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Benjamin Aguero Maradona


Facts of Benjamin Aguero Maradona

Full NameBenjamin Aguero Maradona
First NameBenjamin
Middle NameAguero
Last NameMaradona
ProfessionCelebrity kid
Father NameSergio Aguero
Father ProfessionFootballer
Mother NameGiannina Maradona
Gender IdentityMale
Date of BirthFebruary 19,2009
Age15 years

Benjamin Aguero Maradona is the darling son of Manchester City and Argentina National Team striker Sergio Aguero.

He is an adorable kid and is likely to become great like his father Sergio, Grandfather Diego Maradona and Godfather Messi.         

Adorable Moment Between Son And Father

He spends quality time with his father, Sergio and the father-son duo is very good looking. 

His father has uploaded this picture of father and son on Instagram on 8th July 2018 and both of them are wearing a black hoodie in this picture.

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Benjamin is giving a sweet smile and Sergio looks pretty happy too. The photo is captioned as 


Benjamin Aguero Maradona And Dad's Adorable Moments
Benjamin Aguero Maradona And Dad's Adorable Moments Source: Instagram

Here is another picture of the duo wearing the black hoodie and twining. 

This photo is uploaded on 14th April 2018, and his papa has captioned this picture as 

"Benjamin and Papi

,which is the same caption used in the picture earlier. 

Benjamin Aguero Maradona With Father Sergio On a Plane Wearing Black Hoodie
Benjamin Aguero Maradona With Father Sergio On a Plane Wearing Black Hoodie Source: Instagram

Father-Son Duo Having a Bath Together 

He baths with dad when his dad is not playing football and has spare and leisure time. 

Here is a picture of father and son after a dip, and Benjamin is feeling cold in this picture. 

His father is looking happy and it seems like Benjamin needs some clothes to warm up.

The picture is adorable and shows the bond between them. 

Jaw-Dropping Net Worth of Father Sergio Aguero 

His father has a jaw-dropping net worth of 80 million dollars which is equal to about 70 million Euros.

His current market value is around 80 million Euros

Moments with Aunt 

He loves his aunt. He loves to spend time with her. Here is a picture of him with his aunt, and this is during his aunt's birthday.

His dad uploaded this picture on his Instagram profile on 12th June 2018, and he has captioned this picture as, 

"We wish…."

Benjamin With Aunt On Her Birthday
Benjamin With Aunt On Her Birthday Source: Instagram

About Father and Mother And Their Divorce

His mother is the daughter of one of the best footballers of all time Diego Maradona. Maradona is a football god and there is no doubt about that. 

His mother is gorgeous and his face is identical to his mother. Here is a picture of him and his mother.

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His mother is wearing an Argentina Football Jersey, and he is wearing a jacket with Argentina's logo. 

Benjamin Aguero Maradona With His Mother In Airport
Benjamin Aguero Maradona With His Mother In Airport Source: Daily Mail

His parents are not together anymore. 

His superstar striker dad plays for Manchester City and recently broke the record for most hat-tricks in Premier League. 

He surpassed the legendary Alan Shearer a few days ago and is an absolute legend.

His parents' married life did not last, though. The couple had their wedding in 2008 but they have already divorced. 

Their divorce happened in 2012 and this was tough moments for everyone involved.

His grandfather was furious with Sergio Aguero and called him a Wimp. 

Sergio has admitted that it has been tough moments for him as he shared so many memories with his wife, Giannina

Benjamin lives with his mom now and his father has admitted that it is difficult to live far away from Ben, his dear son.

His mother has said in a message to her fans, 

“I reached this age with a billion moments and anecdotes that make me who I am today." 

She also says that she would not change anything in her life, and she has the best family in the world. 

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How His Father Did Earn That Money?

Sergio has a fantastic salary from Manchester City and this has boosted his net worth and wealth. 

His salary is 14,500,000 Euros per year and this is a staggering figure.

He gets paid 1,208,333 per month and 294,715 per week. His per second income is 0.46 Euros. 

Here is a table that shows his income per time frame. 

S.NTime FrameSalary

Lifestyle Of Benjamin

He is ten years old and has a different set of hobbies. He loves fishing. 

His father has uploaded this picture on his Instagram account of his fishing, and the date is 5 February 2018

He is pleased and is holding a fishing stick in this picture. He is looking super adorable in his black half pants and a green t-shirt. 

He is looking for some fish. 

Benjamin Aguero Maradona Loves Fishing
Benjamin Aguero Maradona Loves Fishing Source: Instagram


  1. He was born in the year 2009, and this makes him age 10 in 2019. He celebrates his birthday on 19th February.
  2. His grandfather is Leonel del Castillo and his grandmother is Adriana Aguero.

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