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Facts of Alvin Louise Martin

Full NameAlvin Louise Martin
First NameAlvin
Middle NameLouise
Last NameMartin
Gender IdentityMale
Sexual OrientationStraight
No Of Children1

Alvin Louise Martin is the ex-husband of Whoopi Goldberg. Whoopi, real name Caryn Elaine Johnson professionally serves as an actor, author, comedian, and television personality.

Has Whoopi got married thrice?

If you only think that Alvin is the only one the lady tied the knot with, you are mistaken. 

Whoopi had already followed the marriage ritual thrice with three different men. Let's get into the details with all of them. 

Starting with the first, she tied the knot with Alvin Martin. The lady got together with him in 1973

Unfortunately, their relationship didn't last long but made this one a long marriage of six years with Alvin

Her second husband was David Claessen; professionally, the man serves as a Dutch cinematographer. Their togetherness lasted for two years, starting from 1986 to 1988

Alvin Louise Martin's ex-wife Whoopi Goldberg with her second husband David Claessen
Alvin Louise Martin's ex-wife Whoopi Goldberg with her second husband David Claessen. Source: Daily Mail

Lastly, she took the vows with Lyle Trachtenberg. Many of you might hear of him because he is an actor. 

Their role as husband and wife only lasted for a year (the shortest one among all).

Alvin Louise Martin's ex-spouse Whoopi Goldberg with ex-husband Lyle Trachtenberg
Alvin Louise Martin's ex-spouse Whoopi Goldberg with ex-husband Lyle Trachtenberg. Source: Dfives

None of her ex-spouses had won Whoopi's heart

Yes, you heard it true. The lady had stated about it a long time ago. Surprisingly, none of the men she had been with had won her heart. 

But the lady had confessed she had fallen in love only once But denied spelling out his name in public. 

Whoopi is the kind of woman who chose to stay alone and is a very private person, non-answerable to anyone in her personal space. 

She thought that doing so would give her more clarity towards her goal and be able to achieve the things she wanted in her life.

Is she the wife of Ted Danson?

Whoopi isn't the wife of Ted. Ted, real name Edward Bridge Danson III, is an actor and a producer. The two of them had been in a relationship back in the 90s

There were several rumors about the pairs being spouses but the rumor came to be false. They have not tied the knot.

How did the former pair meet?

Getting into the details, the duo met on the late-night talk show, which gave them an opportunity to be friends. 

Alvin Louise Martin's ex-spouse Whoopi Goldberg with Ted Danson at an event
Alvin Louise Martin's ex-spouse Whoopi Goldberg with Ted Danson at an event. Source: Pinterest

Several years later, they were signed opposite each other for a movie, the beginning of their affair. The pair didn't make their relationship out in public as the man was married to another woman at that time. 

But after Ted separated from his spouse, Ted and Whoopi were spotted together. Unfortunately, this relationship of hers also wasn't meant to be forever. And the pair split up with each other later.

Expensive Divorce of a time

Here we will point out one of the most expensive divorces not of Whoopi but her former lover Ted. Ted's wife decided to part their ways suddenly after getting to know that he is in an affair with Whoopi

Whoopi at that moment just got separated from David, but the man was still in a relationship with his partner. After getting the news, she decided to leave him with her two children and $30 million

Whoopi Goldberg raised by a single parent

All her audience only knows about her professional life and her love life but not the life she had lived back then when she was a young girl. 

Whoopi originally belonged to Manhattan and is born to Robert James Johnson Jr. (Father) and Emma Johnson (Mother). 

To make a long story short, the artist had stated her mother as powerful and wise because Emma had raised Whoopi and her brother as a single parent.

Whoopi was suspended for two weeks from the talk show for her hurtful remarks 

Whoopi was suspended for two weeks from the US daytime talk show “The View” due to her holocaust remarks while discussing a Tennesse school board’s banning graphic novel ”Maus.” 

She went on to say that the holocaust involved two groups of white people and that the Nazi genocide of the Jews was not about race. 

She later apologized for what she spoke and appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, where she further tried to clarify. 

While talking to Stephen about how she became a hot topic unexpectedly, she stated that it was never her intention to upset people. 

She said she was very upset as her statement was misunderstood as she said the Holocaust wasn’t about race but was instead about man’s inhumanity to man. 

She added that it was her thought process, and she would be working hard not to think that way. 

She further stated that the Nazis lied, saying that the Nazis had issues with ethnicity, not with race, as most of the Nazis were white people and most of the people who were attacking were white people. 

According to her, it all started after everybody said no, no, it was racial when she said it was not racial but was about white on white. 

Kim Godwin, president of ABC News, released the statement that said he was suspending Whoopi Goldberg for two weeks for her wrong and hurtful comments while Whoopi apologized and has asked to take time to reflect and learn about the impacts of the comments.

His daughter spent her early childhood on welfare

His ex-wife Whoopi was 18 when she gave birth to their only daughter Alex Martin

Whoopi, during an interview, revealed struggling with h*roin addiction throughout her teenage year that eventually led her to reach out to Alvin, a d*ug counselor at the time. 

By the time of the birth of their daughter, Whoopi had already dropped out of high school. In the mid-70s, Whoopi, along with their daughter Alex moved to California to pursue her carer in the showbiz industry. 

During the initial phase, they were out of money, so she took every job and did a handful of jobs. 

Alex, in an interview, revealed going through an extremely tough time where she recalled spending her childhood on Welfare. 

She says she knows what it’s like with the food stamps because her mother has her welfare cards framed. 

She recalled the time when they had one room space where they slept in the bed together. Whenever they wanted to drive across the country, they traveled in broke-down bugs.

Alex Martin is the only daughter of Whoopi Goldberg whom she shares with Alvin Louise Martin.
Alex Martin is the only daughter of Whoopi Goldberg whom she shares with Alvin Louise Martin. Source: Youtube

Net worth

Since Alvin's financial information couldn't be traced exactly, so coming to Whoopi, the lady has a total estimated net worth of $60 million.

Net worth$60 million
Income sourceAmerican actor


  • His former partner Whoopi is 71 years old.

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