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Alan Radcliffe


Facts of Alan Radcliffe

Full NameAlan Radcliffe
First NameAlan
Last NameRadcliffe
ProfessionCelebrity Father
NationalityIrish English
Birth CountryNorthern Ireland
Gender IdentityMale
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseMarcia Gresham
No Of Children1
Height175 cm

Alan Radcliffe is the father of the famous Harry Porter, whose real name is Daniel Radcliffe. 

He worked as a former literary agent. 

While Daniel was working in a Harry Potter film, Alan gave up his job to look after his son, whose sacrifice made him a star today.

Alan Radcliffe with his son Daniel Radcliffe.
Alan Radcliffe with his son Daniel Radcliffe. Source: Pinterest

Healthy Married life

His wife's name is Marcia Gresham. They are fortunate with one child who is known by the world as a Harry Porter. 

Marcia is a casting agent but popularly known as the mother of Daniel Radcliffe

They are living a blissful married life and are very happy with each other. 

They are very supportive parents to their son and have always been there in every decision of his life.

Alan Radcliffe with his son Daniel Radcliffe and wife Marcia Gresham.
Alan Radcliffe with his son Daniel Radcliffe and wife Marcia Gresham. Source: The Genealogist

Caring Parents

Alan and Marcia are very caring parents to their famous son. They have been guiding him through the initial stage of his career when he was only ten. 

The actor's parents have always supported him with his life's right decisions, whether it was his profession or personal life. 

His parents helped him to cope with his fame and remain grounded after gaining so much popularity. 

They helped him to continue with his passion and not to get lost. So an actor is always seen being admired by his parents.

Alan Radcliffe with his wife Marcia Gresham.
Alan Radcliffe with his wife Marcia Gresham. Source: Pinterest

Harry Potter Boy

Harry Potter was released in 2001

As the movie was a blockbuster, a young little boy received a seven-figure salary for the lead role, but money was not that important to him at that period. 

His parents choose to invest money for him. Then after the Harry Potter series started, Radcliffe continues to gain name and fame. 

He became one of the highest-paid young actors in the world.

Radcliffe has also engaged himself in social work. 

He contributed to many charities, including Demelza Hospice Care for Children and The Trevor Project; the charity also gave its Hero Award in 2011

Radcliffe is still close to his Harry Potter co-stars Tom Felton, Rupert Grint, and Emma Watson

He is currently dating his longtime girlfriend, Erin Darke. She met Radcliffe while working in a movie together in 2012.

Suffered from Dyspraxia

A superstar had suffered from Dyspraxia, which makes it hard to plan and coordinate physical movement. 

Due to this problem he had decided to work part. He had to suffer from lots of trouble due to this disease in his school days.

Atheist Radcliffe

A star boy was not brought into a religious environment. He used to consider himself Jewish and Irish despite the fact that he was English. 

He is fond of being Jewish and doesn't have any problem with being an atheist

He is relaxed about being an atheist and has respect for every religion.

Political Perspective

Radcliffe's support is for the Labour Party. He had also endorsed Jeremy Corbyn's Campaign in the Labour party leadership election. 

As he was brought up in London, he is a supporter of the British Republic. He is also a supporter of British unionism.

Daniel hosting a Thanksgiving for the very first time?

Alan’s son Daniel shared hosting a Thanksgiving in New York for the first time. The artist revealed he and his partner are hosting it. 

Further, he said that he is going to make himself as useful as humanly possible. Daniel also confessed he couldn’t cook at all. 

He thought he was going to be performing some may be like chopping of things. However, Daniel found a bit earlier that he can’t be trusted with chopping. 

Nevertheless, among all stirring is his lowest. Other than that, he says that maybe he is going to crush things and stir at that event. 

He also revealed that there would be altogether nine people by which some families might laugh at that paltry amount of people. 

But for him, it’s more people he had in one group. Talking about food, he said they will have Turkey and then a bunch of sides and for vegetarians too, they have got an option. 

Daniel says that it’s been a week of finding out everybody’s dietary restrictions. On being asked if he will watch football, the artist revealed himself to be an American football fan. 

Daniel said that would be the sort of soundtrack of the day. Also, adding that his partner is from Michigan, so there is always a lions game on Thanksgiving with the misery or joy that entails. 

What has stopped Daniel from getting tattoos?

Daniel confronted about wanting tattoos at some point in his life. However, due to practical reasons, he was holding off. 

He shares that if he got tattoos, then makeup artists of him would cover them up for the films and television roles. 

Other than that, Cameron Diaz was one of the top earliest celebrity crushes of Daniel

Daniel told US Weekly back in 2014 that he had pictures of Drew Barrymore and Cameron taped up to his bedroom wall. 

Not only did she, but Daniel got infatuated with an actress named Kirsten Dunst after spotting her in Spider-Man and Get Over it

Lastly, his favorite movie to date is 12 Angry Men

Net Worth

The net worth of Alan Radcliff is not disclosed. 

As his son is one of the highest-paid actors in the world during the filming of Potter films. His net worth is:

 YearNet Worth
Daniel Radcliffe2021$110 million

Age, Height, and Residence

  1. The age of Alan is not disclosed. His superstar son Daniel Radcliffe is currently 32 years old.
  2. Alan is considered a good-looking father whose height is 5 feet 9 inches (1.75m).
  3. Currently, Alan lives in London, but originally he belongs to northern Ireland.

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