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Facts of Alex Aniston

Full NameAlex Aniston
First NameAlex
Last NameAniston
Birth CityLos Angeles, California
Birth CountryUnited States
Father NameJohn Aniston
Father ProfessionActor
Mother NameSherry Rooney
Gender IdentityMale
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusDating
Relation WithKiri Peita
No Of Children2
SibilingsJennifer Aniston
Height172.7 cm
Networth$100 k
Date of BirthMay 2,1989
Age35 years

Alex Aniston is known as the half brother of a famous actress Jennifer Aniston. By profession, he was an actor, screenwriter, and musician

With time, he changed his profession and as of now, he sells the animal skull head.

Why doesn't he share good terms with his sister Jennifer Aniston?

Jennifer and Alex are siblings. Even though they shared a brother and sister relationship and are a child of the same father, their mothers are different. 

Their father, John Aniston, married two times. A daughter is from his first wife, Nancy, who was also an actress and got fame, whereas his son belongs to the second wife, a noncelebrity named Sherry Rooney

His elder sister is also an actress who has gained high fame. From his younger age, Alex has worked as a street vendor, which is the reason for their unhealthy relationships. 

He doesn't want to be known for her sister's fame and maintains distance from her. 

Two different parents of Alex and Jennifer

Alex Aniston Step Mother Nancy
Alex Aniston Step Mother Nancy Source: YouTube

Everyone will be confused about their family history, as Alex and Jennifer's parents are different. They are the children of a single dad; their mothers are different. 

John Aniston is also an actor and had married actress Nancy Dow, giving them their first child Jennifer. They both divorced when their father was around 56 years old. 

He was engaged with a noncelebrity who doesn't have any connection with this industry Sherry Rooney Jones, mother of Alex. They are currently together too. 

There were also rumors that his father has a stepson named John T. Melick. But the news is not confirmed yet. 

Alex Aniston Dating life is Dramatic

Alex's life has been the talk of the town. He is more famous for the controversies in his personal life. He had dated two ladies in his life. 

His first relationship was with Adriane Hallek, with whom he has a child too.  A son named Ryat Aniston in 2014 and a daughter Kira Aniston several years later in 2016

They broke up and moved on with others. Isn't it a dramatic story? Currently, he is with a veterinary technician, an Australian born named Kiri Peita. Both couples are now happily together.

Despite two children, Alex didn't married to Hallek

As we all had known about his relationship with Adriane Hallek. They were both happily living together. They had been together for several years. 

Everyone thought that the stepbrother of Jennifer would marry her sooner or later. She also gave birth to two babies and they were happy parents. 

Everyone was expecting they would officially be together. After a while, the news broke about both of them parting their ways and are not together. 

As per the sources, they were having misunderstandings and were always arguing. Nevertheless, we hope that Alex will soon manage his personal life greatly. 

Alex Aniston constantly changes his jobs. Why?

His father is an actor, but Alex denied that he isn't as rich as his father and stepsister. The first job he did was as a street vendor. 

After being engaged to a famous actor, he then changed his profession and tried his luck in different fields like acting, screenwriter, and musician. 

But he could not make it because his image was also destroyed due to his personal life controversies. That is why no one would appreciate the work he did. 

Also, he gets compared with his stepsister and father. Later on, he went underground as per the sources. As per the research, currently, he is selling the skull heads of animals.

Alex doesn't like to talk about his siblings

Life is full of surprises, so is the life of celebrities. We think that we are all updated about them. But HELLO, we are wrong. 

We know the famous actress from the series F.R.I.E.N.D.S Jennifer. She is the stepsister of Alex and her only sibling. 

Jennifer is renowned in American series; her brother hates to appear in front of the camera. We saw him last time at the premiere of the Jennifer movie. 

Alex Aniston siblings Jennifer and a rumored brother John
Alex Aniston siblings Jennifer and a rumored brother John Source YouTube

Net worth

He is not counted as the richest son despite being the son of the richest father. Alex's net worth is $100,000, which he earns from cleaning and selling the skulls.

Net worth$100,000
Income SourceSelling cleaning taxidermy and skulls

Age & Height

  1. He is 32 years old.
  2. His height is 5 feet 8 inches, i.e., 1.727 meters.

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