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Alexa Marie Aikman


Facts of Alexa Marie Aikman

Full NameAlexa Marie Aikman
First NameAlexa
Middle NameMarie
Last NameAikman
ProfessionCelebrity Child
Birth CityPlano, Texas
Birth CountryUnited States
Father NameTroy Aikman
Father Professionformer football payer
Mother NameRhonda Worthey
Gender IdentityFemale
SibilingsJordan Ashley Aikman
Insta Profile
Date of BirthJuly 30,2002
Age20 years

Alexa Marie Aikman is the daughter of Troy Aikman. Alexa was born to parents Troy and Rhonda Worthey and raised with a sibling named Jordan Ashley Aikman and two half-brothers. 

She is most recognized for being a celebrity daughter. Other than that, her nationality is American,and ethnicity is white

Troy's real name Troy Kenneth Aikman professionally serves as a former football quarterback who also was involved in playing in the National Football league for the whole 12 seasons with Dallas Cowboys

Main reasons behind Alexa's parents' divorce

Sadly, her mom and dad had already parted ways; however, the reason behind the decision is still unexplained. 

The former pair shared publicly about the separation. Nevertheless, both of them had confronted that they would be committed to their kids and have equal custody. 

Other than that, Alexa's dad has pointed out the separation as the toughest one as they were together for more than a decade. 

Who are Alexa's siblings?

Alexa Marie Aikman with her father Troy Aikman and sister Jordan.
Alexa Marie Aikman with her father Troy Aikman and sister Jordan. Source: Instagram

Alexa is not the only daughter of Troy and Rhonda. Jordan Ashley Aikman is her older sister, who took birth on August 24, 2001

Originally, she belonged to Plano, Texas, United States. Her sister graduated in the year 2020 from the Episcopal School of Dallas

Jordan was very active and was involved in playing volleyball and Lacrosse in high school. 

After the separation of their mom and dad, Troy tied the knot with another woman. So, Alexa has two other half-brothers named Val and Luke Mooty

It's been said that they had built a strong bond with each other. 

Alexa's dad's second marriage

Alexa Marie Aikman father Troy Aikman in his second wedding.
Alexa Marie Aikman father Troy Aikman in his second wedding. Source: Instagram

Her dad Troy moved on with his second partner named, Catherine Mooty. Professionally, his wife serves as a high-end fashion retailer. 

They dated for a while and have been together since February 2016. It's said that Troy proposed to his lady on July 2, 2017

At that time, they were on vacation at Lake Como, Italy. Later, the two of them hosted their marriage in a low-key way which was celebrated in Biltmore Four Seasons located in Montecito, California

Troy uploaded a beautiful picture clad in a wedding attire which he captioned as Mr. & Mrs. Aikman

Who had Troy dated in the past?

Before being official with two ladies, Troy had dated numerous women. Starting with Abigail Klein, Troy and she encountered back in 2012

She is an actress by occupation. After, Janine Turner came into his life. Lorrie Morgan, a country musician, and he had a romantic relationship for two whole years. 

Sandra Bullock is next on the list, as they were together from 1995 to February 2014. 

Troy Aikman suffered from foot problems as an infant?

Troy belongs to West Covina, California. He is said to be the youngest child born to parents Ken and Charlyn Aikman

Young Troy was raised in Cerritos. It is known to be a suburb of LA. Since he was young, Troy had suffered from congenital problems in his feet. 

That's why he had to wear casts up towards his knees. Troy wore it up till he was 14 months old. 

Nevertheless, that problem didn't slow him down as an athlete. While he was a boy, Troy was fond of baseball. 

At 12 years of age, he shifted to a farm near Henryetta, Oklahoma. After moving, he built up more interest in football than baseball.

Why won’t Troy predict the super bowl winner now?

Troy replied that he was allowed to, but he was not going to. On being asked why, he instantly replied that he calls these games, so he feels a bit of favoritism. 

Troy tries every time to be neutral, and he wants to get along with all the fan bases. However, he does like the Rams, Troy shared. 

Other than that, Troy says that he is putting on a music festival in Henryetta, Oklahoma, basically where he is from. 

He explains it is a small town with 4000 people, and he has got a whole lineup, mentioning it is a one-day event, and he has got several great artists. 

However, Troy mentioned that he needed an Oklahoma headliner. So, Troy has been around Blake a couple of times and did a United Way event that he was a part of years ago in Dallas

Troy confronted that they were going to put Henryetta on the map. Moreover, Troy had recently launched a low-calorie beer named “Eight.” 

He shared that he was once engaged with a beer distributor while Troy was in college, and he drank his share of beer, but he had never imagined that he would be making his beer. 

He shared that his beer “Eight” has no adjuncts and no fillers. And it is the only widely known beer that he is aware of which can stake that claim, "no sugars, no corn, no syrup." 

Troy continued that it is a hundred percent organic grain and refers to it as a better beer for you. 

Was Troy a cancer survivor?

Many of you might not know, but Troy battled cancer. However, because of the early detection and surgery, he was successful in winning stage II melanoma. It’s skin cancer. 

It took place in the latter part of Aikman’s football career. 

Troy even spoke up about fighting the disease, and back in the year 2016, he also portrayed the role of a spokesperson for the Melanoma Just Got Personal campaign. 

Troy, on leaving Fox for ESPN, says it’s a business

During SI media Podcasts, Troy Aikman opened up about leaving Fox for ESPN and revealed he is still wondering why Fox let him go. 

During the conversation, when asked if he knew why Fox let him go easily, Troy said he didn’t have an answer to that question, and also he didn’t know if will get the answer ever. 

He went on to say that Fox is welcome to do whatever it is that they feel is in their best interest since it’s a business. 

So there was nothing to feel bad about as he and everybody else would do what they feel is in their best interest. 

He had a great 21 years with Fox but what perplexed him was that he had no conversation with his boss until he called him to congratulate him on his contract with ESPN

It was disappointing to him because he would have thought there would have been a conversation, at least. 

But when his boss called him to congratulate him, he did ask for an explanation of some of the things that he didn’t quite understand, and his boss also opted not to do that as well, and that was the last conversation with Fox

Troy said that he was not hurt that Fox did not make an effort not to let him go even though he served Fox for more than two decades. 

Explaining that, he added, that he understands the business. He gave his 12 years to the Dallas Cowboys, where he won three Super Bowls and felt like the teams he was a part of accomplished a lot, and then he got released at the end of his time with the Cowboys

His parting call with the owner, president, and general manager of Dallas Cowboys, Jerry Jones, lasted for just about 30 seconds and hardened him a little bit but didn’t leave the Cowboys with any bad or negative feelings understanding of the fact that things change and also some of his most exciting moments in life have come following change. 

And it sets up well for the next how many years with the ESPN.

He said there was no reason for him to believe that Fox was unhappy with anything he had done and that makes him still speculate on things because he was never told, so he is guessing it was an opportunity for the Fox to sort of hit the reset button on the economics of the number one booth.

Net worth

Since Alexa is more focused on her education, we will get into her father's net worth, which is $60 million as of 2022.

Net worth$60 million
Income sourceRadio, NFL, and TV show host


  1. She is 19 years old.

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