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Anne Havertz


Facts of Anne Havertz

Full NameAnne Havertz
First NameAnne
Last NameHavertz
Birth CountryGermany
Gender IdentityFemale
Sexual Orientationstraight
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseRalf Havertz
No Of Children3

Anne Havertz is the mother of Kai Havertz. Kai is a professional footballer who plays for Premier League Club Arsenal and the Germany National Team

He plays as an attacking midfielder or forward. Anne is a lawyer. 

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Married life and children

Anne Havertz has been happily married to her husband, Ralf Havertz, for a long time. Ralf is a policeman by profession. 

Anne Havertz with her husband Ralf Havertz
Anne Havertz with her husband Ralf Havertz. Source: YouTube

From their marital bliss, they became parents to three children, two sons, Kai and Jan Havertz, and a daughter, Leah Havertz. Kai is their firstborn child. 

They gave birth to their children in Aachen, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, but brought them up in Mariadorf, a district of Alsdorf

Later, the family of five moved to Aachen

Anne Havertz with her husband Ralf Havertz and son Kai Havertz
Anne Havertz with her husband Ralf Havertz and son Kai Havertz. Source: YouTube 

Her children share a strong bond with each other. 

Kai went to his sister, who was watching his game from the stand, to hug her after the UEFA Champions League final

Their adorable moment was captured and uploaded on TikTok. 

When Kai signed his contract with Arsenal, he was accompanied by his family, including his parents, Anne and Ralf, his siblings, and his grandmother.

Anne Havertz with her family
Anne Havertz with her family. Source: YouTube 

Ann and her husband gave their son a cuddly donkey 

Kai is an animal lover. He said in an interview that he has always felt a special relationship with donkeys since day one, and he loves them. 

He said donkeys are very calm animals, and he personalized himself with them as he is calm as well. 

When he loses a match, he goes to the sanctuary and looks at the animals and sees something human in them. 

He feels a sense of recovery from looking at the animals and a place where he feels at peace. His love for animals is thanks to his parents. 

When Kai was young and growing up in Aachen, his parents gifted him a cuddly donkey. 

When he was 17, they got him a partnership with a donkey. He paid a monthly fee, and it was his donkey; he could visit the donkey at any time. 

They then met a guy who rescued donkeys in Germany, and they worked with him, and the family grew. 

When Kai turned 18, they went to the sanctuary and adopted three donkeys as a gift to their son. 

The first donkey was named Toni, like Rudiger. His latest donkey, Hope, was saved from the butcher, and it had rope around his neck. 

He was about to be dead when they saved him. His special connection to the donkey has even led his teammates to call him "Donkey." 

Kai is also involved in charity, which is inspired by animal welfare. He has also expanded his charity to youth development and elderly care. 

He says it's fun and nice to spend time with animals, and we as humans need to protect them and spend time as much as possible. 

Anne Havertz son Kai Havertz is an animal lover especially donkey
Anne Havertz son Kai Havertz is an animal lover especially donkey. Source: Instagram

Kai's grandfather got him into football

Kai revealed in an interview that his grandfather, Richard Weidenhaupt-Pelzer, is the one who got him into football. 

As Ann and Ralf were busy with their work, Kai spent most of his time with his grandparents. 

Anne Havertz son Kai Havertz with his grandmother
Anne Havertz son Kai Havertz with his grandmother. Source: Instagram

Kai used to play football with his grandfather in the garden when he was young. 

Kai said that his family is a football family, and everyone in his family is football crazy. 

Everyone loved football, and everything revolved around it, so Kai grew up with it, and that is how his passion developed. 

He also said that his grandfather helped him take the first step. His father and brother also did their bit to get him out there and play at an early age. 

Kai's grandfather was the chairman of the local club, Alemannia Mariadorf. Richard enrolled Kai in the club when he was four years old. 

Even though Kai was playing with children who were two years older than him, he took no time to progress in ranks and catch the eyes of local scouts with his talents. 

Ann wants her son to complete his education

Kai has been climbing the ladders of success in his football career, but his parents don't want him to give up on his studies. 

Kai has prioritized his education and has missed several matches to commit to completing his education. 

Kai has taken sports, German, geography, and maths at his school. He had to miss a league match against Schalke as his final exam collided with the match date. 

In an interview, he admitted he had a tough time juggling football and school as he had an exam on Wednesday after an away game on Tuesday evening that went to extra-time and penalties. 

He added he went home relatively late and had to take an exam the next day and doesn't even want to talk about how the exam went. 

Who is her son currently dating?

Her son, Kai, is currently engaged to his beautiful girlfriend, Sophia Weber. Sophia is a model and social media influencer. 

Kai and Sophia have known each other since childhood and grew up in the same neighborhood. They started dating in 2018

On July 7, 2023, they announced their engagement through an Instagram post. 

Anne Havertz son Kai Havertz got engaged to his girlfriend Sophia Weber in July 2023
Anne Havertz son Kai Havertz got engaged to his girlfriend Sophia Weber in July 2023. Source: Instagram
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