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Facts of Abou Thiam

Full NameAbou Thiam
First NameAbou
Last NameThiam
ProfessionCelebrity Brother
Gender IdentityMale
Sexual OrientationStraight
Networth$52 M
Date of BirthMarch 25,1982
Age42 years

Abou Thiam is the former Def Jam's vice president of A&R.

He is also the brother of a famous American singer, songwriter, producer, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and actor Akon.

Bad breakup with Tracy Ellis Ross

Abou was dating Tracy Ellis Ross from 2011 to 2013. The couple used to handout in several places outside. 

Tracy Ellis is the daughter of a famous name, Diana Ross

Diana is also an actress, a TV host, and a producer. Her haircare line provides service for black women, especially to those who have amazing curly hair. 

Tracee is also doing exceptionally well in her career. She is also an activist and an actress. 

The relationship of Tracee and Abou was to last, but unfortunately, it was not destiny. 

Tracee had also gone public about her relationship. This was the first time around when she spoke about her relationship openly. 

Abou was not happy either that their relationship was over. He explained everything at a show called “The Breakfast Club.”

He explained he still had feelings for Tracee and will always love her. He also added that his future girlfriend would have to respect him having feelings for her. 

Tracey Ellis Ross in a photoshoot
Tracey Ellis Ross in a photoshoot Source: Rainer Hosch


Abou Thiam and Tracy are attending an event together
Abou Thiam and Tracy are attending an event together. Source: Pinterest

Managing Kanye West and dating Future's ex-girlfriend

Abou is not a shadow to Akon. He has made his name in the industry. He has worked as a vice president of Def Jam.

He is currently managing Kanye West, the famous rapper. In the past, Abou has worked with big names such as Chris Brown and Rihanna

Kanye West and Abou Thiam in an event
Kanye West and Abou Thiam in an event Source: Rollingstone

In October 2020, a story made headlines. It was stated that Abou was dating Lori Harvey. Lori is a model and social media influencer. 

Lori was having an affair with Future before this. 

Lori Harvey is showing her outfit on Instagram
Lori Harvey is showing her outfit on Instagram Source: Instagram.

His brother Akon left the audience speechless. Why?

Akon is recognized as the first solo artist to continuously hold the number one and number two on the Billboard Hot 100

He said one would not expect the same person to have come out of prison. 

Akon explains the main reason was having more drive and continuously recording, just constantly working to the plan to one-day work with the legend Michael Jackson and be the biggest. 

Akon revealed that even though he didn’t know Michael Jackson but wanted to work with him. He claimed it to be at the top of his goal. 

He even told himself he could shoot for the sky, at least. Akon always sets his goals high. 

Later, he revealed that his big break was indeed getting locked up, believe it or not, Akon added. 

Well, for Akon, his major concept was always thinking big. The artist mentioned that before getting locked up in prison, his target was to be rich by any means necessary. 

The host then added up that’s why Akon robbed the bank. Akon laughed and replied that the scariest part was that thought had crossed his mind numerous times before, and ultimately he was like, how does he do it and get away with it. 

Akon confronted that thought that had led him to make many bad decisions. He believes that one should get to find their advantage, which he refers to as the key. 

Elaborating, he continued by saying that we all human beings belong to different places and backgrounds, which means we all have different ways of how we want to get to where we are going, Akon added. 

The artist continued and said that the foremost thing one should do is to know where you are actually going in all processes. 

So, you also compulsory need to know how to get there. He says he tends to say what he likes to do and what his dream is. 

However, everybody has their own dream to fulfill. 

And no doubt, there are always several ways to get there; one thing you always have to do is pay attention to your surroundings and find the best possible way to get there, Akon shared. 

To know more about his words, click the link below. 

Net worth and earnings

Abou Thiam's net worth is approximately $52 million, according to this year.

His earnings and sources are calculated below. 

Sources Estimated Earnings
Executive producer $100k-$1million
Shows Not revealed 
Annual earnings$38000 per month

Age, height, and weight 

  1. Thiam was born on March 25th, 1982. It makes him 36 years old in 2021.
  2. His mother, Kine Gueye Thiam, is a dancer.
  3. His height is about 5 feet 7 inches (1.72 meters).
  4. His horoscope sign is Aries.
  5. Thiam is from New Jersey, United States.
  6. Abou is active on Twitter and Instagram.
  7. He goes by the name "Bu" in the entertainment industry.
  8. Thiam worked for his brother's multi-platinum album "Trouble."
  9. He was rumored to be dating Joie Chavis.

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