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Facts of Artem Kroupenev

Full NameArtem Kroupenev
First NameArtem
Last NameKroupenev
Marital StatusDating
Relation WithYael Grobglas
Twitter Profile
Date of BirthDecember 19

Artem Kroupenev is a famous Israeli businessman based in Los Angeles and California. He is best known as the loving partner of brilliant and beautiful actress Yael Grobglas.


He is dating his girlfriend Yael Grobglas. The couple began dating each other in 2006 and are still together. 

Her fans came to know about their dating when she posted a photo with him on social media in 2014. 

Artem Kroupenev Gorgeous Girlfriend
Artem Kroupenev Gorgeous Girlfriend Source: Instagram

He met her first time in college, where they both studied and began their love affair after that. He is her high school sweetheart.

About Girlfriend

Yael Grobglas is an Israeli actress. She is best known for her role in the American television series “Jane the Virgin” as Petra Solano and her twin sister Anezka.

 She is an amazing, talented, and independent lady. 

Artem Kroupenev Dating Girlfriend Yael Grobglas
Artem Kroupenev Dating Girlfriend Yael Grobglas Source: Instagram

Their Love Story And Why They Will Not Be Separated Ever?

They have completed 13 years of togetherness, which shows how much they love each other. They are loyal and committed to their relationship. 

Though they have a long relationship they haven’t told anything about their married yet. They might be waiting for the right time for their special day.

Pregnant Girlfriend

Her girlfriend is expecting a child of him. She flaunts her baby bump in Instagram in September 2019. 

She is 8.5 months pregnant right now — only a few days remaining for her to feel the touch of a newly born baby. 

He is eagerly waiting to welcome their first child. Their baby will complete their beautiful family. The gender of the baby has not been revealed yet.

He is not that active on social media. He has a Twitter account, which almost posts is about her wife to be. 

He is such a loving person. He is such a supporting partner. They look perfect as a couple. 

How did Artem’s partner decide to become an actor?

Artem’s partner, Yael, was spotted recalling the things. The lady shares that being in an acting career feel adorable, and there is nothing better than this in the world. 

On asked how did she decide to become an actor, the lady recalls her memories that she used to be a very successful model and walk on a runway. 

She wore a beautiful dress, walked the runway, flaunted the giant bow, smiled, and turned around. Her dad was in the audience and used to be a director a long time ago. 

She revealed how her dad’s feedback was that she might not be a good model but should consider acting since she liked the stage. 

However, she admits that due to her dad, Yael began taking acting classes and later fell in love with it. 

Later, she discussed her specialty as people around her didn’t expect her to be funny, but she ended up being funny.

Talking about the actor, she looks up to Robin Williams. Her ideal job is something that tackles a very dramatic subject in a light-hearted way. 

Nevertheless, she considers herself extremely lucky. She describes her advantage as a fast learner and tends to pick up weird skills and be good at them. 

However, quit them fast too, Yael added. Other than that, in choosing one, she would rather choose a diploma over the car. 

Also, she says that the world is facing numerous challenges but thinks that it is getting better day by day, and we all are going to end up in a very good place, Yael said. To know more, visit the link below.

Do Yael knows how to rap?

Many of you might not be aware, but the actress can rap too. The actress was invited to be involved in Lin Manuel Miranda’s #Ham4all challenge

Nevertheless, the lady surprised all with her performance with the Guns and Ships rendition. The fastest rap didn’t stop her from staying back to show her rapping skills. 

This made the audience wonder what the actress could or could not do. 

Net Worth

He is an established businessman so there is no doubt that he has a hefty amount of net worth and salary. But the information related to his salary and net worth is missing or not revealed by him. 

He manages to earn that sum of money from his various businesses and jobs. 

He is Product and Strategy makers at Augury. He is an entrepreneur and Start-up advisor. He is a very successful man in his career.

His girlfriend has a net worth of 18 million dollars. Her salary is 1 million dollars per year. 

Her fortune is increasing significantly due to her hard work. She manages to earn that sum of money from her acting career. 

She has already appeared in several television series and movies so far. She has appeared in ‘Supergirl,’ ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’, ‘Reign,’ ‘An Interview with God’ among others.

Her income per time frame is shown in the below table.

Income (Salary) (dollars)Time Frame (Per)

He has lavish lifestyles. He lives in Mansion with his girlfriend. 

He admires her so much. Their unconditional love for each other shows that they are made for each other. He spends a vacation in the most expensive places with his wife to be. 

Yael shared a photo with him and wished him on his birthday with romantic caption 

“Happy birthday...

Artem Kroupenev Living Life King Size With Girlfriend (Lifestyle)
Artem Kroupenev Living Life King Size With Girlfriend (Lifestyle) Source: Instagram


  1. He celebrates a birthday on 19 December every year. His real date of birth is not available. He might be a similar age to Yael.
  2. He is Israeli by nationality.
  3. Currently, he resides in Los Angeles, the United States with his girlfriend.
  4. He is a tall man with a good body.
  5. Wiki sites don’t contain any information related to his parents and siblings.

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