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Aine Coutinho


Facts of Aine Coutinho

Full NameAine Coutinho
First NameAine
Last NameCoutinho
ProfessionCelebrity Wife
Birth CountryBrazil
Gender IdentityFemale
Sexual Orientationstraight
Marital StatusMarried
SpousePhilippe Coutinho
No Of Children3
Twitter Profile
Insta Profile
Date of BirthMarch 31,1993
Age29 years
Married DateJuly 13,2012

Aine Coutinho is a Portuguese-born beauty famous as a wife of a professional footballer, Philippe Coutinho, who is currently on loan to Aston Villa from Barcelona.

He is the former Inter Milan and Liverpool star. Both Aine and Philippe are natives of Brazil.

The love story began after she asked her future husband to be her boyfriend

Aine and Philippe are childhood sweethearts. The couple first met in 2007 when Philippe was just 14

It was through their mutual friend who first introduced them to one another at the party and they ended up talking for hours. 

It was Aine who initiated first asking him to be her boyfriend, and it all started from there. 

Since they were from the same neighborhood, they started seeing each other more frequently, visiting places together. 

Eventually, the relationship that started from nowhere grew more intense. She ended up staying at Phillippe's parents' home. 

Five years later, in 2012, she walked down the aisle with her man. The wedding took place in Milan, Italy.

Aine Coutinho and Philippe Coutinho officially became husband and wife in 2012 after years of dating.
Aine Coutinho and Philippe Coutinho officially became husband and wife in 2012 after years of dating. Source: Instagram 

Mom to her three kids

Aine is the doting mom of her three beloved children, two daughters, Maria and Esmeralda, and a son Jose Coutinho

Their eldest daughter Maria and youngest son Jose turned six and one in December 2021

Philippe was so excited to welcome their second daughter Esmeralda that he tattoed one of his bicep with the image of their baby girl before she was born. 

He has inked his elder daughter name Maria in his right forearm.

Aine Coutinho with her husband Philippe Coutinho and children.
Aine Coutinho with her husband Philippe Coutinho and children. Source: Instagram

She has a huge part in everything her partner does

Aine has been the supporting pillar since the very beginning of her partner's career, traveling around the world with him. 

She changed her entire routine for her partner and was always there for him to provide mental strength during his difficult years. 

Philippe, in an interview, admitted to Aine playing a huge part in everything he does. 

She was just 17 when she left behind to be with her partner adapting to the new cultures of new cities.

Aine Coutinho wearing an Aston Villa t-shirt shows that she always supports the decision of her husband Philippe Coutinho.
Aine Coutinho wearing an Aston Villa t-shirt shows that she always supports the decision of her husband Philippe Coutinho. Source: Instagram

What is the meaning of her number of tattoos?

Like her husband Coutinho, she also has several tattoos inked in her body parts. The first tattoo she inked was of a little star in Milan when she and Coutinho arrived in Italy

The second tattoo was with her cousin's brothers, who she is incredibly close to. They wrote "Ao infinitoe alem" in Portuguese, which means "To Infinity and Beyond." The next tattoo is inked with the letter "P" on her ring finger, which stands for Philippe

Then she had a flower tattoo. She has inked her wedding date XIII. XII.XII, i.e., 13th of July, 2012 with two rings which with time became a blur and she covered with her heart. 

She inked another two large wedding rings on the side later. Then she had a sign of endless love which she inked after the birth of her daughter Maria

She then inked the name of her daughter Maria and later the name of her two other kids, Esmeralda and Jose, respectively, after their birth. 

She also has a time written 08:02, which is the date when she started dating. She has a sign of a plane which indicates traveling a lot after dating Philippe

The tattoo she loves and represents her, inspires her and follows tattoo inked with a written word "Be Strong, Be Happy, Be Brave, Be wise, Be Kind. On her other arms, she has inked a written word "Que Seja Feita a vontade de Deus," which means May God's will be done. 

To express her love for her native, she inked a map of Brasil with little heart in Rio, and at the back, she has inked Philippe's name. 

She has a boat picture inked to represent the boat trip she took with Philippe to pay tribute to their trip. 

She has inked queen of hearts "Q" while Philippe has inked king of hearts "K." Then the couple inked the picture of their family, but their son is missing in the picture. 

According to Aine, they are waiting for the tattoo artist since he has not arrived to complete the family picture. 

She also has a butterfly and a lion tattoo. On one of her legs, she has a written word "Seja Luz Onde Deus te Colocar" which means be light where God puts you. 

According to her, she had it on her legs because she was always moving. She says we have to be light in someone's life wherever we go. 

She has paid tribute to her family, writing the names of her parents and her brothers. On her other leg, she has a picture of Minnie

Philippe has a picture of Mickey in his abdomen. The couple inked to see the smile on the face of their daughter Maria.

Aine Coutinho has more than twenty while Philippe Coutinho has more than 40 inked tattoos.
Aine Coutinho has more than twenty while Philippe Coutinho has more than 40 inked tattoos. Source: Instagram

Prioritizes family over everything 

The Brazilian star is a complete family man and prioritizes family over everything. He values their sacrifices in fulfilling his dream and never fails to mention them in every success. 

He has tattoed his body parts with the name of his parents, his kids, his wife, and his two brothers as a form of tribute. 

His family followed him everywhere until they turned old and found difficulties adjusting to new cities and adapting to their cultures. 

They returned to their native Brazil but are always involved. Philippe confessed to sharing everything with his family.

Net Worth

As a wife of a football Ace, she is part of her husband's extravagant net income, which is given below:

Net Worth Source
$60 million Soccer Player


  1. Born on the 31st of March,1993, Aine Coutinho is currently 28 years old.

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