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Alfred Roy Carey


Facts of Alfred Roy Carey

Full NameAlfred Roy Carey
First NameAlfred
Middle NameRoy
Last NameCarey
Professionaeronautical engineer
Birth Countryvenezuela
Gender IdentityMale
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusMarried
SpousePatricia Hickey
No Of Children3

Alfred Roy Carey famous for being the father of is her record-breaking music icon daughter, Mariah Carey. He was a retired half-African- American aeronautical engineer of Venezuela

Mariah is one of the few singers who can sing five octaves

Mariah is the best-selling female pop star and is one of the few singers who can sing five octaves

Five-times Grammy Award recipient Mariah has a historical record of having her five singles at number 1 on the Billboard, making her the first-ever artist to have the record.

The aftermath of a biracial marriage

Alfred was married to Patricia Hickey, who was an Irish -American. They got married in 1960 after falling in love. 

For Patricia, the aftermath of her biracial marriage was extremely hurtful. 

The couple had to struggle from one neighborhood to another, searching where they would get accepted. 

They went through an extremely brutal situation where their dog was poisoned, their family car was firebombed, and some racists shot through the window.

Alfred Roy Carey Wife Patricia Hickey
Alfred Roy Carey Wife Patricia Hickey Source: Pinterest

His wife was alienated from her parents

His wife, Patricia, was not happy with her relationship. 

She was alienated from her parents. She was not allowed to take her husband to her home and pretend to be single in front of relatives at family functions. 

Her mother kept hidden for years from her brothers and sister the truth that she was married. Her children, too, faced the problem of alienation.

Divorce after having three children

Patricia was an opera singer and vocal coach. She was already pregnant with her first child, daughter Allison, before their wedding. 

Their eldest was born in the same year of their marriage. They welcomed their second child, Morgan

Their youngest daughter Mariah was born on 27th March 1970. After more than decades of marital relations, the couple got divorced. 

Mariah was just three years old at the time of their marriage. His eldest daughter Allison is estranged from her mother and sister. 

She sued her mother for sexual abuse. She claimed that she suffered a posttraumatic stress disorder because of sexual abuse during her childhood. She is also an HIV patient.

The turbulent relationship between siblings

Mariah had a turbulent relationship with her older siblings. 

She revealed that her sister, Allison, 57, drugged her with valium, inflicted with third-degree burns, and even attempted selling out to a pimp when she was 12 years old

Her elder brother Morgan, 60, attacked her verbally and publicly bashed her, calling her selfish. 

This is the reason she has been estranged from her siblings for years. She even labeled them as her ex-siblings.

He is no more in this world 

Alfred is no more in this world. He passed away at the age of 72 on 4th January. He took his last breath at his New York home

Though his relationship with Maria was not so good, she was there while he was on his deathbed. Mariah, in an interview, said that she regrets not spending enough time with her father.

Alfred's daughter Mariah felt like she was in her Prison

As we have heard many praises regarding Mariah's professional career path. But while we go through her personal matter, you would not believe what she went through. 

Let us begin with the biggest rumors that started with Tommy Mottola, her former partner's so-called hold on Mariah

Mariah had stated that he had controlled everybody around her. She further said that everyone was afraid of him. 

All the time, there was so much security and armed security. It's also been told that he followed her to the women's room. 

Also, Mariah said that she had been mentally emotionally abused. Many of you might know Mariah is biracial, and while the interviewer asked what the people consider her, black or white? 

The answer she replied was an interesting one. She said she didn't think they knew what to consider her. 

Why was Mariah's nickname Mirage in high school?

Let us go back to the days when Mariah was not a star. The young Mariah attended Harborfields High School located in Greenlawn, New York

There she was given the nickname Mirage. It's because she used to skip class often then. 

After Mariah graduated from high school, she moved into a one-bedroom apartment in Manhattan. She shared the space with the other four lady students.

Moreover, Mariah has served as a waitress and a coat check girl while she was engaged in studying cosmetology, also pursuing her steps to be a successful person in a music career. 

As mentioned above, Mariah's mom is a great singer. At the young age of two only, little Mariah has amazed her mother with her operatic singing. 

After two years, while she reached the age of four, she started taking her singing lessons, preparing for a voice that would lead up five octaves, no doubt making a nearly superhuman feat.

He sorted things out with his daughter Mariah before leaving the world

He shared a complicated relationship with his daughter, Mariah, throughout his whole life, but like there is a saying that better late than never, he sorted things out with his daughter before final goodbye to the world. 

In Mariah's 2020 memoir, she stated how they worked on their estranged relationship, realizing they have limited time together on the earth. 

In her memoir, she wrote she felt a sudden quick, sharp, and disorienting blow in her head when her father called her to inform her that he was hospitalized. 

She visited her father when her father was lying on the hospital bed diagnosed with a rare form of bile-duct cancer

Having seen her father in that condition made her feel that her father had a little opportunity to flush out all the bitterness he had consumed. 

Her visit to her father became frequent, and on the other hand, her father's condition was getting worse day by day, giving them the clarification that nothing could be done to stop the toxic disease from wreaking havoc in his body. 

Since both of them knew they had little time together, they got down to the business of talking things through, and that was the first time she revealed to him her struggle while growing up. 

Alfred had kept all the magazines and newspapers clippings about her entire career, which Mariah found after his demise.

Mariah chose to have his funeral at the Unitarian Universalist fellowship that he had attended for several years. 

In his loving memory, Mariah recreated his funeral in her music video "Through the Rain." 

Her video reminisces the memory of his love story, his romance with Patricia, and how Mariah came to be. 

The video clip has photographs of him and Patricia as a young couple. Mariah's other song, "Sunflowers for Alfred Roy," is also dedicated to him since sunflower was his favorite flower while he was alive.

Mariah's mom once said that Mariah could be half the singer that she was

Though Mariah credits her mother, Patricia, who is a singer, for exposing her to music, her relationship with her mother was complex. 

Mariah recalled how her mother's one statement left her a certain impact throughout her whole life. 

She said that her mother once told her that she could be half the singer that her mother was. 

She added that though her mother may or may not remember what she said, one statement she passed on would forever remain in her heart for the rest of her life. 

It made her realize that we should always be careful with our words, and that is the reason she always acknowledges her kid's talent in whatever they do.

His eldest daughter Alison is happy to get her social security back

His eldest daughter Alison Carey had been going through as before she got her social security last December

Carey's payment had been dropped from $794 to $30 per month. 

It was thrilling to learn that Social Security Administration rectified its error that had been incorrectly cut under the belief of still being in the medical facility. 

Carey suffered a brain injury that included experiencing a short-term memory loss after a baseball bat-wielding intruder struck her in her head while in a home invasion back in 2015

She had been receiving $794 per month in Supplemental Security Income. Still, the benefit was cut off to $30, stating the reason to be an overpayment when she was in a medical facility. 

It stated that it had wrongly paid her $3,176 from April through July when she was in the medical facility. 

Before getting her social security back, she wrote thrice to the SSA's office in Hudson stating that her time in the facility, in total, amounted to nine weeks over four months and also provided them with proof of being in an apartment not in the medical facility.

Back in February 2021, Carey filed a lawsuit against her pop icon sister Mariah demanding $1.25 million for creating emotional distress for her. 

She claimed that her sister Mariah in her memoir, "The meaning of Mariah Carey," heartlessly, vindictively, and publicly humiliated her, alleging that she drugged Mariah with valium while she was just 12 years old

She also alleged Alison for leaving her alone with her boyfriend, who allegedly forced Mariah to kiss him.

Alison claimed that her sister's allegations against her were cruel and outrageous and that Mariah used her status as a public figure to attack her Penniless sister to promote her book.

You are never a cool mom says, Mariah Carey

Mom of two Mariah, while opening up about her parenting style with US weekly, said she wishes she could be a "cool mom" like Mrs. George in the film "Mean Girls" with no rules in the house, but the difference is that there are rules in her house. 

She added,

I do want to be a cool mom, not a regular mom, but you are never a cool mom, and when you try, that's when you are not

Net worth

Since he is no more in this world, we have the worth of his superstar daughter Mariah who has to earn extravagant net income becoming the second best-selling musical artist in history. Her worth is:

 YearNet worth
Mariah Carey2020$320 million

Cause of death

  1. Alfred was suffering from a dreadful disease, cancer, which became the cause of his death. Mariah shared a picture of him wishing her late father a happy father's day.

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