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Facts of Asaad Amin

Full NameAsaad Amin
First NameAsaad
Last NameAmin
ProfessionAmerican baseball player
Birth CityLouisville, Kentucky
Birth CountryAmerica
Father NameMuhammad Ali
Father ProfessionBoxer
Mother NameLonnie Ali
Gender IdentityMale
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseRachel Ali
SibilingsLaila Ali, Maryum Ali, Hana Ali, Rasheda Ali, Khaliah Ali, Jamillah Ali, Miya Ali and Muhammad Ali Jr
Height190.5 cm
Networth$7 M
Insta Profile
Date of Birth17,1995
Married DateDecember 30,2018

Asaad Amin is an American baseball player who is best known as the youngest son of the greatest boxer of all time, Muhammad Ali.

He was adopted by Muhammad Ali when he was only five months old.

Blissful Married And Wife

He is happily married to his girlfriend, Rachel Ali

The loving duo first met in the Louisville baseball stadium. A spark of love ignited between them, and they started dating. 

The pair decided to take their affair to the next level and exchanged the wedding vows on December 30, 2018, in Louisville, Kentucky.

Here’s a picture shared by him with a caption, 

‘Thank you so much

Asaad Amin Married To Lovely Girlfriend
Asaad Amin Married To Lovely Girlfriend Source: Instagram

Asaad looks fantastic in the dashing red blazer, and his wife Rachel looks gorgeous in that beautiful white gown. 

The couple is living a blissful life as husband and wife. Asaad considers himself lucky to have Rachel in his life as both share the same love for sports and have a shared sense of humor.

Asaad Amin on remembering his greatest father

Asaad Amin was captured, giving his great dad a tribute through his Instagram. Asaad was spotted sharing his words. 

He stated that his late dad Muhammad Ali had shown him how to love the world in ways he didn't know were possible. 

His dad taught him to be brave and courageous in a situation beyond his belief. Also, he shared that in the last 25 years, his father had taught so much that it will always remain in his soul. 

Furthermore, Asaad recalled his old memories while young. Asaad said that he and his dad would go driving down the streets. 

If there is someone on the road or in the middle of the road, he could pick him up and put him in the car. 

Then Asaad's mom would tell, take everyone up in the car. Asaad kept on continuing that his beloved dad was a huge family man, and there were the moments he shared with his father, which were very precious. 

He remembered one of those moments when Muhammad was in his 60s, and they were sitting chair to chair next to each other and lamp in between. 

Out of nowhere, a fly came in, and all of a sudden, he snatched it. Muhammad looked at Asaad and told I still got it. Lastly, Asaad says that his dad never complained and never showed weakness.

And one could never tell if he had good or bad days. Further praising him as a strong and brave human being.

Asaad finally revealed that the moments he and his family shared with him at his last journey of life as emotional, powerful, and spiritual moments. 

Asaad is active on Social media

Besides all other facts, Asaad is very much active on his Instagram. He is with the name @saadi_hendrix. Asaad has more than 5k followers there. 

The recent post he uploaded was on his late dad's 80th birthday

The heart was made out of rose petals on the ground, and the caption written on it states visiting him on this day is a bit more emotional than normal, miss ya, boss man, rest easy king, he added. 

We can also see his cutest daughter's picture along with his beautiful wife too on Instagram. 

Other than that, it seems he also adores dogs because he bought one and named him Aria Ali and mentioned it to be the new addition to the household. 

The love story of his adoptive parents

The first time Lonnie met her future husband was in 1963 after her family moved to Montclair Villa in Louisville and the same street Ali had bought the house for his parents before turning professional. 

Lonnie's mom Marguerite and Ali's mom Odessa soon got along and became best of friends. Lonnie's mom would accompany Ali's mom to Ali's several championship fights. 

And in May, then 6-year-old Lonnie was introduced to then 21-year-old Ali. She was first scared to death seeing him, but Ali soon impressed her with his charming personality. 

Anytime he would visit his mom, he would spend time with the neighborhood kid that included Lonnie

Reminiscing her memory, Lonnie said he was always into something, joking and playing with them, making time for them to ride bicycles, telling stories to them, or showing magic. 

When she reached an adolescent stage of her life, Ali would help her up with the wise advice that included relationship advice being told not to get romantically involved with the athletes. 

When Lonnie turned 17, she realized her affection was something deeper. Lonnie, in an interview, said that she had always loved him and knew, in the end, she was going to walk down the aisle with Ali

It was kind of a road map to her. When Lonnie met Ali in 1982 on lunch during his visit to Louisville, she found him depressed and in poor health condition. 

With Ali's then-wife Veronica Porche's approval, Lonnie moved to Los Angeles to become Ali's primary caregiver with an agreement that Ali would pay her fees to attend graduate school at U.C.L.A

By the time, she had completed her master's degree in business administration, Ali had already divorced his third wife, Porche

Their mutual friend, Lawyer Rhonda K. Richardson who grew up alongside Lonnie, revealed that Lonnie confessed to her about getting married to Ali when they get back to Los Angeles

Ali had also said of Lonnie being the right one to Richardson

And it was on the 19th of November, 1986, Lonnie then 29 and Ali, then 44, got married in a private ceremony in the private home of the former mayor of Louisville, Harvey Sloane

Since being married to Ali, Lonnie's top priority became Ali's health as he was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease

This disease affects the nervous system leading to stiffness, unsteady walking, difficulty with balance and coordination. 

She took care of not only his health but also his wealth which was going downfall during the time of their marriage. As a doting wife, she was there for him till his last breath.

Asaad Amin mother Lonnie took care of her late husband Muhammad Ali throughout her entire life.
Asaad Amin mother Lonnie took care of her late husband Muhammad Ali throughout her entire life. Source: Pinterest

Net Worth, Staggering

As of 2019, he has an estimated net worth of $7 million. He earned an average salary of $35000 per year by working as an assistant coach. Earnings of around $46.5-$77.5 from his Instagram profile also add to his net worth.

Most of his net worth includes the portion received from his father, Muhammad Ali’s net worth of $50 million. He received $5.6 million as per his father’s will.

He started his career as a baseball player. Back in 2004, he had been supplied by Angels, and following this, he began to serve as an assistant coach.

He is currently working as an area scout for the Chicago White Sox and an assistant baseball coach for a local college.

He is living a lavish life with his partner as both can be seen enjoying their time by going on holidays, baseball games, and ceremonies in stunning outfits.

His father, Muhammad Ali’s net worth, was estimated at $50 million during his time. His net worth before he died was $80 million as per the information provided by Forbes.

In 1971 he earned $2.5 million to fight Joe Frazier which is equal to $15 million today. He then fought with George Foreman in 1974 and earned $5.45 million, which is the same as $26 million today. He got his career’s most expensive paycheck in 1980 for fighting Larry Holmes. He earned $7.9 million which is equal to $22 million today.

Besides boxing, he received from brand endorsements as well. 

He appeared in TV commercials like Wickes Furniture, IBM Linux, Equitable Life Insurance Co., America’s Dairy Farmers & Milk Producers (“Got milk?” milk mustache campaign) with daughter Laila Ali, Pizza Hut, Vitalis hair care product, D-Con Four/Gone Roach Spray and Louis Vuitton luxury travel baggage.

He received Presidential medals two times from two US presidents, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush.

He was also named the “second best fighter of the century” by ESPN and the “greatest heavyweight in boxing history” by Ring Magazine.

Below is the list of the 10 richest boxers in the world:

NameNet Worth
Floyd Mayweather$560 million
George Foreman$300 million
Oscar De La Hoya$200 million
Lennox Lewis$140 million
Sugar Ray Leonard$120 million

Asaad is a real foodie. He has uploaded this picture of delicacy pasta on his Instagram account with a caption, 

"Had some...."

Asaad Amin Foodie
Asaad Amin Foodie Source: Instagram


  1. He was born on January 17, 1995, which makes his age 24 as of 2019.
  2. We cover most of the information about Asaad Amin as it is difficult to find on other wiki sites.

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