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Facts of Amanda Brumfield

Full NameAmanda Brumfield
First NameAmanda
Last NameBrumfield
ProfessionCelebrity Kid Bella Thornton, Harry James Thornton, William Thornton
Father NameBilly Bob Thornton
Father Professionactor, writer, director, and musician
Mother NameMelissa Lee Gatlin
SibilingsBella Thornton, Harry James Thornton and William Thornton
Date of BirthJune 30,1979
Age44 years

Amanda Brumfield was born to parents Billy Bob Thornton and Melissa Lee Gatlin

Who Is Her Father?

Amanda Brumfield's father's name is Billy Bob Thornton, who is a very popular Actor, Flimmaker, SongWriter, Singer, and Musician

Billy Bob Thornton got married to Melissa Lee Gatlin in the year 1978

The relationship between them ended up within two years. 

The reason behind their unsuccessful marriage was due to Incompatibility and Adultery on his part

Both of them had a daughter together named Amanda Brumfield.

Billy Bob Thornton's experience in terms of relationships was very bad, and he has had five relationships fail in the past. 

After that, he never thought of getting married to someone again. 

But destiny played its part when he falls in love with Connie Angland, who is a Costume artist and puppeteer by profession. 

She has also worked on many movies such as Stigma, Men in Black, Men in Black 2, and Planet of Apes.

As per the media, he began dating Connie Angland in the year 2003. 

Both of them dated 12 years before getting married to each other. 

They made their relationship official, when both of them attended the Cannes Flim festival in May 2004. 

Both of them had a child together named Bella Thornton, and she was born in September 2004.

Amanda Brumfield Sentenced For 20 Years In Prison

Amanda Brumfield was born on June 30, 1979

In the year 2008, this incident took place while babysitting her best friend's daughter named Olivia Madison Garcia

Her best friend's name is Heather Murphy, and the nightmare began on the evening of October 3. 

According to Amanda, Olivia out of her pack’n play and fell to the floor in her home. 

She said that she noticed bleeding from the child's tongue, and thought that it might be because of a fall from the playpen. 

Then she cleaned Olivia's mouth with a paper towel.  

But she hadn't had any serious injuries and period of fussing her again started playing and also paint her nails, ate a snack before sleeping. 

Later the child found to be dead

The Autopsy report of her revealed that she had suffered a fractured skull and brain injuries due to blunt drama, which is a physical injury to the head. 

This child's death was devastating to many, but people got shocked when Amanda was arrested in June following the charged with capital murder, aggravated child abuse

She was not found guilty of first-degree murder and aggravated child abuse, but she was convicted of aggravated Manslaughter in May. 

She was sentenced to 20 years in prison and also had to pay $10000 as a cost to Court.

Amanda Brumfield also has two children of its own and one step-child

There is no information to whom she got married and the names of her children in the media. 

She is the oldest of Billy bob Thornton four's children

If the reports were to be believed, Billy Bob Thornton has not spoken to his daughter Amanda in many numbers of years.

This was a picture when she was brought to the court.

Amanda Brumfield in the court
Amanda Brumfield in the court. Source:

Net Worth

There is no information Amanda Brumfield's net worth, but her father, Billy Bob Thornton, has an estimated net worth of around $40 Million, which is huge.

Net worthSalary 
$40 Million Per episode $350,000

How Did Billy Bob Thornton Earn Money?

He is a multitasking man, and he does numerous amount of work like acting, film making, musician and writing as well. 

But his primary source of income is acting and writing. He also earned money from the sales of his albums

Stand down music video received the best music video from the Toronto Shorts International Film Festival

He was part of this music video.


  1. Her current age is 40 years old.
  2. Amanda Brumfield was sentenced in prison for 20 years on October 6, 2011.
  3. She has already served eight years of sentence in prison. She is also now launching a campaign to get out of jail as soon as possible.

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