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Aman Tyler Perry


Facts of Aman Tyler Perry

Full NameAman Tyler Perry
First NameAman
Middle NameTyler
Last NamePerry
ProfessionCelebrity Child
Birth CountryUnited States
Father NameTyler Perry
Father Professionactor, director, producer, and screenwriter
Mother NameGelila Bekele
Mother Professionsupermodel, social activist, and documentary filmmaker
Gender IdentityMale
Date of Birth2014

Aman Tyler Perry is the celebrity child of an American actor, director, producer, and screenwriter Tyler Perry

He lives with his parents as he is still very young.

Tyler is a very hard-working and talented person. 

He is one of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood and a big name in the entertainment industry. 

He came from a horrible past. 

He went broke many times and was abused as well, but he didn’t give up on his dreams, and today, he is one of the most successful people. 

He is the perfect example of working hard and not giving up brings you success.


Since Aman is still very young to be married or even dating. So, there is no love life record of Aman.

His father, Tyler, dated his mother, a supermodel, social activist, and documentary filmmaker Gelila Bekele

They never got married but were together for more than a decade and also had a child together.

They broke up at the end of 2020

The reason is unknown, but they broke up on mutual terms and decided to raise their son as best friends. 

Tyler revealed that they broke up through a social media post, saying he was in a mid-life crisis as he was single at the age of 51, and he didn’t know what his next journey would look like. 

He also added that whatever it would look like, he would walk through it with god while looking good.

How did they meet?

Tyler and Gelila met at a Prince concert back in 2007

Tyler claims that he was mesmerized by Gelila’s beauty and was drawn to her. 

They were known as a power couple, and it seemed that they were very happy. 

So, when the news came out that they had broken up, it was very shocking.

Aman Tyler Perry parents Tyler Perry and Gelila Bekele.
Aman Tyler Perry parents Tyler Perry and Gelila Bekele. Source: YouTube

Tyler’s past:

Tyler had a very disturbing past. He said that his father used to physically punish him and use abusive words against him. 

He was beaten very hard. 

His mother tried to run away with the kids several times, and one time she also succeeded, but his father found out and filed a police complaint of his car being stolen, and the police caught them. 

Tyler’s dad raised his hand on his mom all the way home. 

They later separated, and still, many people took advantage of him. Both men and women abused him. 

He later saw in an Oprah show that writing your feelings helps you to balance them. 

So he started writing and what he wrote was his first show. 

He had decided that he would be successful in this no matter what. 

He spent all his savings, but his show flopped for a long time. 

He was broke and even spent nights on the streets as he couldn’t pay the rent. 

He finally succeeded when he got the role of a crazy black woman called Madea

His career started to go uphill, and everything was great until his mother fell ill and passed away. 

He was devastated and drank alcohol every night to sleep. He quit the habit after the visit of the president in his production house. 

Later he found out that the guy he called dad was not his biological father, and he also forgives him.

Aman Tyler Perry father Tyler Perry and grandmother.
Aman Tyler Perry father Tyler Perry and grandmother. Source: YouTube

Aman’s dad on launching his studio

As mentioned earlier, his dad Tyler has been through a hard path. Despite it, he has earned that name, fame, and above that the respect. 

Tyler, a long back, was invited for an interview with “The Real Daytime.” The host started the show by praising Tyler’s huge studio. 

The main highlight was the invitation. It was the most eye-catching and thoughtful invitation as it was wrapped in the maroon cover box where it was written: “IMAGINE THIS.” 

Moreover, when you open the box, a video pops up where Tyler has especially recorded for all guests to show up at his launch party. 

Other than that, Tyler stated that it is that moment in history not only for black people but for the whole of us. 

He thanked the prayers of his ancestors, mother, sister, and grandmother that fell on him to carry this entirely, and Tyler cannot be more grateful for them. 

Tyler also shared that his favorite part of the celebration was the entire moment as he was living in it. 

What more did he say about the launching of his studio? To know, click on the link below.

Tyler shared his nervousness while directing his first movie

By his performance, we can tell how he had prepared himself since then till now. Tyler himself has shared about how his first time directing a movie wasn’t an easy feat. 

It was back then in 2006 for Madea’s Family Reunion. He confronted he couldn’t watch that movie. 

Tyler said, at that time, he wasn’t aware that the camera should move. He explained that the camera plays the most important role as it is the eye of the audience. 

However, it is all the part of learning, he added. Nevertheless, Tyler is happy and proud of himself for the grateful journey he has had and all the things he has learned. 

He accepted that every movie had taught something new to him, which has been equally beneficial to the next level.

Aman Tyler does not care about fame

While promoting the release of “A Madea Homecoming” on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Tyler talked about Aman, where he revealed that his son does not care about fame. 

After Ellen asked him the best thing about having Oprah as Aman’s godmother, Tyler’s answer was the book. 

According to him, Oprah sends him lots of books which is the best gift; having said that, his son is not online and does not have an iPad and only gets to watch the Ipad for 30 minutes now and then, but the books. 

He shared the conversation of him and his son when they discussed fame. According to him,  he asked his son if he knew what fame is, to which he replied, yeah, when a lot of people know your name. 

Then he went on to say to his son that by that definition, some people think he is famous. His son goes, ”Really”? and goes on to say, ”Can you finish coloring now”? 

He didn’t care or show concern for fame. He added, “I loved it, just grounds everything.”

He also revealed that as parents, they are trying to keep him out of the spotlight as far as possible that allows him not to see the madness of all that happens when it comes to fame. 

Aman Tyler Perry father Tyler Perry and godmother Oprah Winfrey.
Aman Tyler Perry father Tyler Perry and godmother Oprah Winfrey. Source: Facebook

His father’s all fears are based around him

Aman is a lucky child whose father is not only a great person but also a great father who loves him unconditionally, and all of his father’s fears are based around him. 

His father fears what the world would be when he is no longer around for him because he wants to be there forever for him to protect him in every move and every turn catching him before he falls that includes protecting him from his first love and first heartbreak. 

And the things he knows he can’t, he said his son would have to endure because he also wants his son to have just enough pain that would make him a great human being but not to that extent that would break his spirits. 

He said of his son how he changed him for the better, saying he had never loved like this way or had shown the kind of worry or concern for the world until the birth of his son.

Net worth:

Aman doesn’t have any net worth as he is not at the age of earning.

Tyler has a net worth of around 1 billion USD

1 billion USDMovies, shows, production company, film making, director, screenwriter


  1. Aman is six years old. He was born in 2014.
  2. Tyler is 51 years old. He was born on September 13, 1969.

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