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Alanna Marie Orton


Facts of Alanna Marie Orton

Full NameAlanna Marie Orton
First NameAlanna
Middle NameMarie
Last NameOrton
Professioncelebrity child
Birth CitySt. Louis, MO
Birth CountryUnited States
Father NameRandy Orton
Father Professionwrestler
Mother NameSamantha Speno
Mother Professionentrepreneur and makeup artist
Gender IdentityFemale
SibilingsBrooklyn Rose Orton
Twitter Profile
Date of BirthJuly 12,2008
Age15 years

Alanna Marie Orton is the daughter of professional wrestler Randy Orton, who is the WWE heavyweight champion and entrepreneur and makeup artist Samantha Speno

She is also the granddaughter of wrestlers Bob Orton JR and Elaine Orton.

Randy Orton Has A Rose Tattoo Which Symbolizes Her Daughter

Alanna's father has tattoos all over his hand and in some back part of his body. 

On his left arm, Randy Orton has a rose tattoo, which symbolizes his daughter, Alanna, as love and affection

As she is the first child of him, the fondness that he has for her daughter driven him to tattooed rose

His tattoo also includes her birth date written in Roman numerals.

After The Divorce Of Her Parents, Her Custody Goes To Her Mother

Her parents got married on September 21, 2007

But after five years of that, the couple decided to separate and got legally divorced the next year in 2013

After the divorce of her parents, her custody goes to her mother. This was one of the toughest moment Alanna had to go through at a small age.

Samantha is a businesswoman, who owned two companies, Stultify Inc and Rocks+Starts

However, the separation does not break the bond between father and daughter. 

In most of the vacation with his new family, whose photos, Randy kept sharing on social media, Alanna is present there too. 

Also, he has not gone far from his financial responsibility; he keeps sending 4500 dollars per month for her support. 

Alanna Marie Orton with her parents, Randy Orton and Samantha Speno.
Alanna Marie Orton with her parents, Randy Orton and Samantha Speno. Source:

Alanna's Mother Is Still Close To Randy And Sent Birthday Messages 

Although the couple was separated, they still share some common things; one of them is their daughter, who sticks them together in some way. 

Alanna stays with her mother but frequently visits her father and went vacation with his family. 

That may be the reason Alanna's mother is still close to Randy and sent Birthday messages.

Samantha posted a picture on Facebook, where she expresses her love towards him and makes a birthday wish after their separation. 

Alanna Marie Orton's mother Samantha Speno, wishing Randy Orton on his birthday.
Alanna Marie Orton's mother Samantha Speno, wishing Randy Orton on his birthday. Source: Facebook

For Samantha Speno, Her Marriage Is Irretrievably Broken 

Randy claims that it's because of his career and busy traveling schedule his marriage did not work

However, for Samantha, her marriage is irretrievably broken, more than being busy

As he is one of the world champs and rising stars of the wrestling industry, his work schedule used to be full of the year so, he did not take the risk of taking a lengthy break for his family, which eventually leads to a broken marriage.

Alanna's Father Got Married Again 

About two years after separation from her mother, Alanna's father got married again to Kim Marie Kessler

Before she got married to him, she is a single mother of three children

The couple was blessed with a beautiful daughter on November 22, 2016.

Alanna Is Part Of Her Father's Wedding

There exist an inseparable bond between father and daughter. 

Alanna is part of her father's wedding, which happened on 2015, November 14, in Las Vegas, Nevada, and is present there to share her father's special moments of happiness with him.

Alanna Marie Orton, in her father, Randy Orton's wedding.
Alanna Marie Orton, in her father, Randy Orton's wedding. Source:

Her dad confessed to not changing his family dynamic for the world

During an Intercontinental champions roundtable interview, Orton was asked about how he describes the legacy of his career to his kids, to which he said of having a different scenario with him and his kids.

According to him, his youngest daughter was too young to understand what was going on. 

He said of Alanna that she never really took it and knows her dad is on TV and wrestles for a living, and that is what it is. 

His three step-sons were huge wrestling fans even before he met them, but when he started dating his wife Kim, he was not Randy Orton but Sandy Orton for a while because she did not want to stooge off the fact that she was going to visit Randy Orton

Whenever her three sons would ask where their mom was going, then she would reply she was going to see Sandy

He added that their sons used to think he was the coolest thing in the world, and now it’s like he’s just stepdad, Randy

He recalled the moment with his oldest son, who at the time was a freshman in high school. 

When Orton wished to go in and wanted him to do something, his son, with teary eyes, said, “no, you can’t come, you know these kids and all.” 

At the time, he was embarrassed. Orton concluded by saying having a weird dynamic in the house would not change any of it for the world.

How did her step-mom meet her dad?

During round table 3, her step-mom Kim recalled the moment when she first met Orton. According to her, she met Orton at a WWE live event in Poughkeepsie, New York, in 2012

During the live show, Orton spotted her in the crowd, kept constantly looking at her, and later walked out of the ring. 

He walked straight to the aisle where Kim was standing and asked her name. 

It was like a dream come true because, according to her, she was a huge wrestling fan, and a picture of  Orton was everywhere in her house. 

Three years before she met him, she always said to everyone that if she and Orton would make out, he would fall in love with her.

During an interview with Renee Young, Orton shared his part of the story. He said when he looked into her eyes, there was just something about her. 

After dating for a few months, Orton popped the question to her during the romantic vacation in Bora Bora.

He arranged a beautiful candlelit dinner on the terrace, and after having a dessert, he asked her for a dance before kneeling before her with a ring.

Randy, on the 20th-anniversary interview

Randy at first recalls back to the days when people of age 35 came to him and declared that they had been fans of him since they were very young. 

Randy stated that he is getting old, which makes him feel a little scared, but he also shared that when he was in that ring, he felt like he could do anything. 

He feels like he is 25 only. He recalls the great amount of fun he could have in that ring. 

So, he thinks that before the riddle, no matter how everyone considered him as a performer, there was something missing that was there now that wasn’t there before. 

He remembers that haircut when he first walked down the aisle at Wrestling. He also added that he still remembers those trunks, guys, Lee, 20 years ago. 

Another thing he shared was being just absolutely nervous, sick to his stomach, and those butterflies were in full effect before that match with Hardcore Holly, Randy recalls. 

He shared that he felt lucky to be in the ring with Bob Holly

Randy also remembers being a little bit of a hard pill for Bob to swallow that brand new fresh face, babyface, a 20-year-old kid who is only there because his dad wrestled and was beating him with a small package, Randy giggles. 

To know more, visit the link below.

Randy began his career as a referee.

It’s no surprise that aspiring wrestler begins their career by being in a minor position. Some begin their career by carrying other wrestlers' stuff and later become part of the ring crew. 

Nevertheless, Randy stepped up and chose the striped shirt. 

Randy coming from the wrestling family, got an opportunity to serve with some of the outstanding wrestling organizations. 

To let you know, Barry Orton, his uncle, got Randy his referee gig in the World Organized Wrestling

Other than that, Randy is considered as being a villain in WWE. Nevertheless, in the film 12 Rounds 2: Reloaded, Randy portrayed the role of a heroic cop. 

Well, he played exactly opposite to his nature.

Net Worth

Her estimated net worth this year is around 1 to 5 million dollars, whereas the previous year it was 100000 to 1 million dollars

All the net worth she accumulated came from her parents. 


She does not have her siblings from her parents. However, she has a half-sister from her father and stepmother

Her name is Brooklyn Rose Orton, and she is currently three years old

She has three other brothers from her stepmother.

Alanna Marie Orton with her father, Randy Orton's family.
Alanna Marie Orton with her father's family. Source: Instagram


1. Alanna was born on July 12 in St. Louis, MO, which makes her age 12 years at present.

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