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Adnis Reeves

Facts of Adnis Reeves

Full NameAdnis Reeves
First NameAdnis
Last NameReeves
ProfessionCelebrity Father
Gender IdentityMale
Sexual OrientationStraight
No Of Children4

Adnis Reeves is known as the father of American Rapper, Jay-Z.

His Family

Adnis was married to Gloria Carter. The couple shares four children

They are Shawn Corey Carter, Eric Carter, Andrea Carter, and Michelle Carter

He is the grandfather of Rumi Carter, Blue Ivy Carter, and Sir Carter. Adnis is the father-in-law of Beyoncé

Adnis Reeves's family
Adnis Reeves's family. (Source:

The Incident That Changed His Life

Adnis abandoned his family when his youngest son Jay-Z age around 11-12. 

Three years prior, his younger brother, Ray, was stabbed and killed. This incident changed him. 

He would often leave the house in search of his brother’s killer. 

People would call him in the middle of the night and tell him, So-and-so is out here and he would get up, get his gun and go outside to look for the guy. 

He was stressed and depressed from the pain, which eventually leads him to succumb to alcoholism and substance abuse

The trauma of the event, which later coupled with the drugs caused him to lose his soul.

Bond With Family

Adnis had a strained relationship with his children. Later in 2003, he expressed his desire to meet his son

His wife, Gloria, insisted Jay-Z to meet his father as he is old, and she didn’t want him to die with their unresolved issue. 

Shawn eventually met and forgave him, and Adnis died just three months later on June 19, 2013

His cause of death was stated to be liver failure. In 2010, Shawn dedicated his autobiography, Decoded, to his parents

He has dedicated several songs to his father. A few of them to be mentioned are “Streets Is Talking” and “Adnis.” 

As per Shawn, Adnis is an open letter to his father.

Adnis Reeves's wife with their youngest son Jay-Z.
Adnis Reeves's wife with their youngest son Jay-Z (Source:

Son Love-Life And Marriage

Adnis son, Jay-Z, met Beyoncé when Beyoncé was 18 and still a member of Destiny’s Child.  

The pair started dating a year later. 

It is guess worked that the two began dating in 2002 when they collaborated and starred in the music video “Bonnie & Clyde.” 

Beyonce appeared as his girlfriend in the music video for the song, which further fuel the speculation of their relationship. 

It is further assumed that Beyoncé took the first step toward their relationship. 

The loving duo got married in an intimate wedding ceremony on April 4, 2008

There was no press available, and the wedding was very low-key.

Adnis Reeves's son, Jay-Z, and daughter-in-law, Beyoncé.
Adnis Reeves's son, Jay-Z, and daughter-in-law, Beyoncé. Source: Instagram

His son uses Rap to share his story?

His son used to rap since he was a kid. Also, at that time, it wasn’t stated as rap but was a poem. Jay-Z says that people understood before he really understood. 

He also shared that his cousins wouldn’t speak to him for years. 

It’s because his cousin used to think that Jay was wasting his talent on the street hustling and not pursuing his dreams actively every day. 

However, Jay stated that he was pursuing in his mind and still writing but admitted that his life is happening now, he needed to move now, and he couldn’t wait for rap. 

Later on, he also revealed how he shared the closest bond with his dad before he abandoned his whole family. 

He also recalled that his house was a party house, so they had a huge reggae collection, and his mom and dad had their names on the records, they would share kids, but they wouldn’t share records, which he felt was weird when looking back. 

Continuing, he says that their house was filled with joy, and the people were coming up all the time, and it was always crowded, we had a fun house, the artist added. 

To know more, click on the link below.

His reply to his sudden withdrawal

His son revealed the reason for his sudden withdrawal from the singing industry as he used to get inspiration via competition. 

However, lately, he felt that the game was not hot, which led him to feel bored with producing music without any presence of competition. 

Other than that, when he told about his retirement from this field, he became heavily active in the business side of the music industry. 

Moreover, he portrayed the role of a president for the Def Jam Recordings, which helped introduce numerous new singers, including Rihanna, Jeezy, and Ne Yo

Nevertheless, he had a huge role in turning the career of Kanye West from being a producer to an award-winning artist, too, which is a great thing. 

Net Worth

Adnis net worth had not been estimated. Although his son is a billionaire with a massive net worth of $1 Billion

He has amassed this enormous amount through his enormously successful career and business ventures. 

His daughter-in-law, Beyoncé, has a net worth of $400 Million

How Does His Son Earn Money?

Adnis son earns his fortune through album selling and several business ventures with famous brands. 

He has almost $600 Million streaming service along with $220 Million cash and $70 Million stakes in Uber

He has an art collection worth $70 Million.

Below is the list of Albums by Jay-Z

2The Blueprint
3Reasonable Doubt
4The Black Album
5The Blueprint 3
6Magna Carta Holy Grail
7American Gangster
8Kingdom Come
9Hip-Hop Wasteland
10The Dynasty: Roc La Familia


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