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Facts of Alexander Bauer

Full NameAlexander Bauer
First NameAlexander
Last NameBauer
ProfessionCelebrity Kid
Birth CountryUnited States
Father NameSteven Bauer
Father ProfessionAmerican-Cuban actor
Mother NameMelanie Griffith
Mother ProfessionAmerican actress and film producer
Gender IdentityMale
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusSingle
SibilingsDakota Johnson, Stella Banderas and Dylan Bauer
Insta Profile
Date of BirthAugust 22,1985
Age38 years

Alexander Bauer is the son of a Cuban-American prominent television actor, Steven Bauer, and famous American actress and producer, Melanie Griffith.

Steven Bauer wanted to be a musician

Alexander's father's family witnessed the devastating nature and physical effect of World War II. 

To save themselves from such dreadful situations, the family emigrated to Cuba first and then to America

Alexander's father at first wanted to be a musician but later became passionate about acting. 

To pursue a career in the movie industry, he took a degree in Theater Arts from the University of Miami and got his first role on PBS 'What's Happening, USA?'.

His first breakthrough came in 2013 in the crime drama 'Scarface' from which he was nominated for Golden Globe Award

Some of his outstanding movies are 'Primal Fear,' 'Traffic,' 'Boss of Bosses, and many others. He is bestowed with several awards for his incredible performance.

Alexander Bauer with his mother, Melanie Griffith.
Alexander Bauer with his mother, Melanie Griffith. Source:

Dating and Girlfriend

He is not dating right anyone right now and is enjoying his life single. In his leisure, he is seen hanging out with his siblings. 

Due to his low profile personal life, there is not any information about his girlfriend.

Intimate Wedding ceremony

The wedding time has not yet come for Alexander. However, it happened in 1981 with his mother, Melanie Griffith and his father. 

The couple at the first met at the movie set of 'Army Now.' After dating for some time, the couple exchanged their wedding vows. 

The couple went for an intimate wedding ceremony, which happened in front of their family members and friends. 

After four years of their wedding, they were blessed with their son, Alexander.

Divorce of Parents

Unfortunately, Alexander's parents are not together right now. They were living joyously with each other company till 1989

After eight years of togetherness, Alexander's parents finally ended their relationship and got divorced. 

Although they are separated from each other, they share a good relationship of friends now.

Alexander Bauer with parents, Melanie Griffith and Steven Bauer.
Alexander Bauer with parents, Melanie Griffith and Steven Bauer. Source:

Father was married fourth times

Alexander's father, Steven, remained in the public eye for his movies and his varied relationships. 

His father was married fourth times, but each time he was unsuccessful in maintaining his relationships permanently. 

Steven's first marriage was to his mother. After splitting from his mother, he hooked up with actress Ingrid Anderson in 1989

This relationship ran for two years only. They even had a son Pylan in 1990

Then Steven tied the knot with Christiana Boney in 1992 and got divorced in 2003

His last marriage was to Paulette Miltimore in 2003, and their relationship lasted for nine-year-long and they split.

Multiple relationships of wife

Alexander has not got a wife to date. But his parents got a taste of multiple relationships. 

Not only was his father with four wives, but also his mother had three husbands. 

Steven's ex-wife, Melanie, first linked up with actor Don Johnson in 1976, but after six months, they got separated. 

They patched up in 1989 and had a gorgeous daughter, Dakota Johnson, and got separated in 1996

In the same years, she became the wife of Antonio Banderas and has one child Stella. Now, the couple is not together.

Award-winning sister, Dakota Johnson

From his mother and stepfather Don Johnson, Alexander's half-sister is a popular American actress and model, Dakota Johnson was born. 

She began her career at the early age of ten with a minor role in 'Crazy in Alabama.' 

Her breakthrough movie from which she got international fame is the Fifty Shades film series. 

She received several nominations, including BAFTA Rising Star Award, and won awards like People's Choice from this movie. 

He is on good terms with his sister and is often seen hanging out with her.

Alexander Bauer with sister, Dakota Johnson.
Alexander Bauer with sister, Dakota Johnson. Source:


Alexander is a single son of both parents. However, he has three siblings from his parent's previous relationship. 

Apart from Dakota, other siblings are Stella Banderas and Dylan Bauer. He has a  good relationship with them.

His former step-dad Antonio helped his mom in raising him and his half-sister Dakota

After getting divorced from her second ex-husband Don Johnson in 1996, she walked down the aisle for the third time with Antonio Banderas the same year of her divorce. 

Melanie and Antonio first crossed the path in 1995 when they were both casts in the film Too Much

For Melanie, it was her love at first sight, and she recalled the first thing he said to her: what was her age

Both at the time were married to their respective partners, but like a saying, the heart wants what it wants. Both of them divorced their respective partners to be with one another. 

On the 14th of May, 1996, they walked down the aisle in a private wedding ceremony in London

At the time of her wedding, she was already five months pregnant with their daughter Stella. Antonio, after their marriage, helped Melanie to raise her two kids, Alexander and Dakota

Antonio, in an interview, said that he was there for her kids because he loved their mother, and he is taken by their mother and that her kids were the most important part of what she came with. 

And very soon, they understood him and started calling him Paponio, combining papa and Antonio

However, the beautiful relationship ended with divorce nearly after two decades of their marriage.  

Despite their separation, they are still on good terms. Antonio says that though Melanie is not his wife anymore, she is his best friend. 

He added, saying he loves her and will love her until he dies. He still spends his quality time with Melanie and her kids on vacations and spending special occasions together. 

Alexander Bauer mother Melanie Griffith and stepfather Antonio Banderas were together for nearly two decades before they split in 2015.
Alexander Bauer mother Melanie Griffith and stepfather Antonio Banderas were together for nearly two decades before they split in 2015. Source: Instagram

His mom thanked him and his siblings as well as her ex-husbands for making her birthday special

His mom celebrated her 63rd birthday back in August 2020, and her 63rd birthday was a special one. When she woke up on her birthday, there was a surprise for her. 

The birthday message was hung up on her front gate, but she did not know who did it.  After a while, some of her mates delivered her a special birthday cake and cookies. 

When she shared the beautiful gate display with her mates, her mates advised her to check her security camera system. 

She later discovered they were stealth decorators. She took her Instagram to share her birthday surprise and thanked everyone, especially her children and her ex-husbands, for their sweet texts and birthday message via FaceTime.

Alexander Buer with former stepfather Antonio Banderas and sister Stella at the graduation of Stella in 2015.
Alexander Buer with former stepfather Antonio Banderas and sister Stella at the graduation of Stella in 2015. Source: Instagram

His 92-year-old grandmom still owns big cats

Dakota Johnson on The Graham Norton show revealed that their 90-year grandmother(who is now 92) still owns big cats. 

She said her grandmom Tippi Hedren still owns 13 or 14 lions and tigers. She said there used to be sixty cats before, but there are just a couple now. 

By the time she was born, they were all in huge compounds and it was a lot safer, and it wasn’t as totally psycho as it was when they first started. 

But her mom Melanie Griffith did not have an ordinary childhood. She grew up with lions, tigers, and two elephants.

Alexander Bauer mother Melanie Griffith with her mom Tippi Hedren.
Alexander Bauer mother Melanie Griffith with her mom Tippi Hedren. Source: Instagram

Growing up with the big cats, there was also a big risk. Hedren also admitted regretting letting a fully-grown lion live with the family and that she would never have taken those risks. 

The 1981 film Roar co-staring Tippi Hedren, her then-husband Noel Marshall, and daughter Melanie was one of the most dangerous films ever made because they used the real lions, tigers, leopards, cougars, jaguars, and a 10,000-pound bull elephant named Timbo

The director Noel Marshall and Tippi first got the idea of directing Roar after visiting a game preserve in Mozambique. Then they visited the house inhabited by thirty lions. 

The ex-couple started raising lion cubs in 1971 at their residential home in Sherman Oaks, California

Since the film used real animals, mauling was frequent on the set of Roar, which led Hedren and Griffith to be hospitalized. 

Hedren, in her memoir, recalled a moment when Griffith, at one point, did quit the film, saying she didn’t want to come out of that with a half face. 

However, she returned to set but was so severe that she had to undergo reconstructive facial surgery, while Hedren developed gangrene after Timbo, the elephant, crushed her leg between the trunk and tusk. 

She was also bitten at the back of her head by a lion and had her leg fractured after Timbo threw her while she was riding. 

Marshall’s son John Marshall who was also in the film, had to receive 56 stitches after the lion bit his head. 

During an interview, Marshall said that his father was a f**king a**hole to do that to his family. 

The film ended with 70 on-set injuries. Hedren later admitted to saying that no one was killed.

Net Worth

There is not any information regarding his net worth. However, his parents' net worth are available, and as follows:

Net worth-Steven$45 Million
Net worth- Melanie$40 Million


  1. He was born on August 22, 1985. His current age is 35.

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