their marriage didn’t last long, and they divorced in 2004.

Divorce Of Ex-Husband  

Richie's second marriage was with Diane, and this did not end well too. The couple ended their relationship in 2004.

Diane is a fashion designer and also a dancer.

The couple was having an affair before they got married. Their divorce paper was filed in LA Superior Court.

The main reason for the divorce was cited as irreconcilable differences. 

Revelation from Ex-Husband

Her ex-husband explains that he has had a horrible relationship in the past. He is dating his girlfriend Lisa Parigi, and he wanted to have children with her.

However, the past is haunting him, he said, and he is afraid to have children and get married because of that reason. 

Shocking Revelations Ex-Spouse

When asked how does he feel about 100 million records sold, a star in Hall of Fame, being a judge in American Idol and his massive UK tour, Brenda Harvey ex-spouse, Lionel Richie, replied he is pleased and fascinated by his journey. 

As per him, all his life, he was busy trying to be, and finally, he is enjoying the position. 

Curiously Lorraine asked was there a point in his life where he thought to stop. 

To which he replied, after the Olympics, when his father was ill, he was going through a depression as for him; his father was his hero.

But when he looked at his kids, he got the incentive to move on.

Lorrain further talked about his views on selfies, to which he commented that he finally had made peace with it as it is a part of life. 

He talked about his signature dish to be steaks and chicken and signature dance steps to be the Commodore step as he finds it challenging to sing and dance at the same time. 

Moving on, they played a game named the wrong song, which includes his song lyrics, and he has to fill up the blanks with wrong words. 

He mentioned his feeling towards the stage and audience, the adrenaline they provide to the artist to perform, and how there was once a huge fight while he was performing his song “Three times a lady.”

We can see the entire interview from the link below

Ex-Husband About Grammy

Brenda Harvey Richie's ex-husband Lionel Richie 'Hello,' is from his Grammy Winning Album 'Can't Slow Down,' which is one of four Grammy's he has won out of 32 nominations.

He has also won an Oscar for the song 'Say you Say Me' from the movie 'White Lights.' 

When asked as he is considered as King of love songs, is he romantic? 

To which he responded, he is a hopeless disgusting romantic. 

He can fall in love in 15 seconds on anything and everybody. 

Lionel found music growing up in Tuskegee, Alabama. His grandmother, a classical pianist, taught him how to play. 

As per him, he was not formally trained in terms of writing music and was terrible. 

His grandmother tried her best to teach him how to play a piece properly on the piano with hand movement. 

Lionel later took those skills to college and joined the band named 'Commodors.' They rule the charts in the 1970s. Lionel considers himself a black wiggle. 

When asked about his idea for 'Hello.' Lionel stated that it was a joke

He further explained that one day his producer James Anthony Carl Michael has come by his house, and he walked around the corner, and Lionel said, 

"Hello, is it me you are looking for?"

 and he turned to him and said, finish that. 

He teamed up with Michael Jackson in 1985, and the pair wrote 'We are the World' and recorded it with more than 40 singers, including the biggest stars of the day. 

The single raised more than $60 Million for African Fame and Relief

When asked did he ever imagined back in Alabama that he would end up in this life. Lionel stated, 

"It's not where you start. It's where you end up".

Turning 70

Jimmy was surprised to know that Lionel Richie was turning seventy in June as he looks so youthful, so young and fantastic he asked him that was he a vampire? 

Lionel explained his grandmothers who lived to be 103 and 98, so he is banking on his genes. 

About his 70th birthday party, he said that he is going to find the nice corner of the world, turned the light off and sit quietly and let it pass.

 About which Jimmy said that it might not be possible as his kids like to screw with him.

Lionel stated that his life has been a party, so he is going to be very quiet as the rest of the year has been on steroids.

 They talked about his meet with Prince Charles, whom he has known for 35 years. 

He mentioned how he was following the protocol and said, "Your Highness, How are you?" and he goes like 

"Hello, is it me you are looking for?" 

and Lionel went totally off guard. 

On the query about being friends with the former Prince, The Late Prince.

 He mentioned they were, and they get together on many occasions. 

Jimmy was surprised to know that Prince Charles was there sitting in the studio while Lionel was mixing 'Hello.' 

He shared how Prince Charles asked about the car downstairs, it was his then-wife, Brenda Harvey Richie's car Rolls-Royce and he asked can he drive it, and Lionel gave him the keys, and he went for a drive. 

Lionel added that he had sweet potatoes pies at the house, so Prince Charles showed up to his house and brought the car back. 

He further mentioned the story about why Prince Charles was not in his song 'We Are the World'.

Her Adopted Daughter

Her adopted daughter, Nicole Richie, forty years old, is living a blissful married life with her husband.  

She walked down the aisle with Joel Rueben Madden in December 2010

A musician and the lead vocalist of the pop band Good Charlotte, Joel, started dating Nicole in December 2006. The beautiful couple is parents to two children, namely Harlow and Sparrow

She is not only a good wife and mother but also a good sister-in-law. It was her who set up Cameron Diaz with Benji Madden, Madden’s twin brother. 

Nicole’s Love Story 

In an interview, Nicole was asked if she remembered when she first met her loving partner. 

How could she forget? She answered that she met him at her girlfriend’s party, hanging out with her girlfriend’s sister. 

Since the duo met for only a brief time and Joel was the type of person who kept to himself, she could not get to know him. 

She said that the shy guy she met at the party is very romantic. 

The thing that keeps them together is the appreciation for the same things.  

Net Worth

The net worth of Brenda is estimated to be $2.25 million. Her annual income and earnings equal to $800000

The primary source of this accumulated income is from her musical career. 

She is the owner of a music publishing company named Brenda Richie Publishing which adds to her income. 

She serves as President as well as the CEO of the company

Her company, Brenda Richie Publishing, owns the rights to most of Lionel Richie’s classics, including “Hello,” “All Night Long,” “Dancing on the Ceiling,” and “Say You, Say Me.” Her company was credited when Drake sampled “All Night Long” for his album, More Life.

Having earned so much money, we can assume that she can afford a comfortable lifestyle.

Her ex-husband, Lionel Richie’s net worth is $200 million.

Below is the list of top musicians and their net worth:

Musician NameNet Worth
Andrew Lloyd Webber$1.28 billion
Paul McCartney$1.2 billion
Jay-Z$1 billion
Herb Alpert$880 million
Sean “Puffy” Combs$820 million
Celine Dion$800 million
Dr. Dre$800 million
Bono$700 million
Julio Iglesias$300 million
Madonna$590 million


She is active on her Twitter account. 

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She keeps on updating about her professional achievements on her account.

Age, Birthday

  1. Her age is currently for 67 years.
  2. She celebrates her birthday on September 2 every year.
  3. She has a height of 5 feet 4 inches.
  4. Her nationality is American.
  5. She belongs to African-American ethnicity.
  6. Her body measurement is 34-26-35 inches.
  7. Her hobbies include traveling and sailing.
  8. We cover most of the details about Brenda Harvey Richie as it is difficult to find on other wiki sites.
  9. In most of her biography, the focus is more her on relationship rather than her career.
  10. She was born in Brewton, Alabama to parents Marshall and Lucille Harvey.
  11. She is the former student of Tuskegee University, where she completed her high school.
  12. She was interested in music since her childhood.
  13. She started her career as a music composer.
  14. Some of her work as a music composer is Glastonbury (2015), Lionel Richie Feat Blake Shelton: You were in 1012, and Lionel Richie: Penny Lover (1984).
  15. She has a house in Los Angeles California.

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