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Facts of Alexander Dobrev

Full NameAlexander Dobrev
First NameAlexander
Last NameDobrev
ProfessionCelebrity Brother
Birth CitySofia
Birth CountryBulgaria
Father NameKamen Dobrev
Mother NameMichaela Constantine
Gender IdentityMale
Sexual OrientationStraight
SibilingsNina Dobrev
Height180 cm
Date of Birth1984

Alexander Dobrev’s real name Alexander Kamenova Dobrev is the brother of Nina Dobrev

Originally, he is from Sofia, Bulgaria but is currently residing in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

His nationality is Bulgarian-Canadian and his ethnicity is white. Well, his religion is Russian Orthodox. As per his birth date, he is of the Sagittarius zodiac sign. 

Alexander Dobrev with his sister Nina Dobrev.
Alexander Dobrev with his sister Nina Dobrev. Source: Instagram

Alexander calls her sibling Nina a Guinea Pig

No doubt, siblings' relationships are the most trustable and best. 

It is a mixture of love, humor, and a few silly fights. Likewise, Alexander also shares a very close bond with sister Nina

Moreover, the guy had explained his relationship on his social media handle. 

He stated that his younger sister is the one whom he can use as a guinea pig while trying experimental go-carts and sledges. 

Nevertheless, he got emotional in the posts and told that Nina could tackle anything.  

Further, he added that your small sister will always have faith in you and come around you asking to defend her in any type of situation. 

Alexander Dobrev with his sister Nina Dobrev
Alexander Dobrev with his sister Nina Dobrev. Source: Instagram

Alexander’s parents were in the Army?

Alexander’s dad Kamen serves as a computer specialist, whereas his mom Michaela Constantine is an artist. 

Yes, his dad was in the army and was fresh out from the Bulgarian army. 

Kamen Dobrev left in order to secure work and collect enough amount of money for the family’s welfare. 

Moreover, the man worked as a pizzas delivery boy and pumped gasoline until he saved enough money. 

Other than that, her mom also worked as a receptionist, selling clothes and whatever work came her way. 

His father went on to attend school to learn computer engineering as well. 

Is Alexander dating anyone?

When it comes to his personal life, it is very tough as Alexander tends to keep his love life away from public attention. 

Therefore, it seems that he is living a single life now. As per the current scenario, the man might not be engaged in any romantic relationship or dating anybody. 

Also, he is not much active and is rare in sharing his moments of personal life. 

He only has uploaded a few pictures with Nina and nothing on any romantic posts. 

Alexander’s sister Nina, the girlfriend of Shaun White?

Alexander Dobrev sister Nina Dobrev with her boyfriend Shaun White.
Alexander Dobrev sister Nina Dobrev with her boyfriend Shaun White. Source: Instagram

His sister Nina is indeed in a relationship with Shaun White, a professional snowboarder. 

The couple was firstly noticed in February 2020 on a trip to South Africa as they uploaded a similar photo of them. 

Later they were captured on an enjoyable bike ride in Malibu

However, the popular actress Nina flaunted their relationship officially on social media in May 2020

We can also spot the couple being all lovey dovy in the pictures they share on Instagram. 

Nina Dobrev chose projects that scared her

Nina Dobrev, an actress, loves challenging herself. She confronted that if something scares her, then it makes her more enthusiastic to perform that task. 

Giving a clear example, Nina was always afraid to face the live studio audience, but her show “Fam” had led down that fear too. 

She is now experienced in that job, so the lady wanted to use everything she learned to do theatre.

Did A Monkey bite Nina Dobrev?

The actress was indeed bitten by an animal. Actually, on the show of Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy talked about the topic of the bite when Nina visited Australia

Nina then continued stating that she visited Bali in the past summer. Nina had also uploaded her picture with a monkey and the scratches later on. 

She mentioned people commented on the pictures and made a joke out of that incident. Some told you are the Vampire girl, and some mentioned you turned monkey girl now. 

She also explained how the attack made a scar on her right hand. The lady pointed out in the picture where the monkey was looking at her arm to plot the attack. 

Due to it, she cannot feel anything towards her right thumb till the date because the monkey bitted her nerve straightly. 

Interesting facts about Alexander’s sister 

His sister Nina loves jewelry making. The lady from the very beginning has been engaged in fashion, and no doubt is always spot on when captured by paparazzi. 

In her free time, she loves making her own jewelry. The actress has shown interest in opening her own line of fashion jewelry in the nearest future. 

Other than that, Nina dropped out of college then. She attended Ryerson University, located in Toronto, studying sociology. 

Nevertheless, she decided to quit studying and began her career in the acting field. Moreover, Nina was a Rhythmic Gymnast

Yes, while young she was good and had represented her country on the platform of the 2005 Junior and Senior World Championships

She portrayed as a member of Team Canada. Due to it, she traveled all the way to Denmark and Czech Republic

However, she quit Rhythmic Gymnastics because of acting. Not only this, the actress had put her hand forward to build a school in Kenya

Back in 2001, she traveled to Kenya with her co-stars of “Degrassi: Next Generation.” All of them were in support of non-profit organizations. 

They build a school for Kenyan kids. With passing numerous years, Nina was still active in supporting this cause. 

We came to know after the lady was spotted wearing a top promoting that work in 2008

Shaun White gushed over his girlfriend Nina and called her a lifesaver

The three-time Olympic gold medalist Shaun gushed over his girlfriend and called her a lifesaver while opening up about finding love with Nina in an interview with People

He also revealed how he and Nina first met and shared how Nina brought life to him amid the pandemic. 

According to him, he and Nina first met at the seminar. At the time, he was going through a lot in his life. 

Tony Robbins had asked him to make an appearance in his home and to speak to his people, and Shaun had agreed. 

Then he went there and eventually attended one of his other events, which was financially based in Florida, called Date with Destiny

She was another guest there, and they kind of lumped together in the team. He felt great that there was someone around his age that has kind of lived in the area where he had lived. 

He confessed to not knowing about her until they met. Then they went to get a bite to eat, but the place was already full of people, so they ended up being in the restaurant. 

Then she went on to see if she could get the table, and he saw her talking to the hostess, where the hostess was trying to cover her blushing face with the menu. 

He thought the hostess might have been like, “We got the order, we got the gold medalist over here, he wants the table.” A couple of members of the staff came out and asked for a photograph with her. 

He was stunned, thinking about what was going on. He said Nina has been so supportive throughout and was a lifesaver in the pandemic by making his time so much more special.

Alexander Dobrev sister Nina Dobrev with her boyfriend Shaun White.
Alexander Dobrev sister Nina Dobrev with her boyfriend Shaun White. Source: Instagram

Nina was pranked, and Taylor Swift was involved in it

While talking about the prank war with her xXx co-star Ruby Rose with James Corden, Nina recalled one of the many pranks that involve Taylor Swift

She said Ruby was a friend of Taylor, so Taylor hired an impersonator to come to her set and sing for her and bombard her in her trailer.  

But what Taylor didn’t know was that the girl whom she hired to do all those things was a huge fan of Nina

So, the girl was all nervous and in the middle of it ended up hitting her head, and she started bleeding. The girl didn’t have any idea at the time that she was performing for Nina. She unraveled before it began.

Net worth

Since Alexander’s profession is unknown, we cannot trace his actual financial information. 

Instead, we will rely on his sister’s net worth, estimated to be $11 million as of 2021.

Net worth$11 million
Income sourceGymnast, Voice actor, Actor, and Model


  1. Born in the year 1984, Alexander Dobrev is currently 37 years old.
  2. His height is 1.8 meters.

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