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Betsy Arakawa


Facts of Betsy Arakawa

Full NameBetsy Arakawa
First NameBetsy
Last NameArakawa
ProfessionCelebrity Wife
Birth CityHawaii
Birth CountryWestern United States
Gender IdentityFemale
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseGene Hackman
Date of BirthDecember 1,1961
Age62 years
Married DateDecember,1991

Betsy Arakawa is a retired classical pianist mainly famous as the wife of an American retired actor and novelist, Gene Hackman

Arakawa is a native of Hawaii.

She is the second wife of veteran actor 

Her husband was married to his first wife, Faye Maltese, for three decades. 

Hackman and his first wife, Maltese, met when Hackman was 25 and was struggling to be an actor while Maltese was working as a bank secretary in New York City.

It was love at first sight, and the couple ended up marrying on a New Year in Pasadena Playhouse Theatre in 1956 after a year of dating. 

The couple moved to California, where Hackman enrolled in Pasadena Playhouse Theatre’s acting school.

Maltese was there with Hackman from the beginning of his career. 

They moved back to New York after Hackman got eliminated from the acting class due to low grades. 

Hackman then started putting extra effort into studying twice a week with Lee Strasberg’s Actor studio graduate, George Morrison

In 1964, Hackman landed a role with Warren Beatty in the movie Any Wednesday

Hackman, during an interview, admitted to being an absentee father because he solely focused on his burgeoning career. 

He said even though he had a family, he took jobs that would separate them for three or four months at a time.

Betsy Arakawa husband Gene Hackman with his first wife Faye Maltese
Betsy Arakawa husband Gene Hackman with his first wife Faye Maltese. Source: Pinterest

Hackman and Maltese decided to part ways after nearly three decades of togetherness. 

Their divorce was finalized in 1986. However, the reason behind their divorce is still unknown.

The first wife and the mother of Hackman’s three children, Christopher, Elizabeth, and Leslie, sadly passed away in April 2017 at the age of 88

It is speculated that the cause of her death might be natural since there was no news of her illness or accident.

Betsy Arakawa and Gene Hackman have been in marital bliss since December 1991
Betsy Arakawa and Gene Hackman have been in marital bliss since December 1991. Source: Pinterest

Does she share any kids with her husband?

Arakawa got married to her husband in December 1991 and is 30 years younger than her husband. 

According to the sources, they first crossed paths at the fitness center in Los Angeles, where she worked as a part-time employee. 

Hackman was not legally divorced at the time, as he and his first wife had already separated. 

Although they have been together for over three decades, she does not share kids with her husband. 

She is a step-mom to her husband’s three kids, with whom she shares a super close bond. 

Betsy Arakawa husband Gene Hackman with his daughter Leslie
Betsy Arakawa husband Gene Hackman with his daughter Leslie. Source: Pinterest

Hackman gave a rare interview for the 50th anniversary of “The French Connection”

Hackman retired from his acting career in 2004 at the age of 74. There was no press release, no announcement, and nothing at all prior to his retirement. 

During an interview with Empire, Hackman stated the reason behind his retirement to be his health. 

According to him, the straw that broke the camel’s back was actually a stress test that he took, where the doctor advised him that his heart wasn’t in the kind of shape that he should be putting it under any stress. 

He also didn’t want the amount of time he had to be wasted besides watching DVDs that his wife rented, fishing, and painting, so he indulged himself in a second career as an author. 

His love for writing started when he wrote a couple of monologues for his son Christopher who at one point thought he wanted to be an actor. He enjoyed writing. 

The three things, where am I coming from? Where am I going? What do I want? Are the three simple things that can carry a long way as an actor and as a writer, you can start the same way, he said.

Since his retirement, Hackman and Arawaka have been living a low-key life out of the spotlight. 

On the 50th anniversary of “The French Connection,” the movie that earned him an Academy award for best actor, Hackman gave an interview writing via email. 

He wrote Filmmaking has always been risky both physically and emotionally, but he does choose to consider that film a moment in a checkered career of hits and misses. 

He also said that he hadn’t seen the film since the first screening in a dark, tiny viewing room in a post–production company’s facility 50 years ago and that if the film has a legacy, he is unsure what that would be which at the time seemed to be a reverent story of a cop who was simply able to solve and put a stop to a major crime family attempt to infiltrate the New York drug scene for him. 

Furthermore, he added the film certainly helped him in his career, for which he is very grateful.

Betsy Arakawa husband Gene Hackman received an Oscar award in 1993 as best supporting actor in the movie Unforgiven
Betsy Arakawa husband Gene Hackman received an Oscar award in 1993 as best supporting actor in the movie Unforgiven. Source: Facebook

Net Worth 

Her net worth is currently under review. We now have the net worth of her husband, Gene Hackman, one of the finest actors of all time. 

In his six decades of career in the entertainment industry, he has won more than 30 awards, including two Academy Awards, four Golden Globes, one Screen Actors Guild Award, two BAFTAs, and a silver Bear

He has a jaw-dropping net worth of $80 million.


  1. She was born on the 1st of December, 1961. She is currently 61 years old.

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