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Facts of Brady Fogle

Full NameBrady Fogle
First NameBrady
Last NameFogle
ProfessionCelebrity Child
Birth CountryUnited States of America
Father NameJared Fogle
Father Professionformer spokesman for Subway restaurant
Mother NameKatie Mc Laughlin
Mother Professionteacher
Gender IdentityMale
Sexual OrientationStraight
SibilingsQuinn Fogle
Date of Birth2011

Brady Fogle is the son of an American-born former spokesman for Subway restaurants, Jared Fogle. His mother, Katie McLaughlin, is a teacher. 

How his father rose to prominence?

His father, Jared Fogle, first caught media attention after the former dormmate wrote an article about him losing 111kg by exercising and eating Subway sandwiches. 

The article was published in Indian Daily Student. He soon became a pop culture sensation sharing how he lost 245 pounds on a diet of Subway sandwiches. 

Starting from 2000, he appeared in more than 300 Subway commercials. 

He eventually used his celebrity status to create a foundation, Jared Foundation, a non-profit organization aimed at raising awareness about childhood obesity. 

He was inspiring thousands of people, but who knew all the while he was involved in dangerous crime? 

In 2015, he was arrested for child sex tourism and child pornography.

Brady Fogle father Jared Fogle inspired thousands of people by sharing how he lost weight by eating
Brady Fogle father Jared Fogle inspired thousands of people by sharing how he lost weight by eating. Source: Instagram

His mother knew nothing about her husband’s sexual interest in children until the FBI agent came knocking at the door with a search warrant

His mother didn’t know that her husband of six years was a pedophile until 7th July 2015, when an FBI agent came knocking at the door of their home in Indiana with a search warrant looking for the evidence. 

She also later filed a lawsuit against subway, alleging that subway was notified about her ex-husband’s sexual interest in children on three occasions. 

During an interview with CBS Mornings, she opened up about how she got to know that her husband was a pedophile and about the allegations against the company. 

She said that she knew nothing about her husband’s involvement in anything until the FBI showed up. 

She filed for divorce six weeks after the visit and later for the sole custody of their two children. 

She said he took himself out of their lives, and she couldn’t think about him at that point in life and onwards, as he was supposed to do nothing but protect their children. 

He was living a two life and was able to keep it separate in a way that she couldn’t even fathom, she said.

Brady Fogle parents got married in August 2010 after getting engaged in 2009
Brady Fogle parents got married in August 2010 after getting engaged in 2009. Source: YouTube 
Brady Fogle mother filed for divorce in 2015, six weeks after the FBI raided their house in Indiana. Their divorce was finalized on November 16, 2015
Brady Fogle mother filed for divorce in 2015, six weeks after the FBI raided their house in Indiana. Their divorce was finalized on November 16, 2015. Source: YouTube

She also opened up about the lawsuit claiming that subway was alerted about his sexual interest on three occasions in 2004, 2008, and 2011

The last one was when the Florida journalist Rochelle Herman-Walrond filed a complaint via the subway website. 

She said there was at least one complaint brought that was mishandled, and even after the allegations, subway marketed him as a “Family man.” 

She also filed a lawsuit against Subway for using her and her children’s likenesses without their permission in the 2015 ad. 

Here is how his father got arrested

Rochelle Herman, Sarasota, Florida, journalist and radio host, became an undercover asset for the FBI after she noticed him being lewd towards middle age-school girls. 

Recently, she sat down with Tamron Hall to talk about the docu-series “Jared from Subway: Catching A Monster, where she played a pivotal role in putting him behind bars for his crime.

According to Herman, Jared was scheduled for both TV and radio, and her first initial interview with him was on her radio program. 

She recalled Jared leaning towards her and saying how hot he thought middle-school girls were out of nowhere. 

That was when she befriended him and started recording his text messages for over four years. 

She revealed talking to him about 15 to 20 times a day on the phone and recording so that he would drop any evidence. 

In the tape, he boasted about having sex with children and also asked about her children, and that continued for five years. 

When she took the tape to the FBI, they said they weren’t admissible and could do nothing, saying they needed lead time.

Then in 2015, the executive director of Jared Foundation, Russell Taylor, was arrested on charges of child exploitation, possession of child pornography, and voyeurism. 

Jared was linked as a co-conspirator. 

Among the victims were Taylor’s two stepdaughters, Hannah and Christian, who appeared on the Tamron Hall Show to speak publicly. 

They said when they discovered that their step-father had kept a hidden camera at their homes and recorded them and their friends, they were still confused because they weren’t educated to know about pedophilia and child pornography but rather educated and manipulated into believing that that behavior was normal. 

They later found out that their own mother was involved.

He has a younger sister 

He has a younger sister Quinn Fogle who is only two years younger than him. Both of them are residing with their mother after she got full custody of them. 

Brady was just five years old when his father got arrested. His mother received $7 million in the divorce settlement.

Net Worth

He is yet to start his career. As of now, we have the net worth of his father, who is currently serving a jail sentence. 

His father was worth $10 million - $15 million at the peak of his career. 

But after the fall, he lost millions, especially from legal defense costs, and also he paid $7 million to his ex-wife Kathleen McLaughlin in a divorce settlement. 

His net worth is currently estimated to be $4 million.


  1. He was born in 2011. He is currently 12 years old

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