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Alexandra Krosney


Facts of Alexandra Krosney

Full NameAlexandra Krosney
First NameAlexandra
Last NameKrosney
Birth CityLos Angeles, California
Birth CountryUnited States of America
Gender IdentityFemale
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusDating
Height165 cm
Networth$1 M
Insta Profile
Date of Birth28,1988

Alexandra Krosney is a successful actress, and she is known for her role of Kristin Baxter on Last Man Standing

Her work in Read It and Weep was fascinating too. 

Dating Handsome Boyfriend

She is dating her boyfriend right now. 

The identity of her boyfriend is challenging to track but we are digging into her personal life and the story will soon be revealed.

Love Story, Revealed On Instagram

She uploaded this picture of her boyfriend on her Instagram account on the 25th of April. 

The love story is quite evident as she has captioned this picture as 

"You go...."

She explains how she will go his way and leave her way to be with him in this picture. It is all so romantic. 

Here is the picture, and the revealing will continue. 

Alexandra Krosney Boyfriend Revealed
Alexandra Krosney Boyfriend Revealed Source: Instagram

Did Alexandra think that being a mother is horrifying?

Back in the years, when Alexandra showed up with her teammates for the interview of “Last Man Standing,” she shared her experiences from the set. 

One of the interviewers asked regarding the baby boy that played the role of a son to Alexandra

On that note, the actress revealed that the baby isn’t lightweight at all. She also said that they never send them to the baby training before performing the job, and Alexandra doesn’t know anything about handling babies. 

The lady also confronted that even though she had portrayed the character of a mom four times, she has had the horrifying experience that has happened to her on the set. 

Moreover, she added that she doesn’t know how to act in front of the babies. 

Alexandra stepped up into acting at such a young age

Well, as we know that the other personalities of the movie industry chose acting careers when they failed on their first ambitious option. 

Also, other artists only find out once they start acting, and the audience loves the role they portrayed. But for Alexandra, cases are different. 

It’s been stated that the lady wanted to pursue the acting path since she was very young. 

Alexandra, while she was six years of age, had developed a deep passion for acting. 

Many of you might not know, but before Hollywood, the lady has been a part of many other independent movies, small participation in modeling and theatrical plays.

Moreover, back in the year 2002, she achieved her first television role. Alexander got an opportunity to be a Cricket on the show “The Grubbs.” 

Sadly, Alexander lost the acting gig at such a tender age because the show received negative remarks. 

Not only this, but she experienced a painful experience after a decade when she couldn’t perform as she got replaced by another actress on iZombie

Net Worth, Staggering

She has a very impressive net worth of 1 million dollars

How Did She Earn It?

Her primary source of income is from her paycheck from movies and TV shows work. 

She appeared in a TV series called Last Man Standing. The TV Series has 7.6 ratings from IMDb and 7.7 from 

The salaries for the Last Man Standing is outstanding. Her co-star Allen enjoys a salary of 235,000 dollars per episode for the series. 

Her salary might be 100,000 plus minimum per episode from Last Man Standing and this earning of her has made her fortune reach the million mark.

TV Series NameHer Salary
Last Man Standing100,000 dollars plus per episode

Movies Work, Which Made Her Famous

She appeared in a movie called Read It and Weep. The film got 5.5 ratings from IMDb and was released back in the year 2006. 

The movie was directed on the 21st of July, 2006. 

She was brilliant with her performance in The Last Day of Summer as well. The movie was released back in the year 2007, and Blair Treu directed it. 

Her work in Barely Lethal took her fame to a new level. The movie got 5.4 ratings from IMDb. The video has 26 percent ratings from Rotten Tomatoes. 

The film was made with a budget of 15 million dollars and it managed to make 214,826 at the box office. It was released in 2015. 

Her performance and portrayal were impressive in Shredderman Rules as well. The movie was released back in the year 2007. 

Her Lifestyle (How She Spends It?)

She is a nature lover, and her Instagram account is full of beautiful pictures. 

This one, she has posted on the 28th of June and the picture is of 2011. She has captioned this one as, 


and it is a beautiful picture of Rome.

Alexandra Krosney Nature Lover Lifestyle
Alexandra Krosney Nature Lover Lifestyle Source: Instagram

She is a beach lover too. She has uploaded this picture on the 5th of July and she has captioned this fantastic picture of a magnificent beach as, 

"hi, ocean…"

Alexandra Krosney Loves Beaches (Lifestyle)
Alexandra Krosney Loves Beaches (Lifestyle) Source: Instagram


  1. She was born in the year 1988, and her age is 31 in 2019. She was born in Los Angeles.
  2. Her height is 5 feet, 5 inches.
  3. Wiki sites do not cover all the information on her, but we got you covered.

For more amazing biographies of your favorite celebrities, do visit Our content creation and content editor team are working hard to create amazing contents for you. 

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