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Bodhi Ransom Green


Facts of Bodhi Ransom Green

Full NameBodhi Ransom Green
First NameBodhi
Middle NameRansom
Last NameGreen
ProfessionCelebrity Child
Birth CityLos Angeles, California
Birth CountryUnited States
Father NameBrian Austin Green
Father Professionactor, rapper, and producer
Mother NameMegan Fox
Mother Professionactress
Gender IdentityMale
SibilingsKassius Lijah Marcil Green, Noah Shannon Green and Journey River Green
Date of BirthFebruary 12,2014
Age10 years

Bodhi Ransom Green is the son of celebrity actors named Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green.

Mother Megan is an American actress and a model, whereas Father Brian is also an American actor, rapper, and producer

Glamorous Mother

Megan Fox, real name Megan Denise Fox made her debut in 2001 with the movie "Holiday in the Sun." 

The artist was also seen in several supporting roles but was recognized for her role in "Transformers" as Mikaela Banes

Bodhi's mother also starred in superhero action movies like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and in its sequel too. 

In her early career, the lady was also a model and had appeared in magazines like Rolling stone, FHM, and Maxim.

Bodhi Ransom Green with brothers and mother Megan Fox.
Bodhi Ransom Green with brothers and mother Megan Fox. Source: Instagram

Why was Brian Austin Green hesitant to marry Megan?

Brian was in his early thirties, and Megan was in her teens when they started dating

The pair met on the set of the movie Hope & Faith

According to the sources, Megan had to convince him about the relationship because he was not ready due to the age gap

In 2006, they became engaged, but there were rumors that they ended their relationship in 2009

The ex-couples then got back together in 2010 and got married.

Bodhi Ransom Green parents Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green.
Bodhi Ransom Green parents Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green. Source: Instagram

Megan fox divorced her husband, Brian, after a decade (Tragic for kids)

Brian Austin Green, an American actor, was recognized for his outstanding performance in the television series Beverly Hills and was also part of Terminator

Megan and Brian got officially married on June 24 at the Four Seasons Resort in Hawaii

Megan filed a divorce against her husband in 2015

After three years of the news, Megan canceled the case in Los Angeles

In 2020, Brian finally announced his separation from Megan after almost ten years of marriage. 

The reason behind it hasn't been out yet. 

This was a tragic moment for the couple and more than that for the kids. They have moved on from the tragedy of their parents split but it will always leave a mark.

Who are Bodhi's three Siblings from elder to Younger?

Bodhi has three siblings in total; two from his mother and another is a stepbrother

Starting from his stepbrother and the elder one, Kassius Lijah Marcil Green is Brian Austin Green and Vanessa Marcil's son

Vanessa is Brian's first wife. By profession, she is also an actress.

Bodhi Ransom Green half brother Kassius Lijah Marcil Green and stepmother Vanessa Marcil.
Bodhi Ransom Green half brother Kassius Lijah Marcil Green and stepmother Vanessa Marcil. Source: Instagram

Kassius is 18 years old. The elder son from Brians and Megan, but the second one is Noah Shannon Green

He was born in 2012 and is eight years old

Last but not least comes the younger one, Journey River Green, born in 2016 and is four years old.

Bodhi Ransom Green with brothers and parents Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green.
Bodhi Ransom Green with brothers and parents Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green. Source: Instagram

Bodhi Ransom Parents Megan and Brian Career

Bodhi is just in his childhood period and is more focused on his education

His parents have a better professional career, which would guide him in his upcoming future. 

Brian Austin Green is an actor and a performer who got recognized with his role in Beverly Slopes

Bodhi Ransom Green with brothers and father Brian Austin Green.
Bodhi Ransom Green with brothers and father Brian Austin Green. Source: Instagram

Brian won the Craftsman Honor Award in 1992 and 1990

Coming to his mother, Megan is also an actress and a model that got fame and name from her outstanding performance in the hit movie "Transformers." 

She also got an award for Teen Choice.

Her old movie clips made her just nervous and sick

Megan Fox watched her old movie clips and interviews, which made her nervous and sick to her stomach. 

Bodhi Ransom Green’s mother revealed that her assistant, who was 25 years old, used to send the GIFs of her characters and mainly of Brianna Wallace in “Holiday in the Sun.”

She then saw her interview in which she was with her first boyfriend, David Gallagher, and did a little chitchat about it. 

She then talked about a scene in her movie “Hope & Faith” where she met Brian Austin Green for the first time, she was eighteen at that time and was in love with him. 

Megan shared how one day, Brian came to the dressing room and gave everyone his number in case anyone needs it. 

Her sister, who was almost 12 years elder than her at that time, commented that she was going to be a booty call for him and nothing else. 

Megan stated that this was her tenth year of marriage with him and her 15th year of togetherness. 

Discussing several interviews and popping the constant question about being obsessed by men or men like her body and finding her sexy, she thought it’s always burdensome to carry such a title, especially when one doesn’t feel the same about oneself. 

Megan and Brian's kids and their virtual learning

As per Megan’s ex-spouse Brian, it has been a struggle for their kids regarding virtual learning. 

Like other kids, they learn new techniques and make the most of the global pandemic and lockdown. 

Bodhi and his siblings opted to homeschool when his brother Noah showed some difficulty with Zoom classes. 

However, Brian stated that he was taking it one day at a time and slowly processing it. 

Brian talks about Fatherhood

During an interview on First Class Fatherhood, Brian shared his fatherhood journey. 

  • His kids are more into arts and creativity

According to Austin, his four kids are more into arts and creativity than sports and athletics. 

Having said that, he said Bodhi is the most athletic of them all and thinks he is going to end up being X game athlete. 

He is always jumping off everything, climbing down the stuff, and always on the trampoline. 

Likewise, he said that Noah is much more artistic and is really into piano and singing and all of that. 

He told the other son, Journey, is still into dinosaurs and King Kong and stuff like that, while his eldest Kassius is into arts. He is studying acting.

  • He likes to keep his kids structured 

Austin said he is more into the structure, structure in a way like if you want to play with the stuff, play with it but then before you move on to the next thing, you put the last thing that you were playing with away, if done with the juice box then throw it into the trash, Put your plates in the sink. 

He tries to keep them structured in that way. He is much more into his kids being who they are and not putting restrictions on them that way.

  • He is always going to be there for his kids no matter what

Austin wants to be a part of memories for his kids and doesn't want them to have memories with a nanny or at school. 

He wants them to know that no matter what is going on in their life, what they are struggling with, or whatever is happening, he loves them regardless and want them to know that they can always come to him no matter what is going on even when times are tough and even when he doesn't agree with the choices they have made or things they are doing, he still loves them.

  • His kids are still in the driver's seat as far as everything going on 

According to Austin, the only thing that is in your control is how it affects your kids, whether it's a positive one or a negative. 

And he has chosen to make it the same with the person he is dating now, which is like, Okay, let his kids feel like they have maintained control through all of it. 

He added his kids are still in the driver's seat as far as everything is going on; he wants them to feel like it's within their control. 

It's like, "Hey do you want this person to come over today or not? If not, it's okay because it's your house". And if she comes over, it's a group decision.

  • Relationship of his kids with their soon-to-be stepmom

As Austin said, If his soon-to-be wife Sharna comes over, it's a group decision. He said every one of his kids is super excited and is running outside. They can't wait to greet her and see her.  

He always tries to keep in mind that his home is their home and honor them and respect that for them, and always want them to feel the sense of "This is our home first, and anybody that comes around needs to fit within our lives, and it's important how we feel."

His mom on dealing with the pressure of being a mom and on blood-drinking rituals

His mom Megan while talking to Glamour’s Emily Maddick, opened up about dealing with parenting pressures and blood-drinking rituals with her fiancé. 

Fox said it’s hard to deal with the pressure as a mom because she has to travel for a long time. 

She wishes she could take her kids along with her to travel that would make things a lot easier, but since they have to attend school, she cannot do so. 

She says she often cries a lot getting in a bath, not because of pressures that anybody or society puts on her but because being separated from kids is just too hard. 

It’s hard for her not to feel obligated to be with her kids all the time or to constantly feel like she is not doing her job good enough as she shares the same DNA, same spirits, blood, and heartbeats, she added. 

Having said that, she also added to say she only gets half of the time to be with her kids since she has separated from the father of her kids, which has also sort of allowed her to have moments for her where she can live her life being herself not just always being someone’s mother. 

Besides that, she also opened up about blood-drinking rituals with her fiance Machine Gun Kelly

She said the blood-drinking rituals might have misled people, or people might be imagining them with Goblets, and they are like Game of Thrones drinking each other’s blood. 

She clarified she and Kelly do consume each other’s blood but a drop on occasions for ritual purposes. 

She added to say that she is much controlled, reads tarot cards, and is into astrology. She has been doing all metaphysical practices and meditations. 

She does rituals on full moons and new moons, and when she does it, it’s a passage, or it is used for a reason. And it is controlled where it’s like, 

Let’s shed a few drops of blood and each drink it.

Sharna has the happiest face than Brian does

Brian and Sharna in an interview talked about the campaign named ‘Search for Smiles.’ 

Brian started saying that it is a cool campaign that is performing this new search engine. He says that everyone can use it as their main search engine. 

Also, he clarified that the money collected from it on an everyday basis is donated. 

Brian also confronted that now is the right time, which is after the pandemic as the people who necessarily don’t have the funds to be able to donate to the causes, for people like them, they can just do online, perform what they normally do and the donations are made for them, Brian added. 

Sharna and Brian admitted they are happy to be part of this great project. Other than that, the pair was also asked what makes them smile in their personal life as of now. 

Brian instantly says that apart from Sharna and his kids, humans being in this place and accepting connection and listening to each other, also enjoying life at the same time, and seeing the positive in things makes him smile. 

Brian also says that he is very much excited for this time in his life. 

Also, continuing the conversation, Brian praised his partner by saying she is amazing and how all of his kids adored her. 

So, Brian also thinks that Sharna has a much happier face than he does. Sharna then joins the conversation and stated she totally disagreed. 

Brian then explained that despite being happy from the inside, it is difficult for him to show it on his face as his face structure is that way but looking at Sharna, she reflects better. 

On the other hand, Sharna also says she feels lucky to be with him and his kids. 

She also mentioned that together they are able to bring a smile to other people’s face, which makes them feels even better. 

Despite it having just been years, Sharna stated she feels like she has known Brian her whole life. 

Lastly, Brian also says they spent Father’s day swimming, jumping on a trampoline, and just spending time with their kids. 

Net worth

Bodhi Ransom Green is a child

Therefore, his parent's net worth can be discovered where his mother Megan and father Brian Austin Green earned $8 million each being in the industry.

The net worth of his parents$16 million 
Income sourceActing and modeling

Age & Height

  1. Bodhi was born on February 12, 2014.
  2. He is six years old.
  3. His height is 66 centimeters.
  4. He has an aunt, Kristi Branim Fox.

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