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Arielle O'Neill


Facts of Arielle O'Neill

Arielle O'Neill is beautiful and very talented. Her work in TV shows and movies is giving her a fantastic lifestyle, and she is proud of it. 

She has been brilliant with her work in TV shows and movies. She has been superb with her work in Ash vs. Evil Dead

Her fantastic work in The Summer of ABC Burns won millions of hearts all over the world. 

She was sensational in Toombaworth as well. 

Is Arielle O'Neill dating someone, or is she single?

 She is dating her boyfriend Christian Charisiou, and the couple is going very strong with their relationship. 

The couple spends a lot of time together, and Arielle posts a lot of pictures of them. 

Arielle O'Neill With Handsome Boyfriend
Arielle O'Neill With Handsome Boyfriend Source: Instagram

The couple look adorable together, and in this picture, she has captioned, 

Always hold hands

She has posted another image as well, and she has captioned this one as, 

“Two trips 

She is very good with romantic captions, and this proves she madly loves with Christian. 

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She is a book reader and enjoys reading books too. She has recently posted a picture of her reading books. 

She was reading a book called Brandy Barr; My High School Counselor Was a Demon

About Her Partner And Moments

Her boyfriend is an actor, and he is famous for his roles in successful movies. His work in Superman Meets Batman was superb. He also appeared in a film called Alfred J Hemlock in the year 2017.

He played a role in Superman Meets Batman in 2016. 

As she is madly in love, it is quite evident for her to post a lot of pictures together. 

This is another picture of her which she has captioned as,

 “We got a 

Adorable Couple
Adorable Couple Source: Instagram

The couple is looking very good in this picture. 

As they are going so strong, they might decide to take another step in their relationship and get engaged, but till now they have not agreed to do so. 

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What Is The Net Worth Of Arielle O'Neill?

She is a very successful actress, and she has a very high level of income. 

She has a scintillating net worth of 10 million dollars, and this is all because of her talent, good looks, and hard work. 

She is living a dream life because of her income. 

She started slowly, but once she got the hold, there was no turning back for her. 

As she has reached 10 million marks, she has been categorized as a very well settled actress and all hail to her. 

She has always enjoyed a high salary, and this has still boosted her net worth.

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Wiki of Arielle O'Neill

  1. She was born on the 21st of August, 1992. She was born in Melbourne of Australia. Her nationality is Australian.
  2. She is not very tall as she has an average height of 5 feet 4 inches.

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